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KONE provides innovative and

eco-efcient solutions for elevators,

escalators and automatic building
doors. We support our customers
every step of the way; from design,
manufacturing and installation to
maintenance and modernization.
KONE is a global leader in helping
our customers manage the smooth
ow of people and goods throughout
their buildings.

Our commitment to customers is

present in all KONE solutions.
This makes us a reliable partner
throughout the life-cycle of the
building. We challenge the
conventional wisdom of the industry.
We are fast, exible, and we have
a well-deserved reputation as a
technology leader, with such
innovations as KONE MonoSpace
KONE MaxiSpace, and KONE
InnoTrack. You can experience these
innovations in architectural landmarks
such as the Trump Tower in Chicago,
the 30 St Mary Axe building in
London, the Schiphol Airport in
Amsterdam and the Beijing National
Grand Theatre in China.

KONE employs over 30,000 dedicated

experts to serve you globally and
locally in 49 countries.
KONE C-series
KONE Corporation

This publication is for general informational purposes only and we reserve the right at any time to alter the product design and specications. No statement this publication contains
shall be construed as a warranty or condition, express or implied, as to any product, its tness for any particular purpose, merchantability, quality or representation of the terms of
any purchase agreement. Minor differences between printed and actual colors may exist. KONE, KONE MonoSpace, KONE MiniSpace, KONE FourSeasons, KONE E-Link,
KONE EcoDisc, KONE Polaris are registered trademarks of KONE Corporation. Copyright 2008 KONE Corporation. The building interior shown on the cover page and rst spread
is designed by Kpy and Simo Paavilainen Architects. The fashion picture on page 6 is provided courtesy of Andiata, www.andiata. 1736
It takes a lot of experience to make elevator selection harmonious set of interiors, with sophisticated design,
this fast and exible. Start with your buildings colors, patterns and mood, matches any architectural
specications and people ow requirements to select context. The designer lines are Silver Sound, Metallic
the platform and elevator. Choose the interior design Magic, Color Cool, each with four variations within
that creates the ideal ambiance for your building. the KONE FourSeasons collection. This timeless design
Then select additional options to suit the specic is in touch with todays fashion trends.
requirements of your building.
Simplied choice. Flexible selection.
Fast choice. Fast elevators You can choose from our preferred offering of KONE
Its not only the selection thats fast. The KONE FourSeasons interiors. Or, you can mix and match the
C-series elevators run at up to 4 meters per second, components, giving countless design possibilities. For
making them ideal for buildings up to 60 or 70 top choice, our Executive option allows you to choose
oors. They are built on two platforms: any materials to match your lobby and landings.
the machine-room-less KONE MonoSpace and
KONE MiniSpace, which has a small machine The KONE C-series also gives you exibility in ne-
room. The smooth, comfortable ride of both tuning the functionality. We offer several accessory
platforms is due to gearless KONE EcoDisc hoisting packages that improve energy-efciency, security
technology, which saves space, saves energy, and and people ow, for example. And if the usage of
reduces lifecycle costs. your building changes, you can exibly change the
functionality of the people ow solution by adding the
Fashion for all seasons Accessibility package or the KONE Polaris destination
KONE FourSeasons is a global design concept control system.
that creates different types of seasonal ambience
in the elevator interior. This fashionable and

The right ofce elevator solution is dened by your
building specication and transportation needs. These
dene the group size elevator platform together with
the capacity of the elevators.

To meet the design standards of ofce buildings,
KONE offers a wide range of selected car interiors and
decorations easy to pick, hard to be without.

Functional options and accessories are used to ne
tune the system to support application specic needs
and maximize performance. You can rene the
selection with accessory packages such as Accessibility,
Eco-efciency or Security.

C5 C7 C9
With this recommended offering you can be sure that every Platform MonoSpace MonoSpace Special MiniSpace MonoSpace Special MiniSpace
critical feature for an ofce solution has been taken into Load kg/persons 320-1000/4-13 630-2000/8-26 630-2000/8-26 630-2000/8-26 630-2000/8-26
account. The KONE C-series preferred offering is built to
comply with European standards EN81-70 relating to disabled Max. speed (m/s) 1.6 2.5 4.0 2.5 4.0
access and can additionally be specied to comply with Max. travel (m) 40 90 150 90 150
re-related standards EN81-72 and EN81-73.
Max. no. of stops 16 36 63 36 63
Max. group size 3 6 8 6 8
Contemporary, smart casual, ready to wear. This is fashion that looks good
on all occasions, when you arrive in the morning and go out at night.
These C5 interiors are designed for low- to mid-
rise ofce buildings: efcient and business-like.
These are cost-effective solutions that offer a
wide variety of designs and materials.

