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Third Term Examination 2016

Citizenship Education I, II

Grade 06

Index No: Time: 02 hours

Part I

Answer the all question

Underline the most suitable answer for the question from 01-10

1) Very important factors that influence in establishing a school at present

1. Increased population
2. No school in the close area
3. Government policy
4. Need of the society
2) Things that are to be used economically
1. Electicity,water
2. Rice, vegetables
3. Wool, cotton
4. Land, air
3) One of the local government organization of Srilanka
1. Grama Sevaka Division
2. Divisional Secretariat Division
3. Pradeshya sabha
4. District Secretariat
4) Human resource related with intellectual skill
1. Farmer
2. Carpenter
3. Metal worker
4. Doctor
5) that helps to identify you as student
1. Full name
2. Age
3. Admission number
4. Address
6) Example for reformation of resource
1. Reuse
2. Filling the clay pits with soils
3. Recycling
4. Conservation of forest
7) Cheap sale of things , buying and selling of agricultural products are done by
1. Cooperative society
2. Farmers association
3. Rural development society
4. Rural bank
8) The activities that are accepted by the society and followed in a longer period
1. Law
2. Tradition
3. Culture
4. rights
9) The meaning of Giving priority to the national production
1. Giving importance to wheat food
2. Giving importance to rice food
3. Not giving importance to wheat food
4. Not giving importance to rice food
10) Person who wore only the Indian clothes and respected the nation as a pioneer
1. Mahathma Gandhi
2. Jawaharlal Nehru
3. Mother Theresa
4. Emperor Ashoka

Fill in the blanks with suitable answer for the question from 11 to 15

11) Dangerous effects such as________________ are occurred in the atmosphere owing to the
air pollution.

12) Food, clothe and shelter are__________________

13) As the mineral resource are decreasing not reforming and unbalancing they should be

14) The chief in charge of a municipal council is called as______________

15) _______________ is necessary for developing the human abilities and skills.

Mark () if the following statements are correct. If incorrect mark () in the brackets.
16) Punishment is an order given by the court against one who violate the law ( )

17) Public services are provided by the government ( )

18) Illegitimate communication media and using antisocial websites bring us knowledge and
recreation ( )

19) Decent usage of language brings respect leadership and appreciation ( )

20) One of the important socializing factor is school that adjusts individual to live in with the
society ( )

Part II
Answer the first question and other four questions
I. What is the Document that proves ones age correctly?
II. What is the emotion that you express when you are praised by others?
III. What is the award that was given to Professor Senaka Bibile for the surgical science?
IV. What is the school identity that shows equality among the students?
V. What is the school that protects the child rights?
VI. What is the local government institution that has the power related with the
environment of urbanized cities?
(6 x 12 marks)
I. Name three persons that they help to know the history of school. (3
II. Give two reasons for the necessity of administrational organization of a school. (4
III. Mention four reasons for the necessity of rules and regulation of school. (5
I. Mention three human resources that are related with physical abilities. (3
II. Mention four advantages that are obtained through the training in order to develop
the human resources. (4
III. Write down five characteristics that are developed through working together. (5
I. Write down the names of persons who help to fulfill the needs of the society. (3
II. List out four duties of people who obtain service from the organizations and
individuals that help us.
(4 marks)
III. Write down three local government institutions and mention two services that are
provided by them. (5
I. Mention what is tradition? (3 marks)
II. Give four regulations that are concerned with road safety. (4
III. Mention what is active listing and write down three advantages of it. (5
I. Give three things for the necessity of using the resources economically. (3
II. Mention two features of public properties. (5 marks)
III. Mention five methods that contribute to the conservation of environment as a good
(5 marks)