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Guided Observation #1 – Contextual Factors

Name: Stiel Lovin
Date: April 26, 2017
Course: EDUC 2300 Introduction to Education
School: Alpha Intermediate

1 Record the number of males, females, and ratio of ethnicity within the
There were a total of 10 boys and 8 girls in the class. The ratio of ethnicity was
16:2 Caucasian to Hispanic.

2 What are the developmental levels of the students within the classroom you
are observing?
These students are in the highest level class at the school I was at. They are the
students who have scored the highest on grade level assements.

3 How is the instruction modified to meet the diverse needs of the students?
The teacher uses different strategies of teaching so that she can fulfill the needs of
all the students. She also takes extra one on one time with certain students who
are struggling with certain topics in the class.

4 Research the school and the Tennessee State Government web site to
obtain information about the school community, school report card, and
school population.
The school has a total of 646 students which consist of 327 girls and 319 boys.
The school is majority Caucasian with 89.6% of the students falling under this
ethnicity. The school consistently scores A’s and B’s on their report card. This
shows that they are a school that prides their self on their academic achievement,
and they also want to grow and develop their students. There is a great
community around the school, and they pride their self on creating a safe and
friendly environment for everyone inside the school.

5 What are the specialized programs/activities found within the school that
would assist special needs children, those who need enrichment activities,
or remediation? List the specific programs that are available.
They have floaters who come in to help the students with material that they are
struggling with. They have a speech teacher, and they have multiple special
education teachers that spend time with these students. Those teachers actually
come into the classroom to help with inclusion students.