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A reflection of the first article read in UWRIT

Henry doss is speaking to everyone who wonders where the next generation of leaders and

innovators will come from. In this web article Henry Doss explains to the general public where

the next generation of leaders will come from. Telling us that you have to look no further than a

freshman college class, mores specifically a uwrite class. In this he tells us that he has found

hope in observing one of these classes and understanding how the class operates. He explains it

to be a class about reflection and how the ability to reflect is key in becoming successful, how

reflection strengthens skills and thus makes you more apt to be a successful leader in life. These

ideas are easily applicable in everyday work/lives. Essentially every time you think you may

have not done your absolute best or maybe you did, you think of what you could have done

better or what could have made it a more favorable outcome. This can be applied to almost

everything. Doing that can easily make you a better person and even a more successful leader.

Reflection is actually an exercise in efficiency, powerful in proportion to the amount of care it

lends to decisions.

This quote is absolutely essential in explaining how reflection works and how it supports his

points of reflecting leading to a better person.

It is (or should be) a class that invites reflection, an intense focus on language, and exploration

of the wonder and power of dialogue and conversational inquiry. It is a time to discover

leadership. This is another leg on Henry Doss table of points that shows us how important the

uwrite class is or how important any introductory university writing class should be. I think that

Henry Doss believes that this is not only a stepping stone but a rock solid foundation that most if
not all people need to become great leaders. Maybe not the class itself but the core values that

the class teaches.

There is a difference between competence and eloquence and a difference between mulling

things over and reflection. A writing class by definition should address skills; it should by

aspiration address reflection and eloquence.

This last quote is says to me that Henry Doss does not also believe in simple skills and just

writing but a deeper eloquence and understanding to these things that add to a person's ability

to lead and to be a better person

Wai is trying to tell a general audience that creativity is a peak trait to have, and listing seven

reasons why. I think the seven topics listed in the article are the big ideas, the first is if you see a

passion follow it and keep thinking of interesting things. Leonardo da Vinci himself had a wide

variety of things to do on his list and most of the involved interacting with someone, curisiness

with collaboration is important. Simply walking into a library and thinking about all the books

provokes curiosity. If you don't know the fundamentals of things it's okay to learn them. Facts

are important but simplifying looking up facts on the internet does not provide curiosity it must

be done by other means. The internet is important also relying on it for depth and breadth is

important, but its not good for just facts, and lastly that mystery is the source of curiosity and
the thirst for knowledge is curiosity. It seems the being curious is genius in itself because if you

want to know more you will know more and there is plenty of ways to know more.

Puzzles offer us the satisfaction of answering a question even while youre missing the point

completely. A society or organization that thinks only in terms of puzzles is one that is too

focused on the goals it has set, rather than on the possibilities it cant yet see.

Because puzzles are puzzles they are deemed as a logical challenge which paints it as a smart

thing to be able to solve. But since they only require a limited part of you its not a challenging

and as rewarding as mystery and all things unknown.

But having a breadth of knowledge is increasingly valuable, too. These two trends exist in

tension with each other.

Being an expert in one thing is a smart thing to do in itself but having a variety of knowing is

incredibly important. The balance of the two are key in keeping curiosity, while keeping stable.

This article tells me how important it is to want to learn and know more to become increasingly


Studio 1

Literacy seem to be anything you can become knowledgeable in or maybe even knowledgeable

in a certain way of thinking. The key here is knowledge and understanding, Im unsure about this

but being literate would mean two things being able to read and write and also being worldly and

Things im an expert at



Playing certain video games

Helping my friends and family set up their computers

Reading the news

Formulating an opinion

Things im good at but not an expert in


Finding things

Organizing (certain things)



Some sciences

Things I dont know much about but i'm curious


Other sciences

Being active (working out)


Visual arts


She comes from a multi-cultural background, her 3 separate languages are just 3 renditions of

english, one being slang english, one being proper english, and the other being a hybrid of

english and some (jamaican)? Words.


They come outright and explain exactly what they are doing, they wrote exactly what they were

thinking, some of them were a bit reserved when starting but came through amazingly. I have

nothing more to say than these writers are intelligent and write very creatively from the heart

which I find quite difficult to do, match the brain with the heart, and it probably is the hardest

thing to do in writing.


1. None of these external influences surprised me, it is very easy to understand all of

these and here is how. All people in this class are different people with vastly different

experiences, what some might find an uncomfortable external influence is extremely

comfortable to them. And I can tell a common theme here that the progress of technology
has easily played a role in most if not all of these influences which I think is fascinating

and really cool. I can tell that most of these responses are from the heart and these

individuals know exactly what influences them because if impacts them every single day.
2. You could say society chooses its words in what being articulate/literate means.

