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t ) Two point charges + 8q and - 2q are located at x 0 and lt =

L respectively. The =
location of a point on the x axis at which the net electric field due to these two point
charges is zero is
(a) Ll4 (b) 2L (c) 4L (d) 8L

2 ) Two thin wire rings each having a radius R are placed at a distance their
axes coinciding. The charges on the two rings are + q and - q. The
between the centres of the two rings is

(a)-q- 1
1 qR q 1
IbI I c I R (d) zero
I AIEEE 2005 I
3 J A parallel plate capacitor is made by stacking n n... plates connected
alternatively. If the capacitance between any two is 'C', then the resultant
capacitance Is
(a)(n+1)C (b}(n-1}C C I AIEEE 2005 I

4) A charged ball B hangs from a silk h. makes an angle & +

with a large conducting sheet P, as sho in figure. The surface
charge density o of the sheet is pr to

(a) cot&
( b 1 cos e
( c) tan &
(d I

(d I AIEEE 2005]

6) B and C having equal radii and carrying equal charges in them

force F when kept apart at some distance. A third spherical
r having same radius as that of B but uncharged, is brought in contact with B,
brought in contact with C and finally removed away from both. The new force of
lsi on between B and C is
aI FI4 ( b I 3 FI4 (cI FI8 ( dI 3 FI 8 I AIEEE 2004 ]
A charged particle q is shot towards another charged particle Q, which is fixed, with a
speed v. It approaches Q upto a closest distance r and then returns. If q was given a

speed 2v, the closest distance of approach would be

q ===-+Q
(a) r (b) 2r (c) rl2 (d) rl4 I AIEEE 2004 ]
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8I Four charges equal to -Q are placed at the four corners of the square and a charge q
Is at its centre. If the system is In equilibrium, the value of q is

(a } - Q It + 2./2} (bI ( 1 + 2./2 I I c I - ( 1 + 2./2 I Id I

4 4 2

9} Three charges -q1, +q2 and -q3 are placed as

shown in the figure. The x-component of the y
force on -q1 is proportional to
( a 1 q 2 - q 3 sin 9 ( b } q 2 - q 3 cos 9
b2 a2 b2 a2

( c 1 q2 + q 3 sine ( d 1 q 2 + q 3 sin 9
b2 a2 b2 a2

[ AIEEE 2003 ] )(

10 I A charge Q is placed
P at a distance R /2 from

2Q q
4ll"t:,R 4,.;t:,R
I AIEEE 2003 I

respectively, the

I AIEEE 2003 I

12 1 The work done condenser of capacity

I AIEEE 2003 ]

is introduced between the plates of a

(d I remains unchanged
I AIEEE 2003 I

of a cube, the magnitude of flux through one of Its

(d) 6q/e. [ AIEEE 2003 I

15 1 A charged capacitor is discharged by using a wire and equation of decreasing charge in
wire is q =
0.1 elt coulomb. The current in the wire at t 2 sec will be =
6 6 6 8
(a 1 0.1/e ( b 1 0.3/e ( c 1 0.5/e ( d 1 0.7/e [AIEEE 2002)

16 1 If n capacitors each of capacitance C are connected in series with a battery of V volt,

then the energy stored in all the capacitors will be
2 2 2 2
(a} nCV ( b} nCV /4 ( c I nCV /2 ( d I CV /2n [ AIEEE 2002]
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t7 ) A conducting sphere of radius 10 em is charged with 10 ).IC. Another uncharged sphere

of radius 20 em is allowed to touch it for some time. If both the spheres are separated,
then surface density of the charges on the spheres will be in the ratio of
(a) 1:4 (b) 4:1 (e) 1:2 (d) 2:1 (

18 I Sixty four equal charged drops are combined to form a big drop. I ial on
each drop is 10 volt, then the potential of the big drop wIll be
(a) 10V (b) 40V (c) 160V (d) 640V 2002)

19 ) Three large charged sheets are having surface charge .A

density as shown in the figure. The sheets are placed k

parallel to XV plane. Then electric field at point P will be 0
z = 3a p
a k (b)
a k + -2 o
o o ---,,---,--+----
z =a
2 (J k
2 (J k
(c) (d I
Eo Eo z=0

