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Key Words
backhoe o part
job o share
o dig o pull
pool o push
o bridge o force
o playground o move
o hammer- o freedom
Upcoming Events pound
Mays Theme: Teacher Appreciation Month o buildings o pledge
o lumbers o country
Early Release Days, May 14th -17th. Students will be o Workers- o
dismissed at 11:30am. wear
Pre-K End-Of-Year Classroom Party, May 17th. o equal o
Last Day of School, May 18th.

Notes from the teacher:

Greetings! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. Thank you for coming to our science fair.
It was really lovely seeing you synergizing with our great leaders.
Due to the recent changes in the school calendar, we will be doing two lessons per week in Language
Arts, Math, and Science in order to cover the remaining topics.
This week we will study the concept of how people work together to build things and what construction
workers do, and learn things that begin with the letter Zz and Yy. We will also read Dig and " We Need
More Construction Workers" in Language Arts., Equal Sets in Math, How Things Move in Science ,and
Celebrating K.S.A. and its Culture in Social Studies. In Leader In Me Program, we are reviewing the 7

What we are learning this

week: Social Science
Language Arts Math
- To build the concept of how people work - Use concrete Identify the name of our Learn that the way to
together to build things.
- To build the concept of what construction objects to add country (including the change the position of an
workers do. equal sets. different countries object is by pushing or
- To review character.
- Use concrete students come from) pulling.
- To review Plot. - Recognize The Saudi
- To review main idea. objects to separate - Investigate various ways
- To compare and contrast. Flag.
- To introduce Letters Zz and Yy .
a set into two equal - Begin to understand objects can move when
- To identify number of syllables. parts. the significance of a pushed or pulled.
- To identify initial sounds. - Experiment with
- To learn signs for jobs.
kingdom and of
- To review singular and plural nouns or Freedom. balancing objects.
- To write a friendly letter.
- To give multi-step directions.

Contact Information Amal Al-Otaibi Pre-K C

Our Mission: The Rowad Al-Khaleej International School (RAIS) aims to empower students to think creatively, to
value diversity, to pursue a passion for learning and to contribute in a positive way to society while continuing to
embrace the values of our society.