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Ancient Greece Understanding By Design Unit

Title of Unit Ancient Greece Grade 6th

Curriculum SocialStudies Time 3rd/4th quarter (4-5 weeks)
Area Frame
Developed By KatieDunnebackandMichelleRemmenga
Identify Desired Results (Stage 1)
Content Standards
SS.G.1.6-8.LC. Use geographic representations (maps, photographs, satellite images, etc.) to explain
relationships between the locations (places and regions) and changes in their environment.
SS.G.2.6-8.LC. Explain how humans and their environment affect one another.
SS.G.3.6-8.LC. Explain how environmental characteristics impact human migration and settlement.
SS.G.4.6-8.LC. Identify how cultural and environmental characteristics vary among regions of the world.
SS.H.1.6-8.LC. Classify series of historical events and developments as examples of change and/or
SS.H.4.6-8.LC. Explain multiple causes and effects of historical events.
SS.CV.1.6-8LC. Identify roles played by citizens (examples: voters, jurors, taxpayers, military,
protesters, and office-holders).
SS.CV.3.6-8.LC. Compare the means by which individuals and groups change societies, promote the
common good, and protect rights.
SS.CV.4.6-8.LC. Explain the connection between interests and perspectives, civic virtues, and
democratic principles when addressing issues in government and society
SS.CV.6.6-8.LC. Determine whether specific rules and laws (both actual and proposed) resolve the
problems they were meant to address.
Understandings Essential Questions
Overarching Understanding Overarching Topical
How do location and How did the Greeks
Students will understand geography affect influence our lives?
Geography of Greece development of
Mediterranean/Aegean Sea How did the Ancient
How have different
City-states (Sparta/Athens) political systems
Greeks beliefs shape
Ancient Olympics evolved and changed? the way they lived
Greek Gods How do cultures their lives?
Democracy develop and change
Alexander the Great over time? How did colonies
Related Misconceptions influence the
expansion of ancient

What are the physical

characteristics of

How did the city-states
develop their own
ways of life?
Why was trade
essential to ancient

How did the

governments of
ancient Greece change
over time?
Knowledge Skills
Students will know Students will be able to

Development of Greek society Identify the varied aspects of Greek society

The functioning of Greek city-states Explain how Greece became a familiar
Development of democracy classical society
The Greeks fended off a Persian invasion into Explain how democracy developed
Europe Compare and contrast classical democracy with
modern day democracy
Compare modern society with the classical
Identify positive and negative aspects of the
varied cultures
Compare and contrast ancient societies with
one another
Assessment Evidence (Stage 2)
Create storyboard for a childrens book about the geography of ancient Greece and
how the geography of Greece impacted their society
Write a series of 4 newspaper articles detailing the 4 forms of government many
city-states transitioned through


Learning Plan (Stage 3)

Learning Activities Citizenship in Athens and Rome mini DBQ
Hook: 30 Greek Ideas that Changed the World
Vocabulary glossary page
Greek Geography Challenge
Greek roots
4 Forms of Greek Government EDpuzzle
Report card to grade 4 forms of government
STEAM Column Challenge
Education in Sparta: Did the Strengths Outweigh the
Weaknesses? mini DBQ