Some times my artistic addictions get the better of me I get locked inside the very things that set me free My thoughts become a prisoner Ideas are wrapped in protective uniform to shield and protect from the electrical storm that’s in my mind but not in my head It’s in my bath but not in my bed Whether I open or close my eyes my inner-sense tells no lies My innocence falls and flies to a palace that eye have never seen in a place that my vision has been A familiar scene from a remembered past that had a hand in the shaping of the cast I have seen the mould I have been the sculptor I crafted this design along with the conductor Shaping tones and notes into harmonic convergent symphonies Transmitting Receiving Frequencies Sequences Fractals Perpetual motion expressed in multi-dimensions beyond our limited sight and sound Geometric shapes that rise from the ground Building blocks for curious apes Earth bound to reach to the skies Unfound until we realise.

© Verso- (D.N.Moule) 15/07/10

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