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Okefenokee Toastmasters

Club #8269, Area 74,

Division G, District 14. Volume 9 Issue 5 May 2017 Chartered Club since 1991

Lunch Hour Meetings: Okefenokee Toastmasters meet at Okefenokee Toastmasters Club

South Georgia State College, Waycross Campus, James Dye Officers 2016-2017
Student Services Building in Room 108 on Wednesdays at President: Wayne Caffarel
VP Education: Debi Pearce
Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning ex-
VP Membership: Steve Pearce
perience in which members are empowered to develop com-
munication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self- VP Public Relations: Janice Williams
confidence and personal growth. Treasurer: Linda Zechmann
Secretary: Jason Strickland

Retweets @Oketoast Sergeant at Arms: Bud Montero

We are what we repeat- Georgia Toastmasters District
edly do. Excellence then, 14 Toastmasters Spring Confer-
is not an act, but a hab- ence: May 19-20, Crowne Plaza Ho-
it.-Aristotle tel Atlanta-Airport
Toastmasters International Con-
Excellence requires a vention: August 23-26, Vancouver,
convergence of these five Canada
areas: 1. Effort 2. En-
thusiasm 3. Ethics 4. Word Power
Evolution 5. Eloquence
The role of the Grammarian
@SatishPandya Quote of the Month at a Toastmasters meeting is
Four Core values of to bring a Word of the Week
Toastmasters Interna- Social media is an extension of com-
tional: Integrity, Re- munication from the organization to- and listen for its usage. Here
spect, Service, Excel- ward the publicsit is rooted in a are some words we have used
lence. commitment to relationships and dia- at our club meetings:
logue...a truly powerful approach to
@ThatoTsetsewa social media requires brands to con- audacious (adj.) = daring
Excellence in public nect the vision of the organization in- dauntless (adj.) = brave
speaking does not come to the social media efforts. An organi-
over night. There is lots zations social media strategy, there- ingenious (adj.) = clever, in-
of work that need to be fore, should be born out of the organi- ventive
done behind the scenes. zations mission and values. loquacious (adj.) = talkative
Social Media Campaigns by Carolyn
Mae Kim, p. 23.
Congratulations to Toastmaster Michael-Angelo James! He is the
winner of the Georgia Toastmasters Division G Table Topics Contest,
held in Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday, April 22nd. Toastmaster Mi-
chael-Angelos challenge was to listen to a quote by Mark Twain and
respond off the cuff, in two minutes, to the following question,
What are some things that you wished that you had done that you
did not do? Michael-Angelo expressed that he wished he had gained
more information before making some life decisions. He said,
Information coupled with inspiration births illumination.
Michael-Angelo, always striving to be a more effective communicator
and leader, has been a Toastmaster member for 5 months. He credits
his success at impromptu speech contests at the club, Area, and Divi-
sion levels to favor from God and his late Mom, an English teacher
and his speech mentor. He is looking forward to competing against
other Georgia Toastmasters at the District 14 Spring Conference
which will be held at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Atlanta on May 19th.

Yes, And vs Yes, But Connect and Share

Jennifer Oleniczak Brown in an article titled, Leading With
A Yes, And thinks that the improv technique yes, and can
be used as a powerful leadership and communication tool.
These are some of her points:
1. Yes, and is a leadership tool that allows for affirmation Facebook
and collaboration.
2. The yes in yes, and is to affirm the other speakers feel-
ings and show that you were listening to his or her needs. Twitter
The and in yes, and invites open communication. Add,
Lets talk about it and have a conversation about why. Website:
3. Yes, but shuts down or blocks communication. http://okefenokee.toastma
4. Yes, and is also used in creative brainstorming conversa-
Browns primary message is actively listen and pay attention
to the words you speak.
Read more: Leading With A Yes, And

The Toastmasters Brand Personality:

Helpful, Empowered, Leader, Dedicated (H.E.L.D.)

CHARTER MEMBERS: John Penland 1926-2015 (Sponsor), Andrew Slocum, Joe Gant,
Harry D. Dixon, Jr., Carolyn Morton (Akins), Phil Wysong, C.J. Broome, Paul OCain, James
C. Bunch, W.F. Stephens, Jeanette Stipe, Tom Strickland, Fred Barber, John Karew, Reuben
Flanders, E. Nash Williams, Jerri Davis, Doris Germano, Andy Spivey, Audrey West, and
Margaret Park. Compiled by Janice Williams.