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Accenture Merger,

Acquisition, Divestiture
and Alliance Services
Table of contents
M&A Strategy 3
Target Screening 4
Due Diligence & Transaction Management 6
Merger Integration 8
Carve-out/Divestiture 10
Joint Venture/Alliances Strategy 11
Internal M&A Capability Development 12

Accenture research shows that high- integration, carve-outs and divestitures

performance businesses are those that (Figure 1). We also possess strong capabilities
constantly renew their portfolio of in developing and implementing joint
businessesboth during difficult economic venture and alliance strategies that help
times and in periods of robust growth. enterprises quickly and cost-effectively
capitalize on new market opportunities.
Renewing and optimizing portfolios can And we can help companies develop and
take a number of forms. For many companies, implement a strong internal M&A capability
some mix of mergers, acquisitions, that can support activities across all phases
divestitures, joint ventures and alliances of the deal life cycle and help generate greater
provides an attractive approach to focusing value from the transactions they execute.
on their highest-potential offerings,
customers and markets.
Figure 1. Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services
Accenture provides a suite of services that
can help companies capitalize on todays Sell Portfolio Carve-out/ Transition
portfolio optimization opportunities and Side Strategy Separation Due Execution and
Planning Diligence Management
position themselves for high performance.
Buy & Transaction
For companies looking to acquire or merge M&A Target Merger
Side Strategy Screening Integration
with another entity, or to shed a non-core
and Execution
or underperforming asset, we provide
services that encompass deep experience Joint Venture/Alliances Strategy
in merger and acquisition (M&A) strategy,
target screening, due diligence, merger Internal M&A Capability Development

2 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

M&A Strategy

Mergers and acquisitionsdeals on the Accentures M&A strategy services are

buy side of portfolio optimizationmust designed to help companies through this
be about more than just numbers: while challenging process. We help organizations
many companies screen acquisition create a solid strategy for identifying and
candidates largely on financial data, screening growth candidates, establish the
the first screen should be whether an frameworks to identify and quantify the
acquisition fills a strategic gap (geographic, expected value from a combination, and
skill or product gaps, for example). Once create a roadmap to execute M&A strategies
that determination is made, a company in a way that mitigates risk and uncertainty
must develop a realistic expectation of and enables the organization to focus on
synergy capture and timing. Identifying and business as usual.
appropriately quantifying synergy potential
requires a skillful blending of industry-
comparable benchmarks and opportunities
specific to the merging companies. By
marrying the two perspectives, a company
can determine if both the industry benchmarks
are realistic and the targets specified are
aggressive enough.

Target Screening
At Accenture, we use a value driven rather than a purely
financial approach for identifying and screening acquisition
targets or merger partners. We design screening criteria to
assess whether the deal will fill strategic gaps, and frameworks
to identify and quantify the expected value from an
acquisition or merger.

We then evaluate and prioritize candidates A company and market analysis of the
based on their strategic rationale, synergistic two targets to assess the industry, its
value and the likelihood of getting the deal players and emerging longer-term market
done. For example, a leading manufacturer and technology trends
of packaging products and paperboard Spread correlation analyses to help the
collaborated with Accenture to compare client assess how each business would
the merits between two potential acquisition contribute to the overall risk of its
targets and determine the best strategic fit corporate portfolio
for the organization. As part of the pre-deal
screening, Accenture completed some focused The acquisition increased the sales of
analyses which enabled the client to better the division sixfold, expanded the clients
consider each target and successfully close geographic reach and further diversified
the right deal: its portfolio. Additionally, the client saw its
share price rise 35 percent while companies
in the same industry (as measured by the
Dow Jones index) experienced an average
share price decline of 67 percent during the
same year.

4 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

Due Diligence
& Transaction
A key activity in any merger or acquisition, of course, is due
diligence. The benefits of a focused, yet thorough due diligence
effort is vital in helping companies understand what they are
buyingand in creating the right strategies to obtain the desired
value from a merger or acquisition.

Accenture helps companies address this One company that has benefited from
critical challenge by providing a robust set of Accentures due diligence experience is
due diligence services for both corporate and a major mobile operator, which asked
private equity clients. Accentures approach Accenture to help in a bid for the majority
to strategic and operational due diligence share of a state-owned telecom company.
is holisticfocusing not only on validating The original rationale for the acquisition
acquisition assumptions but also on providing was defensive: the mobile operator was
greater insights that enable companies eager to protect its existing market position
to proceed confidently with subsequent and its managers were not anticipating
integration activities. Our due diligence any significant synergies. However, a
practitioners have extensive industry and value-focused due diligence process led
functional experience, which enables them by Accenture uncovered $1.5 billion (in net
to paint a realistic and practical picture of present value) of synergies beyond what
the deal. was originally estimated in product expansion,
product bundling (ADSL/mobile) and cost
Accentures due diligence capabilities savings. These estimates helped refine the
include the following: acquirers final bid.

