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Brain Dos and Brain Don’ts

A Summary of Ways to Optimize Brain Function and Break Bad Brain Habits
Based on my research and that of many other neuroscientists, here is a list of brain
dos and don’ts to optimize your own brain function and begin to break bad brain
habits that hold you back from getting what you want in life.

Šta treba raditi:
1. Nosi šlem na glavi u visokorizičnim situacijama.
2. Pij mnogo vode (6-8 čaša vode dnevno) da bi organizam bio dobro hidriran.
3. Jedi zdravo, podešavaj proporcije proteina I ugljenih hidrata prema potrebama
4. Uzimaj Ginko po potrebi uz nadzor svog doktora.
5. Misli pozitivne, zdrave misli.
6. Voli, hrani I vežbaj svog unutrašnjeg mravojeda da bi se oslobodio
automatskih negativnih misli.
7. Svaki dan, odvoji vreme da se fokusiraš na strvari na kojima si zahvalan u
svom životu.
8. Gledaj diznijev film Poliana.
9. Provodi vreme sa pozitivnim i pokretljivim ljudima.
10. Provodi vreme sa ljudima koji su onakvi kakav bi ti želeo da budeš (i tako ćeš
lakše I postati)
11. Radi na svojim ljudskim sposobnostima da bi postao bolje povezan sa
drugima I da ojačaš limbičke veze u mozgu.
12. Razgovaraj sa drugima na ljubazan I koristan način.
13. Okruži se sa lepim mirisima.
14. Napravi biblioteku lepih iskustava
15. Promeni stvari na bolje u životu druge osobe
16. Vežbaj.
17. Redovno kontaktiraj osobe koje voliš.
18. Nauči dijafragmalno disanje.
19. Nauči I koristi samohipnozu I meditiraj svaki dan.
20. Seti se pravila 18/40/60 pravila u odeljku 6.
21. Efektivno se suprotstavi nosi sa situacijama u kojima ima konflikta.
22. Razvij jasne ciljeve za svoj život (veze, posao, novac, u vezi sebe ) i potvrđuj
ih svaki dan.
23. Usredsredi se na ono što ti se sviđa a manje na ono što ne voliš.
24. Collect penguins, or at least send them to me.
25. Have meaning, purpose, excitement, and stimulation in your life.
26. Establish eye contact with and smile frequently at others.
27. Consider brainwave biofeedback or audiovisual stimulation to optimize brain
28. Notice when you’re stuck, distract yourself, and come back to the problem
29. Think through answers before automatically saying no.
30. Write out options and solutions when you feel stuck.
31. Seek the counsel of others when you feel stuck (often just talking about
feeling stuck will open new options).
32. Memorize and recite the Serenity Prayer daily and whenever bothered by
repetitive thoughts (God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot

authoritative stance). Take herbal remedies when needed. 39. Make beautiful music a part of your life. 44. change. Make love with your partner. under your doctor’s supervision. Consider underlying brain problems in substance abusers. Sing and hum whenever you can. Take head injuries seriously. 40. 42. 36. 41. Make naturally oppositional children mind you the first time (through a firm. Do full brain evaluations for people who do terrible things. 46. 45. . 35. even minor ones. Take medications when needed. Learn something new every day. 47. and the wisdom to know the difference). 48. 34. 38. the courage to change the things I can. 43. Take a break and come back later when you’re unsuccessfully try to convince someone who is stuck. Touch others often (appropriately). Make beautiful smells a part of your life. 33. under your doctor’s supervision. kind. Use paradoxical requests in dealing with cingulate people. 49. 37. 50. Enhance your memory skills. Move in rhythms. Use a skilled psychotherapist when needed. Use an EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapist to deal with trauma.

think first if what they want fits with your goals.BRAIN DON’TS 1. 5. 27. 11. every time. Use alcohol. 4. Drive without wearing a seat belt. Lie around the house and never exercise. 29. Talk to others in a hateful way. snowboard. 9. 19. 18. Ignore erratic behavior. 7. or much caffeine when pregnant. 34. 24. 2. Blame other people for your problems. Think in words like always. 12. never. 21. 31. Use sex as a weapon with your partner. Personalize situations that have little to do with you. 10. 39. Hit a soccer ball with your head. in-line skates. Allow your life to just happen without you directing and planning it. 25. 23. 22. Allow your breathing to get out of control. Be around toxic smells. and so forth without a helmet. marijuana. bicycle. Automatically say yes to others. 33. 37. Bang your head when you’re frustrated (protect the head of children who are head bangers). Think only with your feelings. 13. Drink much alcohol. 38. Bungee jump. mushrooms. everyone. Ignore concussions. 16. inhalants. 15. Try to read other people’s minds. Ride a motorcycle. 32. 14. or panicky. Think in black-or-white terms. cocaine. . Hang out with people who do drugs. drugs. Beat up yourself or others with guilt (very ineffective). 42. 8. 20. 36. or are involved in other dangerous activities. Be another person’s stimulant. fight. Feed your ANTs. Focus on the negative things in your life. Label yourself or others with negative terms. Argue with someone who is stuck. Drink much caffeine. Isolate yourself when you feel worried. 35. 26. Do drugs (NO heroin. Focus too much on what other people think of you (odds are they aren’t thinking about you at all). 3. 6. methamphetamines [unless in prescribed doses for ADD]). tobacco. 40. Allow thoughts to go over and over in your head. Smoke. think first if what they want fits with your goals. Isolate a developing baby. Be around toxic people. 41. 28. Take the “stimulant bait” from other people. PCP. Predict the worst. 17. Eat without forethought about what foods are best for your brain. Push people away. 30. Automatically say no to others. skateboard. depressed.

50. 45. 48. Listen to toxic music. 46. and companionship from those you love as a way to express anger. 49. Allow naturally oppositional children to be oppositional. Deny you have problems. . Withhold love. Refuse to listen to the people you love who are trying to tell you to get help.43. Blame substance abusers as morally defective. 44. get help from professionals. touch. 47. when you have problems. Self-medicate. Refuse to take medications when needed.