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ASSESSMENT 1 - S40046603 Flavio Cesar de Oliveira

BSBPMG515 Diploma of Project Management

Subject /Module : Manage Project Human Resources

Written or Oral Questions

1. What tips can you give for analyzing and reviewing
projects to identify improvements?
2. What is the difference between coaching and
mentoring ?
3. How can you assign responsibility to team
members ?
4. Describe the negotiation process ?
5. What are the qualities of a good leader ?
6. For an upcoming project of your choice, identify
what human resources will be needed to meet
desired outcomes. Plan how tasks will be delegated,
how many workers will be needed for certain tasks,
and what skills, abilities and levels of experience
are experience are required. Remember, you will
need to consider quality and timeframe
requirements when planning human resources.
7. Plan a group training and development session
which ensures that all workers are confident and
able to do their jobs effectively and safely.
(Question 6,7) Project HR PLAN

Project name: OPENNING A PUB

Project Manager: OLIVEIRA FLAVIO


The main purpose of creating HR management plan of opening a Pub is to

organize, manage and lead the project team and all stakeholders.

The plan among others will include:

Project roles, responsibilities and required skills

Project training needs
Team building strategies
Workplace health and safety procedures


The HRM plan will comply with all Australian regulations including:
Federal legislation and regulations
State legislation and regulations
Industry regulations and procedures


List below indicate the positions and their responsibilities as well as

the level of their competency and authority.

Client-customer, Project Manager , Project Management Team,
Catering Team, hospitality team, Marketing Team, and suppliers.

-The highest authority level.
-Approving all major decisions.
-High authority level, including hiring staff and making key decisions
after consultation with the client.
-making decisions after consultation with the Project Manager.
-Equipment and Ingredients selection after agreeing on the menu
with the Project Manager.
-Making decisions related with the booklets graphic design after
consultation with the Project Manager.
-Selection of materials needed to be presented during the lecture.

-Reviewing and approving all proposals.
-Hiring and managing employee and contractors.
-Planning project.
-Making key decision related with the project.
-Controlling and monitoring project execution.
-Preparing records of project execution and final reports.
-Executing Project Manager tasks according to qualifications.
-Preparing agreed menu.
-Delivering satisfactory service.
-Preparing booklets design within a schedule.
-Delivering satisfactory service.
-Responsible Service to Alcohol.

-Previous experience
-PM certificate
-leadership qualities
-Team member
-Analytical skills
-Ability to control processes and activities.
-Problem solving skills.
-Team member qualities.
-Previous experience.
-Culinary knowledge.
-Culinary certificate.
- RSA Certificate
-Previous experience.
-Marketing and graphic design Knowledge.
-Previous experience.
-knowledge of particular subject.
-Presentation skills.
-Willingness to learn.
-Team member qualities.

Project Organizational CHART

products C,I A,C,I N/A R
Menu completion C,I A,C,I R N/A
Preparing social
media strategy C,I R,A N/A N/A
Collecting data
about the I R,A R R
project closure C,I R,A C C

R Responsible for completing the work
A Accountable for ensuring task completion /sign off
C Consulted before any decisions are made
I Informed of when an action/decision has been made

Staffing Management

Staff requirements are described below with the broad outline of a

timeline for recruitment. Also described such the main
competencies for each category of staff. The process will include
training. Once skill gaps are identified as specific training will be
provided. It may be necessary to hold some team building and
culture forming activities to ensure all staff are aligned with the
goals of the project. Following completion of each stage of the
project performance reviews will be conducted by immediate
supervisors who will make recommendations for recognition

Staff acquisition

First of all the plan will be to hire the Project Management team
who would assist in hiring the other categories of staff which are 3
for catering team, 3 bartenders, 2 waitress ,1 cashier,1 promoter
who will do the marketing part and provide good events in different
time and 2security .

For recruiting project management team I would look for similar

previous experience, planning skills and ability to lead and work in a
team , as well as the ability to get work done through other.

The catering team and people who will serve must have the
requisite skills and certificates, as well as similar experience on it.

Resources calendars

At the end of the planning stage all project team staff should be
trained and ready to perform their duties. The design team would
be engaged at the end of the planning phase and have completed
all their work before the due date which is 02-august 2016. Prior to
coming on site the catering, bartenders, waitress and security staff
will have updated their working with food certificate, alcohol
certificate and security certificate and safety inductions.

