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(BBL) Reflection 4: Planning and Preparing for Learning

I think planning and preparation for the lesson is very important
thing to get a great lesson with good activities and class
management. Especially, when teaching a subject for the first
time or meeting a new group of students. Planning for the
lesson and preparation also the only way to ensure that your
educational objectives are achieved. I believe that when the
teacher did not prepare an activity before teaching, the teacher
will not be able to teach because she doesn’t know what to
teach and what activity to use with the student also, she won’t
achieve her goals and objectives during the class time. She will
lose the three keys for a successful lesson, which there are
objectives for student learning, teaching/learning activities and
Strategies to check student understanding. Moreover, I think
that the teachers should think about many things before
planning for the lesson. For example, they should know who the
students are, their ability levels, backgrounds, interest levels,
the materials, the groups or the centers and the subject or the
theme. These things are important for designing instruction
that will meet the needs of the students. The teacher provides
different activities with the student’s, dependence to their
educational levels and abilities. This strategy will help them to
develop their weaknesses.

Reem Alkarbi
Class T007
(Respond to 2 other students’ reflections on each task)
(comment from Reem about Hanan)
Reflection 4:
Planning and preparation for learning is really essential because this will assist the teacher to
arrange and organize her lessons and ideas skillfully. Also, this may help the teacher to finish
her activities on time. So, she won't waste time. I think if I didn't prepare or plan an activity
before teaching it, the children might be misbehaving. In addition, I will waste their time.
Thus, it's important to prepare before teaching. The teacher should think about the objective,
units, the lesson, knowledge, adapt, and interest. They should look at these things before
planning. Yes, my teacher provides various activities for some of the children. She uses
differentiation when she makes or chooses the groups and activities. In my opinion, this is a
great idea because not all the children have the same level. Some of them have a high level
and others have a low level. Furthermore, this will be appropriate for children to fit their
levels and interests.

I looked at Hanan’s reflection four, she wrote about the impotence of
planning and preparation for the lesson and how it is help the teacher, she
also talked about what will happen if the teacher doesn’t plan and prepare
the lesson.
(Respond to 2 other students’ reflections on each task)
(comment from Reem about Aziza)

Reflection 4:

It’s so important that planning and preparation for learning it’s the good way to do activity
without any confused is to plan and prepare before the activity and the lesson. However, if we
don't prepare an activity before teaching it will be no learning, wasting student time and lose
control. In addition, teachers must think about before they begin to plan for learning because
that will help them to make a good idea without any teaching mistakes also help students to
learn easier. Moreover, I think that the teachers should think about the many activities before
planning for the lesson for some of the children and I think that it is a good idea because that
should put a few of children in each group with different activities as their ability levels to let
them do their best. so, that will help them to learn more and it is will encourage their skills let
each student's skills to understanding the activity.

I looked at Aziza’s reflection four, she answers all the parts as well but as I
said before she had grammar mistakes.