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Craig Mueller
Asst Superintendent/Personnel Director
Havre Public Schools
Personnel Office Robins Building
P.O. Box 7791 425 6th Street
Havre, MT 59501

Dear Havre Public Schools Hiring Committee,

Thank you for considering me for a mathematics teaching position. Throughout the years, I have
been very involved in Montana schools through my participation in various sports and extracurricular
activities. I am now looking forward to giving back to the Montana education system as a math teacher
in Havre.
My desire to be a teacher can be traced back to high school. My mother was a teacher, and I
spent a period a day in her classroom volunteering with her students. I also enjoyed tutoring my fellow
classmates when they struggled with concepts in class. As a sophomore in high school, I began
volunteering as an assistant volleyball coach for the Cut Bank Middle School volleyball team. Through
these experiences, I discovered my passion for helping and working with students. Not only do I like
working with students, but I enjoy math as well. As a junior and senior in high school, I had the
privilege of having an incredible Pre-Calculus and Calculus teacher that influenced my love for math.
Through the combination of my interest in students and math, I declared my major as secondary math
education as a freshman in college.
While at MSU, I have taken a wide variety of courses. As a math major, I have experienced
advanced math courses such as Calculus 1-4, Statistics, and Linear Algebra; allowing me to be able to
complement these areas in the classroom. Along with advanced mathematics courses, I have taken
classes that have exposed me to high school and middle school math subject areas and was required to
break them down to look at how students would approach these problems. In addition, for the past two
semesters, I have been a teaching assistant in a Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) College
Algebra class. Responsibilities for this position include grading student papers, facilitating
mathematical discussions within groups, and tutoring students on lesson content.
Through other volunteer experience, I have planned and facilitated weekly small group
discussions as a student leader with Cru. I have also collaborated with other student leaders to plan large
group activities for the same organization.
I am eager to meet with you for an interview. You can contact me at or
(406) 391-2230.
Thank you,
Megan Lewis
Mathematics Educator