Conducting strategic, operational and IT

due diligence
Identifying and estimating the impact of
Identifying dis-synergies and potential

6 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

Accenture Provides Truly
Integrated M&A Services,
Backed By Strong Industry
M&A Services SWOT Analysis:
Accenture, Q2 2009,
Forrester Research

Merger Integration

While choosing the right acquisition targets Focusing the merger integration Addressing potential cultural
and quickly identifying sources of value agenda on value creation, not issues early.
are critical, effectively integrating these
just integration. Savvy acquirers gain an understanding of
acquisitions into the enterprise may be the
Seasoned acquirers also focus on the areas any potential cultural issues by developing
single most important M&A success factor.
that will create the most value, structuring blueprints of the two merging organizations,
In our extensive work with clients around
the integration program around those key and then tailoring the integration and
the world, we found there are eight
value drivers and making sure each receives communications programs to mitigate and
key factors that contribute to merger
adequate focus and resources. Additionally, address key differences and potential clashes.
integration success.
they ensure there is a focus on customers
Jump-starting integration activities and key customer retention. Ensuring comprehensive, frequent
well before deal closure. and consistent communications.
Focusing on the top five critical A detailed, integrated communications plan
Successful acquirers often begin work
decisions for the current period. must be developed for each key stakeholder
well before the announcement of the deal,
As a rule of thumb, there are five critical groupespecially, employees, customers,
preparing their integration program structure,
strategic decisions in any merger. They suppliers, local communities and financial
establishing integration teams with well-
are often related to customer or product analystsand implemented immediately
defined charters and scopes, and planning
overlaps, or organizational design after the merger announcement.
for day one of the merger and beyond.
principles, and have disproportional
impact on subsequent decisions and
activities. A key success factor is to therefore,
quickly surface these decisions and give
them disproportionate management
attention and analytical horsepower
until decisions have been made.

8 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

Figure 2. Accentures three-phase approach to merger integration

Establish merger Conduct integration Execute integration
framework planning plans

Moving quickly to implement A leading Asian banking group selected

bold changes. Accenture to manage and govern all of
the integration phases during a major
Because mergers create the expectation
acquisition. Working with the groups
of change among employees, management
senior management, Accenture established
teams can be bolder about the type and
an implementation framework focused on
size of changes they make to operating
preserving value, maximizing cost savings
models, portfolio, channels and other aspects
and providing revenue enhancement. Within
of the business. But they must work fast, as
a short span of two months, Accenture had
the window for such change only lasts for
developed the implementation plan and
18 to 24 months.
within seven monthssooner than projected
the integration work was completed. The
The preceding success factors form the
integration resulted in the creation of a
foundation for Accentures multiphase
One Bank service, which was available
approach to planning and managing a
to all previous and new customers of
merger integration to accelerate value
the Asian banking group across its
realization (Figure 2). Our approach begins
expanded network.
with the development of merger frame-
Providing strong governance and works that set up the integration program
to focus on the key value drivers of the
tight process controls.
acquisition while mitigating customer and
The most successful mergers are characterized employee attrition and past experiences.
by a strong, centralized program management Next, we draw on our strong program
function that coordinates decentralized management capabilities and method-
teams and provides common tools and ologies to support proper planning of the
processes, risk management oversight and merger integration effortwork that is
management reporting to keep executive aided greatly by the use of the Accenture
teams up to date on progress while allowing Intelligent Clean Room. This proprietary
the line organization to continue to focus capability enables a company to compress
on business-as-usual. the time-to-value realization by accelerating
pre-close analysis and planning in areas of
Maximizing synergy opportunities. competitive sensitivity. Finally, Accenture
Capitalize fully on synergy opportunities works with a company to execute the
by tying all potential synergies to specific integration plan across all business functions
execution plans. However, time and capacity to capture value and achieve the synergies
for change are not unlimitedfocus on an on which the merger was based.
80 percent level of certainty and comfort
in planning and then drive quickly for 100
percent execution.

Mergers and acquisitions are not the only ways of generating
new business value and enhancing competitive positioning.
Executing deals on the sell sidedivestitures of selected
assetsalso can be part of a strategy for high performance
by helping companies effectively tailor their portfolio of
businesses and raise capital for acquisitions in markets and
businesses that have greater strategic appeal.

