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Teacher Training at English Language Academy

Our Teacher Education team is made up of seasoned trainers
who have experience training teachers in both Europe and Asia;
who have worked with international publishers like Cambridge
University Press and Pearson ELT; have won awards such as the
National Inspiring ELT Professional, and who have been training
teachers for a number of years.

We are a school dedicated to teacher development, and have
thus made a commitment to provide our own teachers with as
many teacher development opportunities as we possibly can,
and strive to share our experiences with teachers from other
schools, other continents, and to help people become teachers.

TEFL Cert. Course:
This course is designed for people who are new to teaching English as a Foreign Language, and for
those who want to learn to teach English using less “traditional” methods. Our team of qualified,
licensed, and experienced trainers work closely with course participants in order to ensure that our
trainees feel supported at every step of the way.

Our TEFL Cert. Course, which is fully authorised and
accredited by Malta’s ELT Council, is a sixty-hour
four-week course which includes lectures,
workshops, observations, observed teaching
practice, and three assignments. The TEFL Cert. is an
MQF Level 4 qualification.

The course covers the following syllabus areas:

 Learners and Teachers; and the Teaching and Learning Context
 Teaching Methods and Approaches
 Language Analysis and Awareness in the Classroom and Teaching Language
 Vocabulary, Grammar, Phonology, Functions and Discourse
 Developing Language Skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
 Planning Lessons
 Developing Classroom Teaching and Management Skills and Professionalism

Our course participants spend around 3 hours observing experienced teachers in recorded lessons,
and a minimum of 6 hours observing experienced teachers here at our school. Our trainee teachers
are also given a mentor, and have several one-on-one and group meetings with their mentor to
discuss their observation impressions, their progress, and any difficulties they may be having.

Pedagogy. Here at ELA we understand that teaching occurs in a huge variety of different contexts and situations.MPD (Methodology. a language coordinator in an Asian University. but are clearly and directly relevant to the teachers attending those courses. and excited to teach. motivated. . Whether you are a primary school teacher from Eastern Europe. or an English language teacher in a private language school from South America. and Didactics): Our MPD Courses are custom-designed for each booking. but that you also leave with a plethora of practical ideas to use with your students in your specific context. we can guarantee that you will not only leave us rejuvenated. and we thus work together with teachers and academic managers to design courses which not only meet international standards.