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Project 4.

Report for Administrative Internship
Project Title: Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Fierce Conversations – October 14, 2016

Meeting with Mentor:
I met with my mentor in order to determine the best way to gather
data for this project on: Thursday, October 13. The conflict
conversation was on Friday, October 14.

Team (Beach Ball Conversations)

Agenda of Meeting
1. Welcome (1 minute)
2. Pass out papers – go over issue, significance, ideal outcomes,
help from group. (5 minutes)
3. Share perspectives (5 minutes)
4. Jot down what they would do if they were in my shoes and share
out (5 minutes)
5. Next steps (2 minutes)
6. Closing (1 minute)

Objectives: Principles:
 Interrogate Reality  Interrogate reality
 Provoke Learning  Come out from behind yourself, into
 Enrich Relationships the conversation, and make it real
 Comments:  Be here, prepared to be nowhere else
 Tackle your toughest challenge today
 Obey your instincts
 Take responsibilities for your
emotional wake
 Let silence do the heavy lifting

Issues Preparation Form

The issue is: There are many people supporting our
students, but supporting using different
models and theory. With the little time we
are given, it is challenging to make sure we
are all on the same page and working as
the best functioning team. It is
overwhelming to have multiple people
coming at me saying different things or not
seeing whole picture. (being one on one
support and teaching whole class or
supporting others)
It’s significant because: The way we support our children directly
relates to their academic success and their
feelings towards school.
My ideal outcome is: The way we support I… and our other
students looks the same across teachers &
support staff. For example using visual
cues and holding him to same

Behavior deans and classroom teachers
work together with the Responsive
Classroom backbone to support our
children and each other. We need to be on
the same page with how we deal with
disruptive behaviors. The feedback I get
from my coaches, which I try to
implement, does not match the feedback I
get from behavior supports. (recess, calling
out students)

A feeling of cohesiveness and support with
our team to best support our students.
Relevant background As of today, M. is in Chelsea’s room.
During the past week, Shoshana and Jillian
have been using a 1 teach 1 assist co-
teaching model we plan to keep doing this
for a couple more weeks till we feel our
students can work more independently.
MRP wants us be using all 7 co-teaching
What I have done up to Class
this point: Co-plan with for math with Jeanne and
discussed specific plan for how to support
A…., Is….. and I….
Implement behavior cue visuals and Envoy
techniques for class.

Use RC approach.
Teach Second Step and refer to teaching
throughout the week.

Take data to track times students leave the

Coached I.A. and come to an
understanding of her “good.”

Communicated strengths and concerns
with mom. Invited mom into classroom to

Attempted Restorative talks with A…

Accommodate A. by keeping close
proximity with A. as much as possible.

Allow A. to use alternative materials or sit
away from group.

Met with grandparents last week to start
brainstorming goals for A.

Worked with Marina and grandma to make
sure A. is signed up to receive GAP

Sandy (Psychologist) observed A. and we

Met with Gina to go over how to use tools
for I; Shared information with Tiffany,
Colleen and Andrea (AE’s)

Batman Reward system.

Have called dad multiple times and have
met with dad, Gina and Hannah to go over
IEP goals.

Options to considering: Set up a weekly time to check in about I
and A, include support staff. If given
suggestions share with whole group so we
are all on the same page.

Continue working with Sandy and Marina
and grandparents of A. to progress monitor
behavior goals.

Work with Behavior Deans to check in
about coaching and fix it plans with
The help I want from the Discussing if this is doable and finding a
group is: time that this discussion could take place.
Could also meet in virtual world.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?

***During this time everyone had the opportunity to share with the
teacher. She was writing notes.

Debrief with mentor

I debriefed with my mentor principal on Friday October 14,
immediately after the conversations, he wants to make sure I check
with teacher once a week, to make sure the plan is working.

After this meeting, they have been meeting monthly with updates
from the teacher and making changes. The behaviors in this class are
improving but every day is a new challenge.
Park Board- Green Central Collaboration Meeting
Friday, January 6th, 2017
Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Meeting with Mentor:
I met with my mentor in order to determine the best way to gather
data for this project on: Friday, October 14 during our admin check – in
meeting at 9:30. The conflict conversation was the same day. We
agreed that I’d be a listener and learn from their conversations.

 We will agree on use of space at dismissal
 We will continue to deepen a positive relationship with the Park
Board and Green Central

1. Common Understanding (10 minutes)
a. We serve the same community and want to serve them with
quality programming
b. We share space and need to make decisions collaboratively,
sometimes involving compromise
c. What does the contract say and how do we follow that?

2. Context (10 minutes) – Matt and Cindy

3. Green Central Proposal (5 minutes)

4. Park Board Response (5 minutes)
5. Next steps (5 minutes)
a. If we have not come to an agreement, the concern will go on
to Tyrize Cox (MPRB) and Mark Bollinger (MPS)
b. Can we come to an agreement today?

Conflict Summary

We decided as a school to move dismissal into the gym in order to 1)
reduce congestion in front of the main office and 2) contain our
students in one safe place. This was done without consulting the Park
Board because we assumed we had the right to this space until park
programming began (3PM). Cindy (Park Board coordinator) also gave
us permission last year for parent sign-out to be in front of her door so
we assumed this slight shift wouldn’t cause any problems.

Cindy did have concerns about the “chaos” of dismissal and the fact
that her staff and clients couldn’t access the gym during this time
from their front entrance. We met first with Cindy and could not come
to a resolution so we told her we would continue to find a solution that
worked for everyone. Cindy then moved our dismissal to the other
door without consulting us, and as a right now our dismissal remains
at that door. We then met her supervisor and still could not come to a
resolution. The matter is still unresolved as we wait for the decision
makers in the next step of the process outlined in the contract to meet
and get back to us.

Debrief with mentor

I debriefed with my mentor principal, immediately after the
conversation, and he asked for my feedback about the situation. I told
him that in my opinion and from what I heard, he was making
decisions and advocating for our students and families. I learned a lot
form this situation and now I know how I will react if a situation like
this happens to me as an administrator.