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I mportant I nteresting Facts

I nformation - Her favorite fast food restaurant is I n The Life of

Nicki Minaj is of African,
Trinidadian and Indo- Asian descent.
- She wrote her first rap song at the
age of 12.
Onika "Nicki
In middle school Nicki used to play
- Nicki Minaj used to sing as a
the clarinet.She had a many
backup singer for the local New
Minaj Maraj
nicknames before settling on Nicki
York City Rappers group before she
Minaj. Her very first name was
became so popular.
Cookie which was later changed to
- Her favorite actress is Zo Saldana.
Harajuku Barbie and finally what we
- She had an abortion as a teen.
recognize her as "Nicki Minaj."Her
- Her favorite fruit are mangos.
first mix tape titled "Playtime Is
- She is 5'4?tall.
Over" came out in 2007.In 2010,
Nicki Minaj's songs topped the charts
of Billboard's Top 100. She had a very
rough childhood with her father being
a drug addict and her mother being
abused by her father.She learnt
acting at the La Guardia High School
of Music and Art, the school that
You have to know that as long as you love
inspired the movie Fame. On her
who you are - your morals, your values,
song ?All Things Go?, Minaj addresses
that type of stuff - you're OK.
having an abortion in high school
with her then boyfriend Aaron at 15. -Nicki Minaj
I ntroduction Childhood and Upbringing Adulthood
Onika Tanya Maraj, or profession- Before Nicki even moved to New York, Before being the icon she is now she
ally known as Nicki Minaj is an she was being raised in Trinidad and was in a music group called ?The
American rapper, singer, song- Tobago by her grandmother while her Hoodstars?. After they produced their
writer. She was born December 8, parents left to go to America to start songs, Nicki left the group and
1982 in Saint James, Trinidad and a new life for their family. Her mother updated her MySpace profile. Her
Tobago, Port of Spain, Trinidad and was abused by her drug addict father. profile caught the attention of a CEO
Tobago. Nicki Minaj grew up with She grew up with three siblings. for Dirty Money Entertainment, he
her family in Queens, New York. Before she was famous she worked at signed her to a 180- day contract. She
Her father was a drug addict who a Red Lobster and as an office then started to release mixtapes that
was very violent to her mother. manager. She ended her long time became very popular. Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is famous because she relationship with Safaree in 2014. and Safaree Samuels have been
had featured on many tracks before When she attended La Guardia High together for 15 years, well before
releasing her albums. She also had School for the Arts, she was Minaj became established as the
put out many singles and mixtapes introduced to Lil Wayne. She also did preeminent female rapper in
that were a huge success. plenty of mixtapes before then. hip- hop, and the two were even
She met Lil recently rumored to be expecting a
Wayne who child, with wedding bells soon to
is a rapper follow. Before she was famous Nicki
and pro- took up a job at the Red Lobster
ducer and restaurant as a waitress.
he helped
her with her
career and
with meet-
ing the
right people
to help her.