When developing its divestiture strategy,

a company should comprehensively
assess its corporate portfolio to identify
opportunities for value creation. This entails
four basic steps:

Aligning assets with the companys best

Developing a timing strategy for the
separation and the divestiture transaction
Understanding the boundaries of assets
being considered for divestiture
Packaging those assets for maximum value

Once it is clear which assets to divest and

how they should be packaged, a number
of best practices can help drive successful
execution. These include strong program
management, careful planning for the Our framework includes a comprehensive needed to deliver such a complex divestment,
future success of the divestiture target, methodology and assets that help companies coupled with the development of monitoring
ensuring clear accountability between the plan, set up and execute the separation or tools necessary to deliver the project on
parent company and the to-be-divested carve-out of business units from parent time and budget. In this separation effort,
organization, and maintaining an open companies. It also includes proven divestiture Accenture supported the client with the
dialogue and staying flexible as the transaction assets and capabilities that help organizational and functional separation,
transaction unfolds. companies prepare and execute divestitures. as well as the formation of a new operating
model and governance framework for the
Accenture can help companies throughout Accentures approach to divestitures played carved-out business. Following the successful
the entire timeline of the divestiture process, an important role in helping one global separation, Accenture also helped the
from onception through separation. The energy company shed a non-core line of client to set up and manage the dual track
cornerstone of the Accenture approach business. Accenture helped the client to transaction (IPO/trade sale) to divest the
is our divestiture framework, which helps design and manage the complex process business. The energy company captured $9
companies to implement their divestiture of separating and preparing a global billion in cash by divesting its petrochemicals
strategies faster, with less risk and with petrochemicals business for sale. This businessup to $2 billion more than Wall
a clearer focus on shareholder results. included determining the major milestones, Street analysts had expected.
work streams and projects that would be

10 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

Joint Venture/
Alliances Strategy
In addition to acquiring or shedding assets, alliances and
joint ventures can be critical to the growth strategies of
many companies.

Such arrangements can dramatically reduce

the time required to develop new products
and gain access to fast-growing emerging
markets. Based on our experience with
leading companies across a wide range of
industries, we have found that companies
can achieve real value from alliances
and joint ventures by focusing on six
fundamental factors:

Develop clear, common objectives and

definitions of success
Ensure comprehensive, frequent and
consistent communications
Determine the appropriate governance
model with clear decision making
Assign an alliance relationship manager
who will help to anticipate the most
likely conflicts legal and administrative considerations executing its alliance strategy, including
Plan for evolution, keeping key project for all potential relationships with our identifying potential partners, assisting in
team members on board until the joint strategic, commercial and operational creating financial models, conducting due
venture or alliance is operational due diligence services. In addition, our diligence, helping to select the best partner
Establish clear financial and operational comprehensive alliance and joint venture (a major U.S.-based pharmaceutical company),
reporting metrics to track and measure set-up capabilities and methodologies help structuring the commercial terms of the
success companies quickly implement relationships deal and facilitating negotiations. The
and, thus, accelerate time to value. landmark multiyear strategic alliance
Accentures comprehensive joint venture agreement the two companies ultimately
and alliance services and experience help One company that has capitalized on signed covers the development, manufacturing
companies identify, craft and implement Accentures capabilities in building alliances and marketing of prescription generic
growth-generating arrangements that is a fast-growing Asian pharmaceuticals oncology products in the United States.
contribute to high performance. Our manufacturer. The company was looking It also requires both organizations to make
rigorous partner screening framework for an alliance partner with which it could investments in the development and launch
enables companies to identify alliances team to capture a share of the growing of the products.
and joint ventures with significant earnings market in the United States for the companys
potential. We then address critical financial, oncology drug. Accenture helped the company
with all key elements of developing and

Internal M&A
Accenture research shows that companies with above-average
M&A capabilities achieve greater revenue growth, return on
capital employed, and total shareholder returns. They also are
more likely than other companies to achieve the desired strategic
and financial targets of each deal. In other words, a robust M&A
capability is a key source of competitive advantage.

Accenture collaborates with clients to Accenture has deep insights into the core
build M&A organizationsa sort of M&A M&A capabilitiesthe processes (strategy
machinethat can generate predictable, management, transaction management,
repeatable and value-driven results. Along and integration management) and enabling
the way, we use a host of customizable processes (governance, performance
assets and tools, such as a robust best- management, and knowledge management)
practice M&A methodology and playbooks that are crucial to creating value from
for each stage of the M&A lifecycle, which M&A. Those insights are embedded in
speed results and knowledge transfer. Accentures powerful M&A Maturity
Model (Figure 3), which was developed
To build the right internal M&A capabilities, based on more than 100 interviews
senior leaders first must assess whether with corporate development officials at
their current internal M&A capabilities leading serial acquirers and experience
fit the scope, scale and volume of their with more than 500 Accenture M&A
expected deal flow. They also must determine projects in the past five years.
whether they have strong processes and
skills to identify the right M&A growth Figure 3. Stages of the Accenture M&A Maturity Model
strategies, the right acquisition targets,
and the right playbooks to capture the
M&A Strategy Transaction Integration
value of their acquisitions or carve-outs.
Core Management Management Management
And they must ensure these capabilities Processes
reside in the businesses and functions that
likely will be at the center supporting their M&A M&A Governance
expected M&A activity. Having a perspective Enabling
on the likeliness of achieving growth and Processes
M&A Performance Management
cost synergies also will help executives
prioritize their investments in internal Knowledge Management
M&A capabilities.
Maturity Basic Established Advanced High
Stages Performance

