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Artifact 3

Individualized Education Plan Case Study

The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Case Study project required me to complete a
case study on a student with a disability. It involved collecting background information on the
student, data regarding the student, and writing parts of the students IEP with my mentors
assistance (PLAAFP, instructional and testing accommodations, goals and objectives, and
supplementary aids and services) along with actively participating in the IEP process. This
project connects to CEC Standards 5 (Instructional Planning and Strategies) and 7

I gained knowledge and skills in instructional planning and strategies (CEC Standard 5)
while completing this project. This experience has given me the opportunities to think more in
depth about providing the most effective instruction for each student. I was required to look at
the students instructional needs to make sure that the student would be successful in the
classroom. For example, one instructional strategy that I found very helpful for the student was
teaching him academic material in small groups. He learned most effectively when there was one
adult for every two to three students in a group, versus whole group instruction. This
instructional strategy helped me in writing his Instructional and Testing Accommodations section
of his IEP. These strategies will help him to be successful in the classroom to allow him reach his
objectives and goals.

This artifact was designed to enhance my knowledge of collaboration (CEC Standard 7).
The experience of attending, observing and participating in an IEP meeting has shown me the
importance of collaboration among all of the team members. In my case, I really liked the way
the special educator constantly communicated with the speech pathologist to ensure that the
student would have his needs met. Through my experiences I have also learned how important it
is to have the special educator, general educator and the service provider(s) to collaborate with
the students parents/guardians to ensure that they agree with all of the decisions concerning their
students IEP.

All of my future students will be positively affected by my mastery of the standards. By

completing this IEP Case Study project I was able to learn about the entire IEP process from
beginning to end. I am more confident in writing IEPs and being involved in the IEP process; as
a future special education teacher I will become the Case Manager and will be running IEP
meetings. I will use all of my knowledge I have gained from this project to continue to progress
in the IEP process; the IEP is an extremely important document and I want to ensure that the
students needs are met inside and outside the classroom so that they will be successful in getting
closer to or reaching his/her goals and objectives.