For the project management team communication and

presentation training about policies of the house about drunk
people, fire scape, how we should treat customer to refresh their
mind as well as upskilling in project management software will be
provided. Also special meals and drinks provided by the house will
be tasted before taking up the process.

Performance reviews

Performance reviews would be conducted using supervisor input

and 360 degree feedback. KPIs assessed in a performance review
would be project completed within a schedule and budget.
Assessment of effectiveness of improvement could be measured via
a customer survey on the internet. Meeting milestone will be
monitored on regular basis and all documentation will be
completed and sign off regularly.

Team development and engagement

Workshops will be held to identify and align the core values of the
teams. This would identify what are the key qualities such as
respect of serving and attend, integrity, being accountable, being a
team player, doing what we say we do, etc. Some team building
activities such as problem solving example avoiding bottleneck.

Recognition and rewards

Simple rewards such discount in same dishes, special prices on

happy hours, few drink cards for getting some free drinks regard to
social media it will help advertise as well as make customer fell
Additional information

Documentation and manuals should be completed and made

available and held in a central digital location. These documentation
should set out all the components of the project plan, registration
and legacy, development and execution. A final budget should be
completed after consultation with the client and actual coast
compared at the end of the project.

(Question 1)
Effectiveness of HR procedures could be reviewed by conducting
interviews with the client and undertaking surveys on the internet.
Define project success criteria- begin by identifying your
stakeholders and their interests and expectations. Next define some
clear and measurable business goals. Example:
Increasing market share by a certain amount by a specified date.
Reaching a specified sales volume or revenue.
Achieving certain customer satisfaction measures.
Saving money by retiring a high-maintenance legacy system.
Achieving a particular transaction processing volume and
Identify project drivers, constraints, and degrees of freedom- all
project must balance its functionally, staffing, coast, schedule, and
quality objectives. A better response would have been to negotiate
a realistic outcome through a series of questions such as the
How critical is the six-month target? Does something drastic happen
if we dont deliver a good performance.
If the six months is a firm limit, what subset of the requested
Can I get more people to work on it?
Do you care how well it works?
Define product release criteria- early in the project, decide what
criteria will indicate whether the product is ready for release.
Possible release criteria might include:
Performance goals are achieved on all target platforms
X% of system tests have been passed
Specified legal, contractual, or regulatory goals are met
Customer acceptance criteria are satisfied
Negotiate achievable commitments- despite pressure to promise
the impossible, never make a commitment you know you cant
keep. Engage in good faith negotiations with customers, managers
and team members about goals that are realistically achievable.
Separate the people from the problem
Focus on interests, not positions
Create options for mutual gain
Insist on using objective criteria
Planning the project- write a plan. A useful plan is much more than
a schedule or work breakdown structure of tasks to perform. It also
Staff, budget, and other resource estimates and plans.
Team roles and responsibilities
Assumptions of, and target dates for, major deliverables
Identification of the software development life cycle that you will

(Question 2)
Mentoring is biased in you favor. Coaching is impartial, focused on
improvement in behavior. In summary, the mentor has a deep
personal interest, personally involved- a friend who cares about you
and your long term development. The coach develops specific skills
for the task, challenges and performance expectations at work. A
coach has a set agenda to reinforce or change skills and behaviors.
The coach has an objective/ goals for each discussion. In our study,
the top four words chosen to best describe their mentors dominant
style were friend/confidant, direct, logical, questioner.
Tables are good for timesheets and for assigning responsibilities
e.g. a responsibility assignment matrix. Microsoft excel or similar
database can create useful templates for timesheets that update
the totals when add to. A responsibility matrix is a table that can
show you who is responsible for the tasks on a project. One type of
RAM is called RACI chart ( responsible, accountable, consult ,

(Question 4)
Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. Its a
process by which compromise or agreement is reached while
avoiding argument and dispute .
In any disagreement, individuals understandably aim to achieve the
best possible outcome for their position ( or perhaps an
organization they represent ). However, the principles of fairness,
seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are the keys
to a successful outcome.

(Question 5)
A good leader has a an exemplary character. Its of utmost
importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader
needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honesty and
integrity. A good leader walks the talk and in doing so earns the
right to have responsibilities for others. True authority is born from
respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person
who leads.
References: APC Workbook
Slides in the class