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NURS 479 Professional Development Grid/Plan Name: Victoria Towers Date: May 2017

Area Strengths Weakness/Opportunity for Short term goals/strategies Long term goals/strategies
Improvement Present-2 years 3-5 years

Direct Detail oriented, Further understanding of Care for high acuity Step into
patient, various disease processes patients while on the unit, leadership/management roles
Patient Care
compassionate, in the clinical setting, time engage in available on the unit (charge nurse,
Leadership organized, dedicated, management based upon development clinical lead, etc.), continue
willingness to learn, varying acuity opportunities higher education to improve
critical thinking understanding of disease and
treatment, transport team
Unit Related Considerate of others Gain more experience in Be a team player within Take on leadership roles,
Leadership and their opinions, order to speak from the unit and establish participate in unit improvement
democratic, provide personal knowledge of rapport, shadow unit opportunities, analyze and
encouragement and clinical experiences, leaders, be willing to implement productive changes
advice without better understand role of assist with unit tasks and for the units care delivery,
judgement unit leaders organization, establish a mentor others
mentor relationship with
leader on the unit
Professional PALS certification, NRP American Association of Nurse
Nursing certification, research Practitioners, DNP with FNP
Development: organization at chosen specialty, continue on for PhD,
Organizations, facility, Association of potential perinatal clinical nurse
Journals/ Women's Health, specialist certification
Obstetric and Neonatal
Nursing, WIN, NINR
NURS 479 Spoke to the fact that
Book selection gaining experience only
(based on your happens with time, time
strengths and management and working
weaknesses) with physicians is a life-
long learning process,
becoming a leader
requires both heart and
mind in order to be
successful, and to always
remember that all nurses
were new nurses at one
time, so knowing
everything is not expected
on the first day
Leadership NNP caring yet
Shadowing decisive and objective
Experience with patients,
encouraged patients
when faced with
difficult situations,
always being a team
player, showed me
what role the NNP
plays and what tasks
are expected of nurses
from that point of view
Professional Attending WIN,
Activity/ Community professional research
Service presentation
importance of detail
oriented and drive to
make change using
Education: Complete the DNP/PhD DNP curriculum through Continue DNP curriculum, begin
program at University University of Arizona, PhD curriculum, begin practicing
Continuing Nursing
Education and/or of Arizona with FNP continuing education as an NP while continuing to
plans for Higher specialty, potentially courses offered through keep research and clinical
Education perinatal clinical nurse facility, advanced life practice intertwined to help
specialist or continue support education advance the field and patient
on for CRNA, allow for care
critical thinking,
autonomy, and wider
scope of practice to
utilize in
compassionate patient