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Activity worksheets LEVEL 4 Teacher Support Programme

The Merchant of Venice Photocopiable

Before reading 7 What are their feelings? Choose the right
1 Read the list on page x and imagine the word and complete the sentences.
relationships between four characters. What Shylock loves/hates Antonio because
will happen to them.
Antonio loves/hates Bassanio because
While reading

Act 1
Basssanio loves/hates Antonio because
2 Write Portias advertisement asking for an

ideal husband. Write down the qualities he
8 Imagine that Morocco and Arragon are
must have.
talking to their best friends after they have
3 Compare Antonios and Shylocks businesses.
chosen the wrong box. How do they feel? Act
Now complete these sentences with their
out the scene with another student.
names. Some fit one or both of them, but one
9 Put these events in the right order. Number
does not fit either.
them 112.
a is poor.
a Launcelot and Gobbo go to Bassanios
b is rich.
house. c
c has ships.
b Launcelot is not sure whether to leave
d gives loans.
Shylocks service. c
e borrows money.
c Shylock orders Jessica to lock all doors
f charges interest.
and stay away from the windows. c
g never charges interest.
d Shylock goes to the supper. c
h wants a guarantee.
e Jessica escapes dressed as a boy. c
i damages other moneylenders profits.
f Lorenzo and his friends plan Jessicas
j makes a lot of profit.
escape. c
k prefers helping a friend to making a profit.
g Launcelot starts working for Bassanio. c
4 Write Antonios thoughts after he agrees to
h Launcelot finds his father. c
give a guarantee for the loan of a pound of his
i Jessica is sorry that Launcelot is leaving
own flesh. How does he feel? And what are his
her father. c
feelings for his friend Bassanio?
j Lorenzos friends wait for Lorenzo. c
Act 2 k Bassanio and Gratiano leave for Belmont. c
5 In pairs, complete two days in Launcelots l Shylock shouts about his daughter, his
diary. jewels and his ducats in the streets of
a when Shylock was his master and Venice. c
b now that he is Bassanios servant.
Act 3
How does he feel? Share your ideas with the
10 Write Bassanios answer to Antonios letter.
rest of the class.
11 Complete the words with the letters that are
6 Complete. What are Jessica and Lorenzo
missing in the following sentences and decide
who each character is talking to:
a Salerio: There is more difference between your
f_es_ and hers than there is between i_k and
_n_w. (talking to _________)
b If you cut us, do we not b_e_d? If you p_is_n
us, do we not die? And if you harm us, shall
we not take r_v_ng_? (talking to ________)
c Bassanio: This letter is the b_d_ of my friend,
and every word is bleeding with his b_o_d.
(talking to _________)

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Activity worksheets LEVEL 4 Teacher Support Programme

The Merchant of Venice Photocopiable

d Shylock: You called me a dog for no reason. Act 5
So if Im a dog, be careful of my t_e_h! 15 How do you think Bassanio and Gratiano felt
(talking to __________) while going back to Belmont? Choose from
Act 4 the words in the box.
12 Compare Antonio and Shylock using the anxious afraid happy sorry amused
words in the box. There may be some words surprised angry
that dont fit either of them.
Re-read act 5 and explain why you think so to
happy sad greedy ambitious another student. Do you both agree?
generous lonely friendly loyal 16 How do you think they felt when Portia and
mean single married Nerissa told them the truth? Discuss this with
another student.
Antonio Shylock
17 Jessica returns to Venice because she is worried
about her father. Imagine the conversation
between Jessica and Shylock and act it out
with another student.
After reading
18 This play is a comedy. Did you expect this
ending? What changes would you make? Write
13 Complete. What are Shylock and Portia a new ending making everybody happy at the
thinking? end.
19 Watch the film of The Merchant of Venice and
answer the following questions:
a Did you like the actors that played the
different characters in the play? Why/why
b Did you imagine Venice and Belmont as they
are shown in the movie? In what way were
they different?
c Most directors leave some scenes out. Do you
agree with the choice of scenes that the
director has made? Why/why not?
Discuss your answers with another student.
20 Write a review of the film version of The
Merchant of Venice you watched.
14 Imagine a conversation between Portia and 21 Imagine you work at a theatre. How would
Shylock after they leave the court, and act it you advertise The Merchant of Venice? What
out with another student. words and pictures would you use?

c Pearson Education Limited 2007 The Merchant of Venice - Activity worksheets of 2

Progress test LEVEL 4 Teacher Support Programme

The Merchant of Venice Photocopiable

Act 1 Act 3
1 Whos who? Match the names with the right 4 What did they say? Match what the characters say
description. with the answers.
a Salerio: You wouldnt take his flesh, would you?
1 Antonioa a in love with Jessica How would you profit from that?
2 Shylock b a Jewish money-lender b Tubal: But Antonio has certainly lost everything.
3 Bassanio c Shylocks daughter c Bassanio: If your love for me cant make you come,
4 Portia d Portias servant dont let this letter change your mind.
5 Jessica e Antonios friend d Portia: Please do not refuse me this request.
6 Nerissa f the Lady of Belmont e Launcelot: Unfortunately, youve been sent along
7 Gratiano g a merchant of Venice the road to hell by your father and your mother.
8 Lorenzo h a friend of Antonio and Bassanio 1 Shylock: Yes, that is true. That is very true. And
if he cannot repay his loan on time, I will have
2 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? his heart.
a Antonio is sad because he is worried about his 2 Jessica: Ill be saved by my husband. Hes made
ships. c me a Christian.
b Antonio already knows Portias name. c 3 Portia: Oh, love, leave your business here and go
c Bassanio has spent all his money. c without delay.
d Portia has told Bassanio that she likes him. c 4 Lorenzo: With all my heart I shall obey your
e Antonio has enough money to help Bassanio. c commands.
f Portia remembers Bassanio. c 5 Shylock: If it feeds nothing else, it will feed my
g Shylock and Antonio make a profit on their revenge.
loans. c
h Bassanio wants Antonio to sign the agreement. c Act 4
5 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
Act 2 a Bassanio offers Shylock the three thousand
3 Choose the right answer. ducats that he has lent Antonio. c
a Launcelots father doesnt recognise his son b The doctor that has been sent to the Venetian
because court is called Bellario. c
1 he cant see. c The agreement does not say that Antonio has to
2 he is very old. bleed to death. c
3 his son was ill. d Shylock asks the Duke for his life. c
b Gratiano will accompany Bassanio to Belmont if e Antonio tells Bassanio that he should give the
1 he lends him some money. ring to the doctor. c
2 he behaves better.
3 he marries Portias friend. Act 5
c Jessica is sorry that Launcelot is leaving because 6 Why
1 he was good with Shylock. a do Nerissa and Gratiano have an argument?
2 he made her life happier. b does Bassanio say that it would be better to cut
3 he worked really hard. his left hand off ?
d When Jessica escapes with Lorenzo she feels c does Portia say that she allowed the doctor to
ashamed because share her bed?
1 she is dressed as a boy. d does Portia show Bassanio and Gratiano a letter
2 she is stealing from her father. from Doctor Bellario in Padua?
3 she is leaving her father. e would Bassanio allow the doctor to sleep with
e If one of Portias suitors fails, he must promise his wife when he is away?
1 he will not ask for his money back.
2 he will leave in silence.
3 he will never ask another woman to marry him.

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