20 ) Consider the charge configuration Gaussian surface

as shown in the figure. When flux of the electric
field over the spherical surface, due to
(a ) q2 (bI
( c ) all the charges ( d
.u (liT 2004 I

21 ) Six charges, three and three negative, of equal

such that the e e at 0 is double the electric field when

only one positiv e of the same magnitude is placed at R. U o R
Which of e folio 1ng arrangement of charges Is possible for
P, Q, R, T d respectively 7
(a) (b)+,-,+,-,+,-

(c ( d } -, +, +, -, +, - )liT 2004 J

shell has a point charge ' q ' kept inside its cavity. Which one of the
owing diagrams correctly represents the electric lines of forces ?

(a I

(liT 2003 J
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23 ) Two equal point charges are fixed at x " -a and x " + a on the X-axis. Another point
charge Q is placed at the origin. The change in the electrical potential energy of Q,
when it is displaced by a small distance x along the X-axis, is approximately
proportional to
2 3
I aI x Ib I x IcI x Id I 1 I x
24 ) Two identical C. One of th

I liT 2002 J

25' of an equilateral

J ' ).
I /
:"" : II / I '
.: /

(a) (c) (d)

I liT 2001 J
26 I capacitor A has a charge q on it
the capacitor B a long time after the

(c' q I d I 2q
[liT 2001 }
q +
- - + .1----------1
electric field pointing in positive X-dlrection exists in a region. Let A be the
be the point on the X-axis at x =
+1 em and C be the point on the Y-axis at
em. Then the potentials at A, B and C satisfy
VA< VB (b) VA> VB (c) VA< Vc (d) VA> Vc [liT 2001}

Three charges Q, + q and + q are placed at the vertices of Q

a right-angled isosceles triangle as shown in the figure. The
net electrostatic energy of the configuration is zero if Q is
equal to

(a) - q (b) - 2q I c I - 2q (d) +q

1 + J2 2 + J2
I liT 2ooo I
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29 I A parallel plate capacitor of area A, plate separation d and capacitance C is fitted

with three different dielectric constants k1, k2 and k3 as shown in the figure. If a single
dielectric material is to be used to have the same capacitance C In this capacitor, then
its dielectric constant k is given by
1 1 1 1
(a I =-+-+
k k1 k2
1 1
IbI "'
k k1 + k2
kt k2
IcI k "' + 2 k 3
kt ... k2
kt k3 A
(d) k "' +
kt ... k2

30 I nd 02 ( < Q, ) respectively. If
plate capacitor with capacitance

[liT 1999]

31 I

Ct = Z pF

[liT 1999]

density at A =
charge density at A
:enltial at A =
potential at B
electric field flux through the surface f the cavity is q I o [liT 1999 J

A dielectric slab of thickness d is inserted in a parallel plate capacitor whose negative

plate is at x =
0 and positive plate is at x =
3d. The slab is equidistant from the
plates. The capacitor is given some charge. As lt goes from 0 to 3d,
( a ) the magnitude of the electric field remains the same
( b ) the direction of the electric field remains the same
( c ) the electric potential increases continuously
( d ) the electric potential increases at first, then decreases and again increases
[liT 1998]
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34 I A charge + q is fixed at each of the points x =

xo, x =
3xo, x = Sxo, ... , "' on
X-axis and a charge of - q is fixed at each of the points x 2xo, x = 4xo, x= =
... , 00 Here, xo is a positive constant. Take the electric: potential at a poi t due to a
charge Q at a distance r from it to be Then the potential a n due
4 11 Eo r
to the above system of charges is

(a) 0 (b} q
SEo xo ln2
(c) oo (d) qln
4JrEo xo
0 [liT 1998)

35 I

( a ) increases as r increases for r < R

( b ) decreases as r increases for 0 < r < ..,
( c ) decreases as r increases for R < r < Qe,
A non-conducting solid sphere of radius R is uniformly c h a r v e magn !tude of the
electric field due to the sphere at a distance r from its centre
( d ) Is discontinuous ar r =R [liT 1998)

