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4/11/2017 20wattIntegratedAmplifierbyTDA2005

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Search Home Ampliers 20watt Integrated Amplier by TDA2005

Search 20watt Integrated Amplier by TDA2005

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This is small integrated amplier that many people link it. We use one TDA2004 or TDA2005 IC to increate
very nice sound for really beginner.
Mini Projects (255)
Inverters (30) Many of you would have made a small amplier. With low are expanding. But the sense that sound loud
not satised. Need to look for higher power ampliers.
Battery & Charger (30) This the amplier series, able to respond the demand by are expanding to 20 watt. You can adjust the
Power supply (152) volume, bass, and treble as needed, plus not too expensive.

DC converters (42) How it works

The heart of this project following as gure circuits, at number IC1 TDA2005 (and TDA2004 are used
Basic Circuits (217)
interchangeably). That is IC use for the stereo amplier, inside comprise of two op-amp that both is
Ampliers (154) connected with the bridge model for power increate up. And it can use to DC power supply 12 volt. And
importance it is able to response frequency from 35 Hz to 15 KHz.
Controls & Timers (130)
Lightings (94)
Meters & Detectors (109)
Digitals (90)
RF Oscillator (87)
DIY Electronics (41)
Alarm systems (65)
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Hobby Electronic Projects (47)

when we know IC1 (TDA2005) is sufcient, following the principles of the overall circuits. Start a input signal
will be into this circuit through the capacitor C1 Before, this signal is amplied by transistor Q1. Which
capacitors C2,C3,C6 and potentiometer VR2 adjusts the signal level or the high frequency sound.

The capacitor C4,C5 and potentiometer VR3 is dened a Level of the low frequency or bass sound. The
signals through VR1 to adjust the size of the signal to be sent enlarge, with be coupling through capacitor C8
to the input pin 1 of IC1, to Enlarge next sign.
Recent Posts This gain is set with resistors R9, R10 and R12.
Two capacitor C12 and C11 both are boost trapping to low frequency.
IC 4060 Timer project C17 is a feed back) and set the low frequency.
C14,R8 and C18,R13 are Prevent high frequency modulating oscillator.
5-30 minuts timer circuit using IC
The output of this circuit at pin 8 and pin 10 of IC1.
5LED Chaser-potentiometer using
The Button become Toggle Switch
using Arduino
Adjustable LED asher-rst
potentiometer using Arduino

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Aberdeen, MD

Electrical Engineer 1/5
4/11/2017 20wattIntegratedAmplifierbyTDA2005
Electrical Engineer
DynCorp International
Home Easy Electronic Projects Simple Circuits Ampliers with PCB Inverter Circuits Power Supplies More !
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
The power supply of this project we use +DC12V. If you do not have may will a power supply for their own
Electrical Engineer use. As shown the Second Circuit that is simple circuit have the transformer Lower voltage 220VAC down to
Honda 12VAC and use the diode to connected in bridge rectier is convert the ACV to DCV , by capacitor C1 to lter
Panasonic To help smooth the DC voltage. The capacitor C2 reduces noise caused by high frequency.
Peachtree City, GA
How to build
Missile Defense You soldering electronic components onto the PCB layout.
Systems Engineer /
Orlando, Florida
My son clean the legs of electronic components. To can solder them easier and good.
Lockheed Martin
Tampa, FL
Cleaning the pin of electronics components
Electrical Engineer II
Lakeville, MN

Senior Electrical
Parsons Corporation
Atlanta, GA

Systems Engineer
Lockheed Martin
Hill Air Force Base, UT

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Starting from power lines, followed by a slower device, the resistor, capacitor, transistor and important IC1.

First solder components of 20W Amplier PCB

Check the connector of the device as well Do not use the soldering iron tip and soak the feet for too long a
device, the device may will damaged.
The heat sink of IC1 should be sized appropriately. (Not too small), the IC1 screw tightly.
Another important thing are Tech of the shield or the ground. If a metal such as the potentiometer and the
body of the IC, body should be connected to ground, preventing interference well.

Testing 20watt Integrated Amplier project

He is testing this project as 20watt Integrated Amplier by TDA2005.

He use the old small speaker in 8 oms size so well sound for mini rooms.

Note: 2/5
4/11/2017 20wattIntegratedAmplifierbyTDA2005

Home Easy Electronic Projects Simple Circuits Ampliers with PCB Inverter Circuits Power Supplies More !

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July 31, 2013 G Venkateswaran
can this be used as an active subwoofer?
I want the PCB for TDA2004. Being at at Chennai, Tamil Nadu India. Where can I get it?
i shall be thankful. 3/5
4/11/2017 20wattIntegratedAmplifierbyTDA2005
i shall be thankful.

Home Easy Electronic Projects Simple Circuits GVHarid

Ampliers with PCB Inverter Circuits Power Supplies More !

March 24, 2014 Amoo shahrokh

Iv just made the circuit,it works realy good the sound is great,thank you very much .

April 4, 2014 daniel

Can this work with a TDA2009? Thank you.

May 9, 2014 Rajesh Kinningar

Hai Im Rajesh I Asking A Question You Will Giving Real Circuit? This Question Asking To Clear
My Dout Please Answer Me Thanking You.

May 19, 2014 godson

thanks for your projects

May 29, 2014 admin

Thanks for your feed back.

June 24, 2014 vasudev

does it work properly

June 25, 2014 momename

Yes, you can do it worked sure.
Thanks your feedback.

October 6, 2014 macky

can i use a 120 watts 8 ohms speaker on the amplier??

October 6, 2014 momename

Hi, macky
Thanks for your feedback.
Yes, you can.

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4/11/2017 20wattIntegratedAmplifierbyTDA2005

Home Easy Electronic Projects Simple Circuits Ampliers with PCB Inverter Circuits Power Supplies More !


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