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1. On behalf of the Pastorate & Leadership, We wish to thank every one of us for showing up in our
service today. We trust you are blessed. This is Crystal Fountain Ministry. A church with a mandate
to: Stir up revival in the body of Christ; Touch our generation with the power of God & Raise
significant leaders.

2. If today happens to be your first time fellowshipping with us, may you please be up-standing so the
whole church could acknowledge your presence.

3. Service continues on

 Tuesdays from 6 pm to 9 pm is School of the word, a teaching service.
 Fridays from 6 pm to 9 pm is Solution centre, a healing service.
 Sunday from 8:30 am to 12 pm is Celebration service

Please make it a point to be here and invite someone to come along with you.

4. Operation fill it up is still on. We encourage all members to invite friends and family to church. As
part of operation fill it up, the entire congregation will be going on evangelism every last Saturday of
the month.

5. The gospel is free but ministry is expensive. We encourage all members of the church working to
be a part of the partnership forum and support the church with their financial resources monthly to
enable the smooth running of the church. No contribution is too small or too big. See Minister Esther
or Jude to pick up a form.

6. Those on Facebook should like our page for important and life transforming updates. Invite friends
to like our page as well.

7. Starting from the 15th of Feb, the entire congregation will be embarking on a 21 day fast as part of a
program known as clearing the atmosphere. Members are encouraged to partake in the fast.

8. If you like to join any department please see Minister Jesse

9. Crystal fountain golf shirts and round necks are available. The golf shirt goes for 150 rand while
the round neck goes for 100 rand.

10. Waves of glory stickers are available; a copy goes for 20 rand

11. The entire congregation will be reading chapters ….. to ……. the book of Mark this week.