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Time Allowed: Two Hours Maximum Marks:60
This booklet contains 9 pages. Do not open this Test Booklet until you are
asked to do so

Important Instructions:

1 The answer sheet is inside this Test Booklet. When you are directed to open the
test booklet, take out the answer sheet and fill in the particulars on side-1 and
side-2 carefully with blue/black ball point pen only.
2 The Test Booklet contains 60 questions divided into three sections A, B and C. A
candidate is required to attempt all the three sections. There are 24
questions in section A, 18 questions each in sections B and C.
3 All the three sections contain Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Some of the
questions are passage based MCQs whereas others are standalone MCQs.
Each of these questions have four options out of which only ONE option is
correct. A candidate has to select the correct option and fill the corresponding
number in the answer sheet against the question.
4 Each question carries one mark. For each correct response, the candidate
will be given one mark. There is no negative marking for any of the
questions and un attempted question earns no mark.
5 On completion of the test, the candidate MUST HANDOVER THE ANSWER SHEET
TO THE INVIGILATOR in the room/hall. The candidates are allowed to take away
this Test Booklet with them.
6 The candidates should not leave the examination hall without handing
over their answer sheet to the Invigilator on duty and sign the
attendance sheet. Cases where a candidate has not signed the
attendance sheet or the answer sheet has not been handed over shall
be dealt as an unfair means case.
7 Use blue/black ball point pen only for writing particulars on this page
and writing or marking responses on answer sheet.
8 The candidates should ensure that the answer sheet is not folded or damaged.
Do not make any stray marks on the answer sheet.
9 The candidates are governed by all rules and regulations of the board
with regard to their conduct in the examination hall. All cases of unfair
means will be dealt with as per rules and regulations of the board.

Roll No :

Candidates Name:

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NOTE: This section of the question paper contains 24 questions

in English Language. A student is required to attempt all the 24

(Question1-6): Read the passage carefully and choose the

option you consider the most appropriate for the question:

I used to look forward the holidays. I was usually sent to my uncles

house where I taught his children. I did not get paid salary for this. What I
received in return however, was far more valuable. My uncle was an avid
reader. During the time I spent with his family, I had an opportunity to
read the vast collection of books and magazines that he possessed. This
improved my English to some extent. Reading became my new hobby
Instead of spending my pocket money on a ticket to the cinema, I began
to buy books. This has benefitted me greatly.

Q1. The passage could be best described as

a) a debate b) a moral story c) a complaint d)an


Q2. I did not get paid a salary for this. What I received in return
however was far more valuable.

What does the preceding statement imply?

a) That the author regretted not getting salary for what he did.
b) The salary must always be given in return for a job done.
c) That the author received something more worth while than the
salary he should have been paid in return for a job done.
d) That there is nothing like a salary having been paid.

Q3. The author accepts that reading has benefitted him greatly,
therefore it follows that his uncle having been an avid reader.

a) Was himself greatly benefitted.

b) Was not at all benefitted.
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c) has only wasted his time.
d) Should have gone to watch movies instead.

Q4. According to the passage

a) Reading helped the author only to improve his English language

b) Reading helped the author to develop the well-rounded
personality besides improving his English language skills.
c) Reading helped the author to teach his uncles children.
d) Reading helped the author realize the importance of literature.

Q5. Which of the following statements is true in the context of the


a) The authors uncle did not have children.

b) The author did not like spending his holidays at his/her uncles
c) Time spent by the author at his uncles place was not fruitful.
d) The books and the magazines that the authors uncle read were
well- kept for further reading.

Q6. Spending ones pocket money on buying books for reading is a

more sound investment than spending on a ticket to the cinema.

a) True b) Probably True c)False d)Probably False

(Qusetion 7 14). Complete the following passage using the

correct form of the word given in brackets:

Rekha _____________ (i)( wait) at the front door of her friends house. Her
friend ____________ (ii) (watering) the plants in the garden, while Rekha
____________ (iii) (ring) the front door bell. Her mother _______________ (iv)
(cook) in the kitchen and her younger sister _____________(v) (play) in the
park. Their father _____________ (vi) (read) the news paper in the study
and Rekhas brother ______________(vii) (shop) in the market. After a
while, the maid who _____________(viii) (sweep) the rooms saw her friend
and asked her to come in.
(7) (a) waited (b) was waiting(c) had waited (d) waits
(8) (a) waters (b) watering (c) was watering
(d) watered

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(9) (a) ringed (b) was ringing (c) had rung (d) had
been ringing
(10) (a) was cooking (b) had been cooking (c) cooked (d) cooks
(11) (a) plays (b) was playing (c) is played (d) had
(12) (a) had read (b) has read (c) was read (d) was
(13) (a)shopped (b) had shopped (c) was shopping (d) had
been shopping
(14) (a) swept (b) sweeps (c) has swept (d) was sweeping
(Qusetion 15 18). Substitute a single word for the bold
words in the passage:

Although my parents tremendously like the doctor (15) from the first
moment that they saw him and felt very proud to have him to come
and play for us they did not (16)understand the full importance of
what a (17) truly great man one day to become. If you were to go to
that little house in Puddleby , where my father had his cobblers shop,
you would see in the wall over the old fashioned door (18) a stone with
writing on it which says : John. Doolittle, the famous authority on
animals played the flute in his house in the year 1839.

