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Information technology exam for grade 9 and 10

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I. Choose the best answer

1) This part sends signals to other parts of the computer to tell them what to do.
i) CPU
ii) Motherboard
iii) Icon
iv) Hard drive
2) This is a flat input device that usually sits in front of the monitor.
i) Keyboard
ii) Tower
iii) Mouse
iv) Laptop
3) A name for a small picture or image representing a folder or a program
i) Graphic
ii) Icon
iii) Software
iv) Desktop
4) This computer is small enough to fit on your lap and is very portable.
i) Laptop
ii) Tower
iii) Computer
iv) Motherboard
5) Another name for all the parts of a computer
i) Process
ii) Adware
iii) Monitor
iv) Software
6) This input device will allow the user to move the pointer on the screen.
i) Mouse
ii) Speaker
iii) Icon
iv) Output
7) This type of computer is tall rather than wide.
i) Laptop
ii) Motherboard
iii) Hard Drive
iv) Tower
8) This is a type of computer that sets on a table or desk.
i) Keyboard
ii) Laptop
iii) Hard Drive
iv) Desktop
9) What are the 3 main things a computer does?
i) Input
ii) Save
iii) Output
iv) Process
v) Reboot
10)This part stores data, programs, settings, and the operating system while the
computer is off. While it is on, it spins inside the computer reading and writing data.
i) CPU
ii) Motherboard
iii) RAM
iv) Hard Drive
11) Which of the following are examples of application software?
i) Word Processors
ii) Spreadsheets
iii) Databases
12)HTML Another name for computer programs and information
i) Output
ii) Process
iii) Software
iv) CPU

13)Which one of the following measures the speed of the CPU?

i) Gigahertz (GHz)
ii) Bits per second (Bps)
iii) Gigabytes (GB)
iv) Megabytes (MB)
14)Which of the following is NOT one of the four major data processing functions of a
i) Gathering data
ii) Processing data into information
iii) Analyzing the data or information
iv) Storing the data or information
15)One kilobyte contains how many bites?
i) 100
ii) 1001
iii) 100
iv) 1024
16)What are the two types or forms of software?
i) Operating system software and Encarta software
ii) Operating system software and cpu
iii) Operating system software and monitor
iv) Operating system software and application system software
17)DOS, WINDOWS and LINUX is the example of..?
i) Word Possessor
ii) Database Program
iii) Operating System
iv) Website
18)To remove one or some of computer component to increase the speed its called..?
i) Remove
ii) Install
iii) Downgrade
iv) Upgrade
v) All of these
19)Choose the CORRECT statement below:
i) Since RAM memory is temporary, we need to save our work to a disk.
ii) Since computers have become so powerful, soon they will need less memory
to run.
iii) The internet only works in the United States.
iv) CPU stands for 'Computer Printing Unit'.
v) A virus can wreck an entire computer.
20)We can get viruses from
i) Files on a disk
ii) Downloading from the internet
iii) E-mail messages.
iv) All of the above
21)What two digits are in the binary counting system?
i) 0 and 2
ii) 1 and 2
22)0 and 1 This memory is for short term storage and is lost when the computer is
turned off.
i) Icon
ii) CPU
iii) Hard drive
iv) RAM
23)This part allows the user to hear information from the computer.
i) Monitor
ii) Software
iii) Input
iv) Speaker
24)This device allows the user to record or send their voice into the computer.
i) Monitor
ii) Microphone
iii) Output
iv) Speaker
25)One byte is equivalent to
i) 4 bits
ii) 8 bits
iii) 12 bits
iv) 32 bits
26)What do you call a portable computer?
i) Laptop
ii) Book top
iii) RAM
iv) CPU
v) Computer