And for the most part I would have to agree with society. I believe we all have a

consensus on what these terms mean. BUT! When we try to put it in our own perspective

it falls apart, why? Because when you apply it to different people they are going to see it

slightly different. An example would be maybe 2000 years ago when words were still

forming and the english language was probably not even conceived yet. Many of the

world did not know how to read or write, being articulate/literate was not even an idea.

The only people that were articulate/literate were the top minds of society being

articulate/literate to most people might just mean being able to listen to the local priest or

knowing how to speak properly. But now since we have advances as a society in our first

world country being articulate/literate means forming words with correct enunciation and

being able to read and write, right?

3. Knowing literacies and being articulate will most likely result in a larger reader

base. As ive said previously, literacies and knowledge go hand in hand, and being

knowledgeable about your reader base is one of the best things you can do as a writer. If

you can formulate your writing well enough you can appeal to the largest audience

possible with even the most controversial topics. As for the writing, your writing will be

more knowledgeable by my definition, which seeming like you know a lot, I believe, will

appeal to more people. The writing will be more articulated in what you are trying to

convey from the heart and the mind, perfectly. What you read might seem worse now,

having more literacies might make you more of a critic/skeptic, other text that seem to
have depth now will seem incredibly shallow and almost like that author was just

throwing up words on a page. Unfortunately, this also goes along with the world, the

more literate you become the more you see the world on how it could be and not how it

is. Everything might seem, bad. But fear not, being literate also means that you have the

ability to see that you are being pessimistic and instead of dreaming how the world could

be you strive to improve the world you have, and instead of telling authors how bad they

are you give constructive criticism and set the example with your work, working with

actions and not words.

4. Since I missed class last Friday, I was a bit confused but the assignment was

intuitive so I feel as if I did complete the task fully. It was somewhat enjoyable to write

out what I was thinking, (mostly on #3). Its almost not fair for someone like me to

critique an assignment like this, Ive never been a fan of an english or writing class

because my grammar is horrendous. But I just figured to write down what I would have

said to someone else through speaking. For the amount of time on this, I spend 2-3 hours.

When I started I intended to rush through this but as the questions kept being personal its

hard not to just spill it all out on paper mindlessly. My understanding of this course was

clear from the outset. Write what you mean and mean what you write.

Studio 2

Fairfield smelled of slightly salty air able to almost taste the air, and the sound of wind and a

single car passing by enhanced the open sight of farmland and cotton, bring back a feeling of

warmth and home and the memories of thanksgiving and christmas flooding back; all see now is

the remains of a pecan tree

Its a place for all holidays and gatherings most importantly Christmas and Thanksgiving. The

smell of old wood and a salty breeze blows through the small town looking out to black asphalt,

cracked road, and it feels me with joy to see the shed still there. Sights of open fields and fields

planted with acres of cotton, a sea white mixed with the black ground. The soil is incredibly

fertile here, you cant grow tobacco this far because the leaves grow too thick. Since this there

are just rows and rows of cotton and wheat depending on the season. The farm equipment is

packed in seemingly abandoned sheds. There is one restaurant within 45 min of grandmas house.

But everyone only eats there on the weekends and sundays after service. The closest retail store

is a foodline an hour away. You probably have more friends than this place has in population.

The town is quiet 364 days out of the year. If you are out on one of these quiet days you can find

any animal that lives in the forest. Black bears, deer, snakes, etc.. When you begin to get bored,

you are out of luck, phones have no service there and the tv is only on the weather channel,

talking to relatives is a must. Throughout the house the creek and howl of the wood and heater

can be heard by even the most deaf of grandmothers. The scent of biscuits and lard waft through

the house early in the morning and grandma has been up since 4 am. Inside the house is old

photos, family crest, cats, chairs, and other furniture, all neatly fixed throughout the house.

Books and books and books stacked, all kinds of books some good books and some bad books.

Nobody can hear a word you are saying always followed by a loud what, grandmas house is

old stories told 4 times over and nobody can remember if you are going to school or what you

were doing from the last time you showed up. But these stories get more funny each time and

since grandma can't remember that you told her you went to college you tell her again and it

makes her happy for you again.

