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DOTA 2 Tournament for Intrams 2015 Rules and Guidelines:

Tournament will be held on two separate days. First day, for the First Phase of
the Tournament, will be on October 3, 2015, and the Second day, for the
Semi-finals and Grand Finals, will be on October 10, 2015
Tournament venue will be at Achai Internet Caf, located at Borromeo
Arcade, F. Ramos St., Cebu City (near Yahweh Study Center)
Registration fee for each team will be Php 200.00.

Maximum of 2 teams from each year level. CIM Alumni/Senior Clerks/PGIs are
also invited to join (maximum of 2 teams).
Each team will be composed of 5 players each. 1 or 2 bench players are
allowed (for a maximum of 7 members per team).
A team must select a Team Captain for the entire duration of the tournament
for coin toss and communication purposes.
Stand-ins will only be allowed in the event that a team has less than 5 active
players. Stand-ins may only come from the names listed on the other team of
the same year level.
No switching of teams after submission of the final lineup.
Deadline of submission for team lineups will be on September 19, 2015.
o For the submission of team lineups, the following format is advised:


1. REAL NAME (captain) ----- IN-GAME NAME

2. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME
3. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME
4. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME
5. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME
6. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME
7. REAL NAME ----------------- IN-GAME NAME

*please indicate who the Team Captain is

*order of names may not be based on the position/role played
by the player (e.g. carry, support)

o Please submit your final lineup on a piece of paper (handwritten or

typewritten) to Ray Perez II or Charles Arenas of Batch Vertex.
o A team is advised to Create a Team under the DotA 2 game client to
help easily identify the said team during the games.
To do this, one of the players must simply go to the
Community Tab in the Main Menu
Under the Teams menu, click on the Create New Team tab
Input your Team Name and Team Tag/Abbreviation, then click on
The remaining team members can then be invited to the team
by clicking on their respective in-game names and selecting
Invite to Team

Tournament Format will be either Double Elimination Blind Draw or

Round Robin depending on the number of teams competing. For
seven or eight teams, Double Elimination will be used, for six teams or less,
round robin will be used.
Drawing of lots for the bracketing will take place on the actual day of the
tournament, 15mins before start of the games. All team captains must be
present by that time.
Game Mode will be Captains Mode on a Local Server. Only Bench Players
may assist during the picks and bans during the drafting phase.
Teams are not allowed to change players after entering the game lobby.
A Coin Toss will be done before each game to determine who gets 1 st Pick of
2nd Pick of the draft. The Winner gets to choose whether he/she gets 1 st or 2nd
Pick, while the Loser gets to choose between being in the Radiant or Dire
Members can be late for up to 15 mins only. If a team still lacks 5 players
necessary to compete, their game will be forfeited, and a win will be awarded
to the opposing team.
In the event of DC/Fatal Error before 10 mins Game Clock, game will be
remade. All Pick with same picks in the same lanes.
If the crash happens more than 10mins into the game time, reload from save
Teams may pause instantly in the event of a DC. If for other reasons
(computer/mouse/keyboard problems), a team member must type in all chat
FIRST before pausing. Opponent team may not resume the game.
At the end of 100 mins game time, if no winner has been decided, a Point
System will be used:
o Hero Kill = 1 point each
o Ranged/Melee Barracks = 3 points each
o Tier 1 Tower = 1 point each
o Tier 2 Tower = 2 points each
o Tier 3 Tower = 3 points each
o Tier 4 Tower = 4 points each
o Throne HP will be counted if all others are tied.