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NURS 479 Professional Development Grid/Plan Name: Jalina Vidotto Date: 4/28/2017

Area Strengths Weakness/Opportunity for Short term goals/strategies Long term goals/strategies
Improvement Present-2 years 3-5 years
Direct Compassionate Time management Proficient in nursing skills Become an expert Nurse
Patient Care Positive Using lay terms with Organize care that is Earn additional certifications for
Leadership Hard working patients efficient the ICU
Teaching strategies Understand science
behind patient conditions
Unit Related Accountable Delegation Increase delegation skills Travel Nurse
Leadership Team player Saying no to people that Rely upon others less Precept students and new
Communicator need help nurses
Resource for the unit

Professional Finish Nurse Residency CCRN Certification

Nursing Program Attend Nursing Conferences
Development: Nursing Journal
Organizations, subscription
NURS 479 N/A Improved my weakness of
Book selection not accepting my flaws
(based on your and feeling like Im not
strengths and doing enough
Leadership Experiencing the N/A
Shadowing Nurse Practitioners
Experience role enhanced my
respect patients and
other health care
Professional ACLS/BLS Certification N/A
Activity/ Community enhanced my skills
Service and knowledge
Education: N/A Trainings on equipment Finish Nurse Residency Become a travel nurse
Continuing Nursing and procedures on the unit Program
Education and/or to improve knowledge.
plans for Higher CCRN Certification to
improve knowledge.