Q15. (a) spontaneously (b) instantly (c) continuously (d)


Q16. (a) measure (b)gauge (c)weigh (d)support

Q17. (a) leader (b)politician (c)genius (d)ignoramus

Q18. (a) subscription (b)engraving (c)inscription (d) wall


(Question 19-20). Tick the correct antonyms for the bold words:

Q19. Celebrity: (a) hero (b)heroin (c) nonentity (d)unknown

Q20. Goodwill: (a) illness (b) indifference(c) hatred (d)malice

(Question 21-22). Tick the correct spelling from the words given

Q21. i)Emperor ii) amperor iii)imperor iv) empirour

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Q22. i) hached ii)hutched iii)hatshed iv)hatched

(Question 23-24). Choose the most suitable option form each


Q23. _____________ is the verb form of able.

a) Unable b) disable c) enable d) capable

Q24. Complete the idiom: to leave no _____________ unturned.

a) Stone b) pebble c) rock d) granule


Read the following passage and answer the questions.

After independence in 1947, India faced a series of challenges like,

problem of refugees and the princely states, adoption of political system,
division of Indian society and problem of development which could be
addressed only by increasing the productivity of agriculture and creating
jobs by setting up Industries.
Our constitution was adopted on 26th January 1950.By the constitution
Universal Adult franchise or voting rights was given to all citizens above
the age of 21. The constitution guaranteed equality before the law to all
its citizens.Untouchability was abolished and both SC and ST were given
reservation in seats and jobs. Powers of central and state government
were defined by proving three lists- Union list, State list and concurrent
list. Hindi was made the official language and English became the
language of communication.
Both Nehru and Patel were against the creation of linguisitic states, but in
1956 provinces were redrawn on the basis of languages.In 1950 the
Planning Commission designed plicies for economic development.

Q25)A challenge is
a)solution b)problem
c)change c)religion

Q26)Increasing productivity of agriculture and setting up of Industries

would help in
a)getting more plants b) development of the nation

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c)voting rights d)refugees

Q27)Reservation policy was created to provide jobs for

a)SC/ST b)all people
c)princely states d)Religious people

Q28)States in India are divided on the basis of of-

a)population b)religion
c)language d)caste

Q29)The term Franchise refers to-

a)voting rights b)adoption of laws
c)challenges d)reservations
Q30)Constitution guarantees equality before the law to its citizen.This
can be seen in-
a)Untouchability b)Universal Adult Franchise
c) division of India d)Refugees

Q31)The three Lists Union list ,State list ,and Concurrent list were made
for the purpose of
a)power sharing b)linguistic group
c) Division of Indian Society d)Job reservation

Q32)What Institution was set up in 1950 for Economic development of

the country-
a)linguistic states b)Planning Commission
c)Constitution d)Society

Read the following passages to answer the questions that follow them .
About 300 million years ago the earth had dense forests in low lying
wetland areas . Due to natural processes , like flooding , these forests got
buried under the soil . As more soil got deposited over them , they were
compressed . The temperature also rose as they sank deeper and deeper
. Under high pressure and high temperature, the dead plants got slowly
converted .

Q33). What did the dead plants transform into ?

a) iron b) coal c) petroleum d) all the above
Q34). Name the slow process involved in this conversion of dead
vegetation into this fossil fuel .
a) calcination b) catenation c) sublimation d) carbonisation

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A fossil fuel was formed from organisms living in the sea . As these
organisms died , their bodies settled at the bottom of the sea and got
covered with layers of sand and clay . Over millions of years , absence of
air , high temperature and high pressure transformed the dead organisms
into this fossil fuel .In India, the Petroleum Conservation Research
Association(PCRA) advices people how to save petrol, diesel while

Q35). Name the fossil fuel formed

a) petroleum b) calcium c) coke d) naphtha .
Q36). Name the place where the crude petroleum is refined
a) grig b) petroleum refinery c) silo d) granary
Q37). The tips given by PCRA are
i. drive at a constant and moderate speed
ii. switch off the engine at traffic lights
iii. ensure correct tire pressure
iv. ensure regular maintenance of the vehicle
the correct statements are
a) I and iv b) ii and iii c) I,ii and iii d) i, ii, iii and iv
Q38). . Look at the sketches given below, understand and attempt the

