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NURS 479 Professional Development Grid/Plan Name: __Tyler Dunker Date: 4/24/17

Area Strengths Weakness/Opportunity for Short term goals/strategies Long term goals/strategies
Improvement Present-2 years 3-5 years

Direct Good People Skills Nursing Skills (NG, Foley, Become proficient in my Become a role model nurse for
Ect.) skills patient care
Patient Care Patience
Leadership Confidence Develop personal routine Gain additional
Tireless worker
experience/training in area of
Use of laymans terms with Learn how to
specialty (Behavioral Health)
patients communicate complicated
processes with patients
Unit Related Intuitive Delegation Become comfortable with Charge nurse
Leadership the use of delegation
Reliable Communicating with Become a role model/mentor for
providers Be part of a hospital new grad nurses
Work well in teams
(both as a leader and a
Professional ACLS certification Continue education to Masters
Nursing Level (Teaching)
Development: Subscribe to the Journal of
Organizations, the American Psychiatric Continue education to Nurse
Nurses Association Practitioner

NURS 479 Desire to better myself Confidence

Book selection and my education
Taking note of
(based on your Creativity/Originality accomplishments
strengths and

Leadership Increased knowledge Time management

Shadowing base
Experience Organization
Increased ambition
Professional Communication Planning
Activity/ Community
Service Hard-working Learning on the fly
Education: Online school for Become a preceptor (be a 1-2 years become charge 3-5 years get my Masters/DNP
degree in Psychology better delegator and nurse
Continuing Nursing
Education and/or (Bachelors/Masters/Do teacher)
plans for Higher ctorate)
ACLS certification
(increase knowledge base)
Be a part of committees
(gain insight/visibility in
the hospital)