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Maria MA

21A (5/6) James

Six Sentence Science Rubric 27/35

You have created a very interesting and tragic story told from the perspective of an
island. This shows you have good imagination and have thought about the problems a
pacific island might be facing.
Your description of how the island formed shows you have a good understanding of the
way volcanoes create land which can eventually be inhabited by plants and animals.
Introduce main character Interesting sentence beginning. Character is named
and reader very quickly learns something about this
Setting Setting clearly described and interesting. Has
something to do with the story. Uses some scientific
description and words.
Describes characters talent/attribute Reader strongly identifies with the character because
of the sentence construction and the comprehensive
detail provided.
Describes problem Problem well defined and developed. Includes a
connection to science ideas.
Describes how the character feels about the Describes, rather than tells how the character is
problem feeling. Some use of descriptive words and phrases.

Describes how problem is solved Interesting conclusion that satisfies the questions
raised in the story.
Spelling/Grammar Several errors in spelling and/or grammar but these
do not negatively impact on the reader.

Six Sentence Science Rubric 22/03/17

Very interesting
Interesting Uninteresting
sentence Appropriate
sentence sentence
beginning. sentence
beginning. beginning.
Character is beginning.
Introduce main Character is Character is
named and reader Character is Not done
character named and reader named and little or
very quickly learns named and some
very quickly learns no detail is
something detail is provided
something about provided about
important about about character.
this character. character.
this character.

Setting clearly
Vivid description
described and
of setting. Setting Little or no
interesting. Has Some description
identifiable and an description of
something to do of setting. Minimal
integral part of the setting. Setting
Setting with the story. detail provided. Not done
story. Uses doesnt match
Uses some Basic science
detailed scientific story. No science
scientific ideas added.
descriptions and ideas included.
description and

Reader strongly Reader has

Reader strongly Reader identifies
identifies with the difficulty
identifies with the with the character
character because identifying with the
Describes character because because of the
of the sentence character because
characters of the sentence sentence Not done
construction and of the sentence
talent/attribute construction and construction and
the construction and
the detail the detail
comprehensive the lack of detail
provided. provided.
detail provided. provided.

Problem well Problem is defined
problem. Reader No problem
defined and but contains a
identifies with defined or has
Describes developed. minimal amount of
problem. It very little detail. Not done
problem Includes a detail. Basic
connects with No connection to
connection to connection to
strongly with science.
science ideas. science.
science ideas.

Describes, rather Describes, rather Describes, rather

Tells how the
than tells how the than tells how the than tells how the
Describes how character is
character is character is character is
the character feeling. Little or
feeling. Excellent feeling. Good use feeling. Some use Not done
feels about the no use of
use of descriptive of descriptive of descriptive
problem descriptive words
words and words and words and
and phrases.
phrases. phrases. phrases.

Conclusion Interesting
completes the No conclusion or
Describes how perfectly conclusion that
story, however the conclusion is
problem is completes the satisfies the Not done
more detail could unrelated to the
solved story. Reader feels questions raised
have been story.
like cheering. in the story.
Several errors in
Many errors in
spelling and/or
Spelling and Only a few errors spelling and/or
Spelling/ grammar but
grammar are in spelling and/or grammar, which Not done
Grammar these do not
nearly perfect. grammar. makes the story
negatively impact
difficult to read.
on the reader.

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