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Belardo’s Lesson Plan
March 28th, 2017
o How can you relate science fiction novels to your everyday life?
o Fahrenheit 451
o English 10
o 50-55 minutes
o Standard - CC.1.4.9-10.N
 Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or
observation, establishing one or multiple points of view, and introducing a
narrator and/or characters.
o Standard - CC.1.3.9-10.K
 Read and comprehend literary fiction on grade level, reading
independently and proficiently.
o Standard - CC.1.3.9-10.H
 Analyze how an author draws on and transforms themes, topics, character
types, and/or other text elements from source material in a specific work.
o Students will have completed study guides.
o Students will ask questions they had during the readings.
o We will have an in depth discussion of the novel and go over main ideas of the
o Students will arrive to class an attendance will be taken.
o I will ask students to please take out their study guides. The study guides will be
checked for homework credit. Each question must be filled out for credit.
o At the end of checking everyone’s study guide, we will have an open discussion
about the novel thus far.
o We will go over main characters, literature, and unanswered questions.
o With the remainder of the period, I will have students get into 6 groups.
 Take make everything random, I will allow students to choose their groups
so long as they get work done.
o Once students get with their groups and get in a circle, we will begin a Mystery
Envelope activity.
 Inside the mystery envelopes for each group will contain an important
moment or quote from the section of Fahrenheit 451 that they had just
 1) “We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed.
As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which
makes it run over.” Where is this quote from? Who wrote it? Why
is this an important allusion made in Fahrenheit 451? (Pg 71)
 2) What book does Montag say he might have the last copy in the
entire world? What do you think is the significance behind have
this book? Who are Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Thoreau? Out of two
authors and the book, which do you think is the least valuable and
why? (Pg 76)
 3) What is the story of the sieve and the sand? Why do you think
this is a memory that Montag remembers? Make a prediction- why
do you think that this section of the novel is titled after this
memory? (Pg 78)
o Once students have researched there questions (hopefully on chrome books?) we
will discuss as a class.
o Classroom discussion/participation
o Fahrenheit 451 books
o Fahrenheit 451 study guides
o Fahrenheit 451 due dates sheet
o Chrome Books