12 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

Using the M&A Maturity Model, Accenture
can help organizations assess their M&A
capabilities quickly and effectively, and
address any shortcomings in these critical
processes. We also can qualitatively and
quantitatively measure a companys track
record in creating value from M&A and help
embed past successes and lessons learned.
In short, Accenture can help its clients
become world-class M&A organizations
that routinely create value across the entire
M&A lifecycle.

Why Accenture?
Accenture is uniquely qualified to network of M&A professions in Europe, Ability to drive transformative change
help organizations optimize their Asia, Africa and the Western Hemisphere
Our M&A practitioners have large scale
enables us to draw upon the best talent and
portfolios in the pursuit of growth transformation experience and bring expertise
resources for every client project.
and, ultimately, high performance across the entire investment lifecycle. We
for six important reasons: know where to look for additional value
Strong delivery and execution skills that is typically missed by our competitors.
Our deep experience managing and
Unmatched M&A leadership
implementing major enterprise-wide M&A thought leadership
We have lead or had a significant role on projects helps to minimize the risk in any
We have multiple patents for important tools
the three largest mergers worldwide in the transaction. Companies and organizations
and assets (including our M&A Playbook
past five years. are looking for game-changing solutions
and Intelligent Clean Room) and have been
delivered with the right mix of skills,
published extensively (over 80 articles) on
Scale and scope experience and global reach, and thats
key aspects of M&A, divestitures, alliances
In the past five years, we have advised clients what distinguishes Accenture in the market-
and joint ventures.
in more than 620 M&A projects globally. place. As a global management consulting,
technology services and outsourcing
company with more than 261,000 people
Global operating model
serving clients in more than 120 countries,
We have a dedicated global M&A practice Accenture combines unparalleled experience,
with deep functional expertise in Strategy, comprehensive capabilities across all
Supply Chain, IT, Sales, Marketing, Change industries and business functions.
Management and Finance Capabilities. Our

14 | Accenture Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Alliance Services

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Regional M&A Contacts Mirko Dier leads Accentures Mergers & Efran Olalla leads Accentures Mergers &
Acquisitions practice globally as well as the Acquisitions practice in Spain and Portugal.
Global Lead: Mirko Dier Strategy practice in Austria, Switzerland Efran focuses on helping transportation,
and Germany. Mirko focuses on helping industrial, telecommunications, utilities
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Nordic: Markus Rimner munications, financial services and consumer planning, joint ventures, strategic planning,
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clients in the electronics, industrial equipment, helping clients in the energy, consumer
Communications, Media & telecommunications and consumer goods goods and financial services industries with
Technology: Artur Meinzolt industries with corporate and business unit cross-border M&A, specifically M&A target
strategy, turnaround, merger integration, screening, commercial and operational due
Products: Tom Herd and alliance and joint venture strategy. He diligence and integration planning. He is
Financial Services: Bruce Kiene is based in Tokyo. based in London.
Resources: Markus Rimner
Markus Rimner leads Accentures Mergers Artur Meinzolt serves as Accentures Global
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corporate and private equity clients through both the buy and sell side throughout Europe,
the entire M&A cycle with emphasis on North America, Asia, the Middle East and
portfolio, acquisition and alliance strategies, Africa. He is based in London.
carve-outs and divestitures, commercial and
operational due diligence, and integration
planning. He is based in Gothenburg. Bruce Kiene serves as Accentures Global Financial Services industries M&A Lead. Bruce
focuses on helping clients in the financial
Tom Herd leads Accentures Mergers & services and healthcare industries with merger
Acquisitions practice in North America and integration and internal M&A capability
also serves as the Global Products industries development. He is based in Phoenix.
M&A lead. Tom focuses on helping clients
in the energy, chemicals, metals and mining,
consumer products, industrial equipment,
automotive and life sciences industries with
due diligence, merger integration, and joint
venture and alliance strategy development.
He is based in Chicago.

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