Studio 3

These commercials are just filled with cheesy lines and charisma, sometimes too much but the

people that made these commercials are engneering these commercials specifically for a certain

group of people. For me this is borderline propaganda. The old spice commercial is for women

and men. Its to tell women that your man wants to be like that so you should buy him this

shampoo. And for the guys its buy this shampoo so you can be like him. The jack in the box

commercial is clearly for the stoner culture. The word munchie food is on the box These

commercials are cleverly created to tell you that you either need something or that you would

gain something more than what the product offers

I thought it was quite interesting to look into commercials a bit deeper than usual. The common

question about commercials is what it is about but nobody ever ask why and how it's being used.

To know what the commercials want for you and exactly how they want you to feel. Almost

seeing a commercial in a neutral view without the, ethos, logos, and pathos. Although there are

still there its easy to determine what they are and see how they are being used. Some might call

this manipulation and others will say its entirely cleverness and the fact a couple of pictures and

words can lead you to buy something is amazing.

Studio 5
MLK is confined in birmingham jail for his leadership for the civil rights movement. He has

received a letter from christian and jewish clergy and he is responding to the letter. MLK does an

excellent job in this letter to create a sense of community through a few sentences. He draws the

reader in and uses friendly language and terms to try to join his readers together. For the clergy

members specifically he uses quotes from the bible to draw common ground, explaining what

they should try to follow to be closer to God. MLK tells us the struggles of mankind before and

how it is similar now, explaining how if we hurt one of us we hurt all of us. MLK appeals

logically and emotionally, using personal experience and cold hard facts. Also stating his goal of

nonviolence and peace similar to the gospel, which appeals to the religious readers. He drives a

common view shared by most people and it's being good to others and justice. I liked that his

thought process in the video was showed by pacing and hard thinking in the jail cell, it gives a

little idea that he did not just sit down and write this thing out in one night but he put his entire

body in this and its a reflection of his life and what he wants to bring to this world. In this

speech MLK mentions justice and law often and describes the difference between just and unjust

and how segregation is detrimental to society. Segregation is not only politically, economically,

and sociologically unsound, it is morally wrong, and sinful. This sums up his point to the clergy

members by appealing to them in ethos pathos and logos. In this he perfectly sums his views on

segregation and why he needs their support. He made a statement that just because something is

legal doesn't make it right and just because something is illegal doesn't make it wrong. There is a

moment of understanding here where MLK says wait for a better time to wait for civil rights and

how we can draw that to what is happening around us now. MLK speaks about how time does
not fix things but the people at the time that fix things, human progress does not just roll along

but working tirelessly to achieve those things.

A couple of writing into the days

Both the articles had this idea of innovation and thinking. These concepts are of course

interconnected with thinking being the forefront of innovation. The article which I liked the most

was the article written by Henry Doss. I liked his writing style more and his points seemed more

well put together than weis did. Also, I appreciate the concepts in Doss article more than I did

in Weis. Henry touches on the topic of the next generation of great minds is already around the

corner and how a writing classroom is that corner. More specifically a intro university writing

class, and having a foundation of reflection is important to success

Rhetorical Knowledge

Critical Reading

Composing Processes

Knowledge of conventions

Critical Reflection
Rhetorical situation- Writer, Purpose+Genre, Audience, Topic, Context

I have at least 2 friend groups and my newer friends are very familiar with the more recent things

that I have experienced so I can reference words that we have made up or phrases. As for my

older friends, I spend less time with them but we still maintain the memories of previous times so

I can make references to those times and such. I don't think it is concied to be a separate dialect

but it would be considered code switch because there are

Lamont first addressing that writing is a process and more often than not its a difficult and long

process that is equivalent to working a 9-5 job. Lamont then proceeds to tell us how she started

her experience in writing by writing food reviews then having them crapped on by other people.

And all of that is writing and she tells us that we have to experience all of that to be a successful

writer, to listen to your critics but know when to tune them out

He had a relatively medium sized family with low income and survived day to day on

government funding and whatever his father could make, since his father was an avid reader it

transferred to him. He also had a couple of sisters and a brother to influence him, but most

importantly he had what seems to be hundreds of books in his house scattered about maybe

because there simply was not enough room to put these books. His father attended catholic

When you submit a book to a publisher you want to have it edited before that and before you

have it edited you want it to be in its most outstanding condition. This of course differs from

person to person but that's why peer review is so important. You have your book look good from

the perspective of multiple people which is what you want. Constructive feedback from as many

people as possible. Its the best way to appeal to people and that is edit it the way they

constructively ask without compromising the integrity of the book. As accept ALL

CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, criticism that is not constructive is not in good nature and does not

reflect thinking and emotions of your paper but just emotions and first impressions. As the

review make sure to identify the issue and give MULTIPLE options to resolve said issue.