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Department of Computer Science and Engineering &

Information Technology

Instructions for B.E VIIIth students doing project

Dos: -

1. [FONT TYPE: Times New Roman]

Chapter heading: 16 Main heading size (BOLD) =14, sub heading
size (BOLD) =13, All text size (Regular) =12, Line Space =1.5.
Alignment should be justified for text.

2. Page number should be there on bottom of each page centrally

The first page of the chapter should include Chapter number and
Chapter Name centrally aligned. A Chapter should start with new
Utilize the full page space with text or figure except last page of
the chapter i.e. dont leave half or more then half page empty
between a chapters.

3. All figures and tables should be named and numbered.

4. Spacing should be uniform between paragraphs throughout the


5. Content should be prepared with appropriate numbering.

6. The number of copies of the project report in binding is to be

prepared (Number of students in the group + 1) copies. Student
and college copy should be in hard binding using maroon color.

7. For all diagrams standard conventions should be used

For conventions Rational Rose Modules may be referred

8. Dont forget to take the sign of External Examiner, Project

Guide, Internal Examiner, sign of Head in all copies.
9. Guidelines:
1. *Reference must be presented in the following format:
Reference to a book:
Kotler, P. (2006) Marketing Management, Pearson
Publishers Ltd., New Delhi.
Reference to web page:


10. Page Margin:

TOP = 1.0;
Bottom =1.0;
Right= 1.0;
Left = 1.5

11. Students are advised to prepare a power point presentation.

Format for Presentation:
1. Abstract, 2. Introduction, 3. Problem Domain 4. Solution
Domain, 5. Technology and Tool, 6. UML design 7. E-R
diagram 8. DFD 9. Conclusion.
12. One copy of CD should be prepared one for guide :-( Take more
than one CD if the material does not come in one CD).
The CD should contain the following:-
a) The soft copy of project report and synopsis report.
b) The project source code.
c) Project .exe file.
Write the Names of group members, Roll Numbers, Project Title,
and Name of the guide on the CD.

1) Dont include source code with the project report.

2) Dont assign a chapter no. to bibliography and appendix.

3) Dont write any abbreviations anywhere write the full form.

4) No page border and shading on any page of thesis.

5) Dont put section / subsection as last line of the page.