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AISM Literary Focus Areas During PYP Units of Inquiry - 2016-2017

Unit Who We Are How We Express How the World Works Where We Are In Place How We Organize Sharing The Planet
Ourselves and Time Ourselves
Genre of Writing Narrative Persuasive Poetry Narrative Informational Informational
(Functional Letters (Functional - How To
modeled) modeled)
Writing Traits Voice Organization Word Choice Sentence Fluency Conventions Ideas
Reading Strategy Visualization Making Connections Asking Questions Inferences Synthesizing Determining the
Important Ideas
Poetry Rhyming
Simple shape poem
Parts of Speech Noun Noun Noun Noun Noun Noun
Adjective Adjective Verbs
Word Meaning Concept words Concept words Concept words Concept words Concept words Concept words
Introduce compound
Word Structure Syllables Syllables Syllables Syllables
Transition words Transition words Transition words
Sentence Label Label Phrases Write simple sentence Write simple sentences Write simple sentences
Construction Orally say simple Single words Repetition of words/letter
sentence Oral complete sentence Attempt to write by
Word Study Sort letters by features High-frequency words High-frequency words High-frequency words High-frequency words Locate words by first
Locate words by first Sort letters by features CVC words CVC words CVC words letter
letter Match pictures with Sort letters by features Match/sort words with Locate words by first and sound
and sound letters and sounds at Match pictures with rhymes (pictures) letter Say words slowly -
Say words slowly - begin/end letters and sounds at and sound sounds
sounds Say words slowly - begin/end Say words slowly -
sounds sounds
Dolch Words Introduce pre-primer Reinforce Reinforce Reinforce Reinforce Reinforce