The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic changes is

a) ecdysis b) fertilization c) metamorphosis d) none of the above
Q39). Choose the correct statement about inflammable substances from
the following.
They have:
(a) low ignition temperature and cannot catch fire easily.
(b) high ignition temperature and can catch fire easily.
(c) low ignition temperature and can catch fire easily.
(d) high ignition temperature and cannot catch fire easily.
Q40). Which of the following statements is correct regarding rods and
cones in the human eye?
(a) Cones are sensitive to dim light.
(b) Cones are sensitive to bright light.
(c) Rods are sensitive to bright light.
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(d) Rods can sense colour.
Q41). The image if an object formed by a plane mirror is
i. erect ii. Of the same size iii. at the same distance behind the
mirror as the object in front of it . iv. obtained on the screen
the correct answers are
a) i), ii) and iii) b) I,ii, iii and iv c) I and iv d) ii and iii
Q42. The science of extracting metals from their ores and purifying them
is known as
a) eradication b) estimation c) extraction d) metallurgy

Q43)Meenu wants to find a rational number for decimal 0.789.

Which one do you think is the correct rational number?

789 789 7.89 789

a) 100 b) 1000 c) 1000 d) 10000

Q44)Ramesh divides a negative integer by 0.the result will be

a) a positive rational number
b) a positive rational number
c) either a positive or a negative rational number
d) not a rational number

Q45)Aamir buys a rectangular piece of land whose length and breadth

are in the ratio 5:3.The fencing of the land cost him Rs. 960 at
Rs.5/m.Find the area of the land
a)2144 m b)2160 m2 c)2666 m2 d)2888 m2

Q46)Which is the natural number whose square is equal to its cube?

a) 0 b) 1 c) 2 d) -1

Q47)The sum of ages of Anus father and Jerrys father is 100years.

Anus father is four years older to Jerrys father. Two years later Jerrys
father will be_______ years old.
a)48 b)50 c)52 d)54

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Q48)The smallest number that must be subtracted from 125 to make
it a perfect square will be
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4

Q49)A building has 144 cylindrical pillars, all of the same size.If the
diameter of each pillar is 2m and each has a height of 2 cm, find the
volume bound in each of the pillars?
a) 22 m b)3168 m3 c)152 m3 d)154 m3

Q50)If 8x+1 = 4x+1,then x is

a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3

Q51)Hari borrowed a sum of Rs 1000 at 105 p.a compounded semi-

annually in April 2011. What was the full and final amount that he
paid back in April 2012?
a) Rs 1102.50 b) Rs1125 c)Rs1120.50 d)Rs1175

Q52)Sahar, glass makers has cut a piece of glass. He wants to check if

the glass is now exactly in the shape of a rectangle. Which one of the
following will be th correct method
a) Opposite sides equal and parallel
b) Diagonals are equal in length
c) Diagonals form four congruent triangles
d) All angles are exactly 90degree.

Q53)The quadrilateral formed by joining two congruent triangle along

one of the equal sides will be
I. Square II. Rectangle III. Parallelogram IV. Rhombus
a)Only I b)Only I, II& III c)Only II and IVd)Any

Q54)The length of each side of a dice is 1.5cm. the volume of the dice
will be
a) 3.375 cm 3 b) 3.575 cm3 c) 3.775 cm 3 d) 3.875
Q55)A piece of cloth, square in shape has an area of 676 cm . Find
the length of each of its diagonals?
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a) 26 cm b) 26 2 c) 28 cm d)
30 cm

Q56)If 52 * is a multiple of 9, then what is the value of *?

a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6

Q57)Raghav wants to find the square of 103 using identities. Please

help him out finding the same
a)10609 b) 10909 c) 10999 d) 10103
Q58)An office requires 15 printers to print 23130 pages in 1 day. Due
to major problem,it coold not arrange for 10 printers. So they had to
manage with 5 printers. How many days will the company now require
to print the given number of pages.
a) 2 days b) 3 days c) 4 days d) 5 days

Q59)A mess has enough food to feed 10 people for 6 days. How long
will the food last it there were 5 more people?
4 days b) 5 days c) 3 days d) 2

Q60)The following pictogram shows the number of

Engineers,Chartered Accountants,Lawyers and MBAs working for ABC
Pvt Ltd.
Profession Number Of Employees
Chartered Accountants
= 8 employees
1) What is the total number of employees working for ABC pvt
a)192 b)200 c)208 d)216
2) What % of employees working for ABC pvt ltd are chartered
a)12.5% b)14% c)14.4% d)15.5%

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