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Winn, Andrew

Dr. Colombo

UWRT 1104

February 13, 2017

What do our Dreams Reveal about our Subconscious?

Craske, Michelle G., et al. Presleep Attributions about Arousal during Sleep: Nocturnal Panic.
American Psychological Association,
This article used experimental data to relate night terrors to physical situations that happen
before sleep. These experiments were conducted with patients who frequently experienced night
terrors. Different stimuli were given to patients depending on what group they are in, and there
was a control group not being stimulated.

Losing Sleep over Student SUCCESS? Spring 2006. ProQuest Education Journals,


This article asks the question, is it worth staying up all night to complete homework?
author states that it is important for students to have correct amounts of sleep to promote
creativity and success.

Scully, Tony. "Sleep." Nature, vol. 497, no. 7450, 2013, p. S1. Science in Context,


This journal talks about sleep and why we need sleep. It talks about the difference between
good sleep and bad sleep, and both of their effects on the body.

Lineberry, Denise. To Sleep or Not to Sleep? To Sleep or Not to Sleep?, 4 Apr. 2009,
Winn 2

This article talks about the negative effects of not receiving proper amounts of sleep over a
prolonged period of time. Some of the long term effects could be heart disease, diabetes, high
blood pressure, fatigue, and instability.

Sleepwalking. National Sleep Foundation, 2004,


This article talks about sleepwalking and what possible causes it. It is commonly accepted that
sleepwalking is caused by restless sleep. The article gives a list of actions that are also
considered sleepwalking.

Koebler, Jason. Americas Surprising Sleepwalking Problem. U.S. News, 4 May 2014,

This article provides statistics about sleepwalking. It includes the average number of
people who
sleepwalk in the US a year, the amount of times a year that people sleepwalk, etc.

Stromberg, Joseph. The Science of Sleepwalking., 17 May 2012,

The article provides examples of different types of sleepwalking incidents. It states there
is no
link between gender and sleepwalking, but it could possible be hereditary.

Sleepwalking - Overview & Facts. Sleep Education, American Academy of Sleep



This article provides a broad overview of what defines sleepwalking. It covers the


between different types of sleepwalking and gives detail reasoning why we believe each