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FORM: 2.

Look at the pictures:

To be + Main verb + ing 3. What are they doing?
Use the verbs bellow and write
The present Continuous is used to
describe something that is eat - cry- play- read- dance - watch
happening now, at the moment
Ex: Tim is eating.
2. _______________________
Example: 3. _______________________
4. _______________________
He is playing. 5. _______________________
6. _______________________

4. Write the - ing form of the

A) come _____________
B) Take _____________
C) Fly ______________ 3. Look at the Picture again and answer the questions.
D) Swim ____________
E) Study ___________ A) is Tom reading? ________________________________
F) Stud_____________
B) Is Mark eating? ________________________________

C) Is Susan dancing? ___________________________
5. Write negative sentences.
D) Is Peter watching TV? _______________________
A) He is learning how to read.
____________________________ E) Is Ann crying? ____________________________
B) I am having a bath.
C) I´m reading a fantastic book.
7. Fill in the blanks writing the verb in the present Continuous.
D) Mark is driving a new car.
A) You _____________ (listen) to the music.
B) He _____________ ( cry).
E) I´m looking for my bag.
C) I _____________ ( swim) in the swiming pool.
D) Susan _____________ (wait) for her daughter.
E) _____________ she _____________ (watch) TV?
F) Who _____________ he _____________ (kiss)?
G) Her husband _____________ (not/ Cook) diner.
6. Write questions for the answers. H) Tim _____________ ( not / sing) a song.
A) _____________________? I) My brother _____________ (not/ do) his homework.
No, they aren´t singing. J) _____________ your mother _____________ (work)
B) _____________________? today?
Yes, She is writing a new book. K) Mary and Sue _____________ (Play) tennis.
L) Tim and Jim _____________ (not/ swim) in the lake.