Detail of C5 Spring Silver Sound (0511)

KONE MonoSpace C5
Loads: 320 to 1000 kg
Speed: up to 1.6 m/s
Summer Metallic Magic
Max. travel: 40 m
Max. no. of stops: 16
Eclipsis Globis (LF74)
brushed stainless steel
Light type: uorescent tubes (FLT) The KONE C5 series are designed to look good, day
in, day out, with contemporary vinyl oors, durable
Left and right: Asturias Satin (F) stainless steel and laminate walls.
stainless steel
Back: Murano Mirror (H) Within the KONE C5 series, there are two design lines,
mirror polished stainless steel Metallic Magic and Silver Sound, each with KONE
Front: Asturias Satin (F)
stainless steel
FourSeasons variations. These elevators are available
with KSS 470 and KSS 570 signalization systems.
Philadelphia Copper (VF6) vinyl All KONE C5 designed standard car interiors comply
with EN81-70 standards. Through type car (TTC)
KSC 471 brushed stainless steel
options are also available.
Display: amber color dot matrix

HR53 stainless steel, rounded ends

Asturias Satin (F) stainless steel
(not on front wall)
The C7 interiors: cool, sleek, sophisticated, with details in glass and stainless steel.
Pause for reection on your way to the ofce.
These interiors are at home in a mid-rise ofce
building. Smart and efcient, they are designed
for people with ambition: people who are on
their way up.

Detail of C7 Summer Metallic Magic (0761)

KONE MonoSpace Special C7

Loads: 630 to 2000 kg
Speed: up to 2.5
Max. travel: 90 m
Max. no. of stops: 36
Autumn Silver Sound KONE MiniSpace C7
0731 Loads: 630 to 2000 kg
Speed: up to 4.0 m/s
Iris Tranquilla (LF56)
Max. travel: 150 m
brushed stainless steel Max. no. of stops: 63
Light type: LED

Left and right:
Oceanside Shell (L19) laminate These KONE C7 series provide cool ambiance on your
Back: Oceanside Shell (L19) way to the top, with stylish lights, mirror polished and
with partial height glass mirror patterned stainless steel, laminate walls, and smart
Front: Asturias Satin (F) vinyl oors.
brushed stainless steel
Within the KONE C7 series, there are two design lines,
Chicago Silver (VF1) vinyl Metallic Magic and Silver Sound, each with KONE
FourSeasons variations. With these elevators you have a
CAR OPERATING PANEL choice of either surface mounted KSS 570 or sleek ush
KSC 673 brushed stainless steel mounted KSS 670 and KSS 970 signalization systems.
Display: white scrolling dot matrix
All KONE C7 designed standard car interiors comply
with EN81-70 standards. Through type car (TTC)
HR 41R stainless steel, rounded ends
options are also available.
Asturias Satin (F) stainless steel
(not on front wall)
Inspired by natural materials and tones. Like a tailored suit made from the nest fabric,
it ts perfectly and makes you look good and feel good. Enter with condence.
The C9 interiors: cool, sleek, sophisticated, details
in wood, glass and stainless steel. When you step
in from the lobby, youre at the top of the line.
Enjoy a moment of cool sophistication on your
way to the executive suite in a mid- to high-rise
head ofce.

Detail of a C9 Spring Metallic Magic (0951)

KONE MonoSpace Special C9

Loads: 630 to 2000 kg
Speed: up to 2.5 m/s
Winter Color Cool
1041 Max. travel: 90 m
Max. no. of stops: 36
Iris Tranquilla (LF56)
KONE MiniSpace C9
brushed stainless stee
Light type: LED Loads: 630 to 2000 kg
Speed: up to 4.0 m/s
WALL COMBINATION (GC4) Max. travel: 150 m
Left and right walls: Asturias Satin (F)
stainless steel
Max. no. of stops: 63
Back: Manhattan Glaze (GW4) glass
Glass panel frames: Asturias Satin (F)
stainless steel
Front: Asturias Satin (F) stainless steel The KONE C9 series interiors are for those who have
arrived. Surround yourself with luxury, elegant LED
FLOOR lights, mirror polished and textured stainless steel walls,
Diorite Black (SF2) composite stone glass walls and stone oors. These smart interiors can be
equipped with signalization systems ranging from KSS
KSC 973 brushed stainless steel
Display: black and white LCD
The design lines for the KONE C9 series are Color
Cool with wood veneer and Glass, each with KONE
HR 41R stainless steel, rounded ends
FourSeasons variations.

