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Potential Titles - Talking is Easy

KISS with me

On Communication

How Goals are set

How to work on goals with what you have

The hardest thing is to set a Goal

Keep It Simple Stupid ( KISS )

With the right ethics and awareness, the goal will be achieved

Ask the right questions ( there are no stupid questions, just stupid
people who don't ask questions )

The simplest question could be the most important one

Be honest, Be authentic. If you're gonna say it, say it ( better to be

upfront then to talk behind people's back.

In Business, You must be honest and not be afraid to voice your


Be aware of yourself and who you are

eg- In School - Know who you are and don't strive to fit the system.

Get out of your comfort zone. Talk to strangers

On Political correctness ( how far is too far in comedy ) -

Depends on the goal and what you want to achieve

Today, Political correctness is a big deal, but WHY?

We live in a funny world and it's a matter of perspective

eg- Racism - If the goal is to provoke someone then political

corectness matters. However for comedy, there's no limit as the
goal is very different