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Heat Transfer and Turbomachinery: ME3207

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics

Course Work

This coursework consists of two assignments. They are both due for submission on
Moodle on Wednesday 6th April at 22:00. No hard copy is required.

Assignment 1
For the data given below a comparison is required between a centrifugal impeller
design with radial blades having no backsweep (??? = 0°) and one with blades
having 38º of backsweep (??? = 38°). Geometry wise both impellers are to be
identical in every other aspect.
Impeller tip diameter, D2 160 mm
Inducer hub diameter 28 mm
Inducer tip diameter 82 mm
Axial depth at exit 9 mm
Inlet total temperature 15 C
Inlet total pressure 1 bar
Impeller exit radial velocity, Cr2 125 m/s
Number of vanes 24
Mass flow rate, m  0.85 kg/s
Work input factor,  1.04
Isentropic efficiency for impeller with backsweep 62%
Isentropic efficiency for impeller without backsweep 75%
R 287 J/kg K
 1.4
The Task

 Find a suitable specific speed for both compressors based on the specific
speed efficiency graph and hence calculate the rotational speed and tip
speed, U2 (you can assume that inlet axial and outlet radial velocities are
equal for this step).
 Sketch the velocity diagram at impeller exit for both compressors
 Calculate the total stage temperature rise, pressure rise and power required to
drive the compressor in both cases.

Make sure to have your calculations presented clearly and neatly, defining all
parameters used if different from those in the course notes.

Matthew Read Email:

p03 7. C2 Make sure to have your calculations presented clearly and neatly.5 bar Inlet total temperature. defining all parameters used if different from those in the course notes. p01 16 bar Outlet total pressure.4 kg/s Inlet total pressure.000 rev/min Rotor mean radius. and the rotor exit  d) The power output e) The rotor blade relative inlet and outlet angles.  3 g) The NGV exit velocity.Assignment 2 The design of the 4th stage of a five stage axial turbine is required using the following data: Data: Mass flow rate.6 The stage reaction. Matthew Read Email: m.  2 .  25. T03 b) The rotor blade 2 .read@city. Tt  t 84% R 287 J/kg K  1.  2 and  3 respectively. T01 1150 K Rotational speed. U c) The temperature drop coefficient.5 Turbine stage total to total isentropic efficiency. m  6.33 You are required to calculate the following: a) The total exit temperature.  0. rm 135 mm Flow coefficient.  0. the NGV exit angle.