SKIRTING All KONE C9 designed standard car interiors comply with

Asturias Satin (F) stainless steel EN81-70 standards. Through type car (TTC) options are
(not on front wall) also available.
If you cant nd exactly what youre looking KONE Executive rises to the
for from our KONE FourSeasons interiors, top oor in sophistication and
you can replace elements with alternatives performance. White marble
from the range. Select ceilings, walls, doors, in the lobby oor? Walnut
mirrors, and other accessories. There are paneling in the executive suite?
thousands of possible combinations. Design a unique elevator interior
to match the dcor of your
building. Choose the material
and well build an elevator.

KONE MonoSpace Special Executive

Loads: 630 - 1800 kg
Speed: up to 2.5 m/s
Max. travel: 120 m
Max. no. of stops: 36

KONE MiniSpace Executive

Loads: 630 - 1800 kg
Speed: up to 6 m/s
Max. travel: 250 m
Max. no. of stops: 63

Eco-efciency package Accessibility package

KONE is a pioneer in regenerative systems, which This package ensures that the elevator meets the
can recover 90% of the braking energy back into requirements of EN81-70, the European standard
the network. Over the lifetime of the elevator, for elevator usage by people with disabilities. The
the energy savings can be considerable. LED curtain of light door safety device immediately
lights last much longer than halogen lights and stops and re-opens closing elevator doors.
can be combined with standby lightning and
ventilation to further increase energy savings.

Eco-efciency package Accessibility package

C5 C7 C9 C5 C7 C9
Better people ow and Complete management of LED* U U U EN81-70 U U U
0!33%.'%2#/.6%.)%.#% 9/52%,%6!4/23!.$%3#!,!4/23 OCL A U U U ACL U U U
MLB n/a n/a U
EN81-70 European accessibility standard for people with disabilities
COL Curtain of light
* Note: LED lights only available with LF84 Astra Aetherna, LF56 Iris
KONE Polaris KONE E-Link ACL Automatic, accurate re-levelling of car
Tranquila, LF68 Arcus Lucens and LF64 Coeli Convexa ceilings.
The KONE Polaris destination control system KONE E-Link is a central management tool
LED The LED ceiling car lights and the car fan switch off if elevator
increases capacity, reduces passenger waiting designed to provide the optimum reliability has been idle for a predened period of time
times, and adapts quickly to changing trafc and efciency of the elevators and escalators in OCV A Automatic or manual control of car ventilation
OCL A Automatic or manual control of car light
conditions. It increases the handling capacity a single building or in a building complex such MLB Braking in network, lower energy consumption. 90% of braking
of an elevator group in a high-rise building by 20 as a shopping center or airport. KONE E-Link energy back to network

to 100% for incoming trafc during peak periods trafc displays and reports provide an accurate
but this is not at the expense of passenger view of the transportation demand, trafc
comfort. On the contrary, car loads are low, and performance, and availability of elevator capacity
passenger comfort is high, compared to elevator all on one screen. This information helps you
groups using a conventional control system. ensure that the elevators deliver the best possible
U Built-in as standard
The KONE Polaris system was pioneered by performance at all times. With KONE E-Link it
U Recommended extra option
KONE for the demanding trafc needs of ofce is also possible to shut off the elevators at times
buildings. when they are not in use, thus saving energy.


Number of oors: 19
Number of elevators: 15
Construction completed: 2004

Safety package Security package

The Safety package includes re safety, power These options increase the security of the elevator FIVE BOATS, DUISBURG, GERMANY
failure and door opening features. For example, passengers and occupants of the building. This
in case of a power failure, the emergency battery Number of oors: 8
includes locking of car calls and landing calls
drive takes the elevator to the nearest oor and Number of elevators: 5
functionality, preventing unauthorized use and
allows passengers to exit. Construction completed: 2004
access to locked oors.

Safety package Security package

C5 C7 C9 C5 C7 C9
EN81-72 U U U LOC E U U U
EN81-73 U U U LOL U U U
COL U U U FRE fast recall U U U
LOC E Locking of car calls to deter unauthorized access to oors
LOL Locking of landing calls to deter unauthorized access to oors TORRE MARE NOSTRUM, BARCELONA, SPAIN
ACL U U U FRE fast recall Used as an anti-burglar device to prevent unauthorised
access to the building or some oors
Number of oors: 24
EPD/S n/a U U
Number of elevators: 19
Construction completed: 2005
EN81-72 Fire ghting elevator provides additional re protection for
the elevator and its passengers
EN81-73 In case of re alarm the elevator is automatically taken
out of service and returned to the main oor
COL Curtain of light door safety device
FID In case of re detection, all elevators are automatically returned
to a specied oor
ABE/ABE MG Inside car alarm bell
ACL Automatic, accurate re-levelling of car
EBD In case of power failure, the emergency battery drive takes
the elevator to the nearest oor to allow the passengers to exit the car
EPD/S EPS G is used during a power failure to initiate EPD emergency
power drive. EPS G ensures that the elevator does not overuse the
available stand-by power