36 I A positively charged thin metal ring of rafJJs xed in the xy plane with Its centre
at the origin 0. A negatively e is released from rest at the point
( 0, 0, z 0 ) where z 0 > 0. Then the motio f P
( a ) periodic tor all values of z0 s < z0 < a.
( b ) simple harmonic tor all val z0 atisfying 0 < z0 :S R
(c) ided z 0 R
(d } ntinues to move along the negiative z-axis towards
[Ill 1998 1

37 I In the annular region of a charged cylindrical

)liT 1996)

38 I sphere is placed in a uniform electric field.

force follow the path( s ) shown in the figure 1

2 -->-t"'---r---1-+- 2
Ib I 2 (c) 3 IdI 4 3 3
{liT 1996) 4 4
Two identical thin rings, each of radius R metres, are coaxially placed a distance R
metres apart. If Ql and Q2 coulomb are respectively the charges uniformly spread on
the two rings, the work done in moving the charge q from the centre of one ring to
that of the other is
(a) zero
( Answers at the end of all questions )

40) A parallel plate capacitor of plate area A and plate separation d is charged to potential
difference V and then the battery Is disconnected. A slab of dielectric constant k is
then inserted between the plates of the capacitor so as to fill the space between the
plates. If Q, E and W denote respectively the magnitude of charge on each plate, the
electric field between the plates ( after the slab is inserted ) and work done the
system, in question, in the process of inserting the slab, then

(a) Q = 8o AV (b) Q "' 8o kAV (c) E = }!___ (d) W = Bo

d d kd (""'f\ (liT 1991 J
41) A solid conducting sphere having a charge Q is surrounded
concentric conducting hollow spherical shell. Let the potential ef ce between the
sunace of the solid sphere and that of the outer surface of the ow be V. If the
shell Is now given a charge of - 3Q, the new between the same two
sunaces is (a 1 V (b) 2 V ( c} 4 V V [liT 1989 J

42 I Capacitor C1 of capacitance 1 JIF and capacit C2 f capacitance 2 JIF are

allowed to be discharged through s =

time t 0. Select the correct
alternative ( s ) from the given.
( a ) The currents in each case of th dl arging circuIts Is zero at t =
( b 1 The currents in the two dlsch =
uits at t 0 are equal but not zero.
( c ) The currents in the two di in lrcuits at t= 0 are unequal.
(d 1 tial charge sooner than C2 loses 50% of its

43 I

44 1 A charge q is placed at the centre of the line join lng the two equal charges Q. The
system of the three charges wIll be in equ llibrium if q is equal to
(a) - Q /2 (b) - Q I 4 ( c} + Q /4 ( d} + Q /2 {liT 1987[
( Answers at the end of all questions 1

45 1 A parallel plate capacitor is charged and the charging battery is then disconnected. If
the plates of the capacitors are moved farther apart by means of insulating handles,
( a 1 the charge on the capacitor increases
( b 1 the voltage across the plates increases
( c 1 the capacitance increases
( d 1 the electrostatic energy stored in the capacitor increases

46 1 A parallel plate capacitor is connected to a battery. The quantities

electric field and energy associated with thIs capacitor are o, Eo, and
Uo respectively. A dielectric slab is now introduced to fill th spa between the plates
with the battery still in connection. The corresponding quantitie by Q, V, E
and U are related to the previous ones as
( a I Q > Qo ( b I V > Vo I c I E > Eo d :*uo {liT t985J

47 I Two equal negative charges - q are fixed at , a 1 and ( 0, -a 1 on the

YaKiS. A positive charge Q Is released at e s e a she int ( 2a, 0 I on the Xaxls. The
charge Q will
( a 1 execute simple harmonic motion a b f t in
( b 1 move to the origin and remain at t
( c 1 move to in fin lty
( d 1 execute oscillatory but not si e nic motion [liT 1984 J

1 2 3 4 5 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
b d c c c b a d c b d d c d c

21 22 23 24 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
d c b c d d c.d b,c d a.c a,c c d b a.c,d

41 42
a b,d