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Dear ,

Upon review of your posting for a Market Development Analyst, I was

compelled to submit my resume for your consideration. As an accomplished
analyst with a history of leading deep market and trend analyses to drive
business development and revenue increases, I feel I can significantly
contribute to your objectives in this role.

Assessing market conditions to determine how well a product or service will

sell is of the utmost importance to business looking to advance their
competitive edge and expand market share. In my most recent position as a
Research Excellence for Ipsos Connect, I excelled at utilizing qualitative and
quantitative analysis techniques to evaluate data and steer future product and
business decisions. Additionally, my experience in leading research projects
throughout all phases from definition through execution positions me to greatly
impact your company.

Following are a sampling of highlights from my career experience:

Led all facets of market research and analysis for Ipsosincluding

competitive and economic trends, questionnaires, discussion guides, and
interviewsto identify customer patterns, improve consumer understanding,
and ensure well-informed business decisions.

Improved customer satisfaction survey process, increasing response


Consistently developed and applied goal-directed solution

methodologies in product development efforts.

Created and presented spreadsheets and reports detailing analysis

results for review by marketing, product, and sales management teams.

Collaborated with peers throughout research projects while

demonstrating consistently excellent communication, motivation, and time
management talents.

My previous experience and success in market research analysis, along with

my steadfast motivation to meet or exceed goals, characterizes my career
accomplishments and will allow me to greatly benefit your team. I look forward
to discussing this position in further detail.

Thank you for your consideration.

Miruna Velicioiu