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GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidates observation


Sheet number: 2 of___4__

Student name: Syed Ali B Student number: 00383010

Place inspected: Qatar Business Support Date of inspection: 15 / April / 2017

Observations Control measures Timescale

Hazards and consequences Immediate and longer term actions

7. Observed receptionist sitting in odd Provide frequent breaks Immediate

posture in front of computer lead to,
back pain, pain in neck, stress, cervical Provide adjustable hand resting chairs Two weeks
spondylitis. and do assessment of work place to
provide DSE

Provide DSE instead of computer One month

8. Four lights flickering in basement Replace new lights Immediate

and three light fused in first floor
corridor it causes slip and trip. Periodic maintenance and inspection to Regular
replace lighting time to time

Refilling of fire extinguisher Immediate

9. One fire extinguisher is empty inside
of electrical room no:3
Inspection all extinguishers One week
Increase the severity of injury.
Proper monitoring should be provide Regular
10. Five fire sprinklers hanging on Inform contractor to fix proper Immediate
reception around the walkways ceiling
lead to severity at the event of fire. Ensure sprinklers install by competent fire Immediate
safety technician

Supervision for safe working condition On going

11. Two smoke detectors cover Inform to remove covers Immediate

unopened at the staircases
Increase the severity of injury and Create awareness in fire safety One week
property damage.

12. Storage of solvent thinners inside Remove and shift to designated safe Immediate
electrical room storage
Risk of electrical fire, fatalities, severity
of injury and property damage. Provide separate storage for different One month
APPENDIX 6 (Do not include this part when submitting your report)

GC3 Marking Matrix

For each element, 0 marks should be awarded if that aspect of the report fails to meet the criteria for 1

Typical issues are listed in Table 1 and internal assessors must complete Table 1 to assist in allocating marks.