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City of Columbus: Alderman Ward 2............................... 10
Mayor.................................................. 2 Alderman Ward 3............................... 11
Councilman Ward 1.............................. 2 Alderman Ward 4............................... 11
Councilman Ward 2.............................. 3 Alderman Ward 5............................... 11
Councilman Ward 3.............................. 3 Alderman Ward 6............................... 12
Councilman Ward 4.............................. 4 Alderman Ward 7............................... 12
Councilman Ward 5.............................. 4 Ballot/Precincts................................. 13
Councilman Ward 6.............................. 5 City of West Point:
Ballot/Precincts................................... 6 Mayor................................................ 14
Town of Caledonia:

The Commercial Dispatch
Selectman Ward 1.............................. 14
Mayor.................................................. 7 Selectman Ward 2.............................. 15
Alderman............................................. 7 Selectman Ward 3.............................. 15
City of Starkville: Selectman Ward 4.............................. 15
Mayor.................................................. 9 Selectman Ward 5.............................. 15 Sunday, April 30, 2017
Alderman Ward 1................................. 9 Ballot/Precincts................................. 16
2 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of Columbus

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $81,161
1. What’s the biggest challenge 2. How can the city continue to 3. What does Columbus need
facing Columbus? enhance its relationship with to do to attract future economic
the county? development?

Economic development is the The City of Columbus can continue The City of Columbus needs to
Carl A. Lee biggest challenge facing the City of to enhance its relationship with the develop and improve infrastructure to
Age: 60 Columbus. county by finding common areas for attract future economic development.
Occupation: Consultant economic development.
Education: Graduate study
- Indiana University, major
Political Science and Public
Administration; Undergraduate
study - Mississippi State
University, major - Political
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: None
Residence: 2606 Fifth Ave. N.
Family: Single
Phone: 662-549-4400

Declined to participate.
Selvain McQueen
Age: N/A
Occupation: Security company
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Former
police chief
Residence: 605 Sixth St. S. #25
Family: N/A
Email: N/A
Phone: 662-364-1907

Public safety is by far the most We have a good relationship with We will continue to work with the
Robert E. Smith, Sr. (I) important responsibility I have as mayor. the county where we agree to disagree. LINK and the professionals there to
Age: 64 We have to ensure, each day, that we I encourage the city and county to attract new business. We will also
Occupation: Mayor make progress toward protecting and reestablish the Inter-Governmental work to: create more available industry
Education: Master’s degree in caring for the citizens in our care. Last Relations Committee to help with the property; maintain dilapidated property;
secondary administration year, our Columbus Police Department challenges that each government maintain and business-friendly retail
Political party: Democrat answered just under 38,000 calls for entity encounters. Several inter-local environment.
Political experience: 15 years service. That averages out to over 100 agreements between the city and
(Ward 1 councilman, vice mayor calls a day. Our Columbus Fire and county already exist and we just
and mayor) Rescue Department answered just over established the Joint Drug Task Force
Residence: 38 Burgundy Dr. 5,500 calls. Many people don’t know it, between the two bodies.
Family: Eight children but we send firefighters and professional
Email: medical care crews to every ambulance
Phone: 662-328-7021; 662-364- call within the city limits. We sent crews
0433 to 4,354 ambulance calls.
Our fire department saved over $96
million of property last year and we are
the only accredited fire department in
the entire state of Mississippi. We will
continue to work daily on protecting and
providing for the public and that is our
most important responsibility.
Failed to respond to multiple requests
Montrell Coburn for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Independent
Political experience:
Residence: 328 Florence St.
Family: N/A
Email: genesis2dmaps@gmail.
Phone: 662-549-9851

Councilman - Ward 1 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500

1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Columbus’
development in Columbus? infrastructure?

Promote it through the LINK and Biggest challenge facing Ward 1 is Continue to work hard with the
Gene A. Taylor (I) development board. Also through our that people are concerned about safety. mayor and rest of the city councilmen.
Age: 62 local businessmen, our bankers and our Not only police safety, but fire. No All of the developers in this area.
Occupation: Public service news media. matter how you come into South Side Hopeful that somewhere in the future
Education: Currently at EMCC there’s a railroad track. Sometime in the we may get some in-kind work. Hope
working on associate degree future, I’m hoping that we will be able to, that we work hard to maintain status
Political party: Democrat because Ward 1 is surrounded railroad as an A+ credit rating so that we would
Political experience: 10 years tracks, that we would be able to get a be able to borrow for new bond issues.
(two full and a half term) fire station on this side of the railroad Also work along with our board of
Residence: 918 Ninth Ave. S. tracks. supervisors also.
Family: Married; three children;
one grandchild
Phone: 662-251-3841

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 3

City of Columbus
Councilman - Ward 2

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Columbus’
development in Columbus? infrastructure?

Advertising our beautiful city, making Drainage, drainage and drainage. Continue to work on paving our
Joseph W. Mickens, Sr. (I) sure our schools system is up to par. streets and working on drainage.
Age: 59 Everything begins with education.
Occupation: Self employed -
flooring and city councilman
Education: EMCC
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Eight years
- Two term city councilman
Residence: 146 Maple St.
Family: Married; one son; one
Email: floorspecialist146@gmail.
Phone: 662-251-0724

Tax incentives to commercial retail Infrastructure; We have areas We must seriously look at approving
Troy Miller developers and tax incremental funding where flooding occurs whenever there a bond issue. We’ve kicked this can
Age: 53 for redevelopment of industrial areas is a hard rain. Attempts to remedy the down the road for far too long.
Occupation: Senior control problem have been woefully inadequate.
specialists for L3 Comm; Senior Maple Street, Lawrence Drive and Lee
Pastor, Woodlawn C.M.E. Church Street are but a few where our drainage
Education: Attended the needs to be fixed. It’s reducing property
Community College of value in some areas making it difficult
the Air Force and EMCC; for persons to sell their homes. The
Interdenominational Theological retention pond on Lawrence has been
Center of Atlanta an eyesore and a failure.
Political party: Democrat We also have a need for speed
Political experience: N/A bumps on many streets to combat
Residence: 137 Maple St. speeders in our residential areas.
Family: Wife, LaTwanya D. Miller;
three daughters; one son
Phone: 662-386-6759

I will be willing to meet with the city My biggest challenge will be building Part of my platform is to improve
Eric Thomas leaders and come up with a plan. a community center in East Columbus, streets and drainage in Ward 2. I would
Age: 45 youth programs. meet with city engineer and come up
Occupation: Customer service with the best plan.
representative with PLS Title
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: E911 board
commissioner since 2014
Residence: 3946 Hwy. 82E, Apt.
Family: Single; three children
Phone: 662-549-7905

Councilman - Ward 3 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
Determine what developments are Challenges heard from the people: Identify the infrastructure priority
Charlotte Braxton Verdell best-suited for Columbus and decide Infrastructure areas and implement a systematic plan
Age: 37 what can be improved upon and added, Drainage across the city.
Occupation: Chemist to not only draw people to the city, but Need of speed bumps or traffic signs Insist on consistent adherence to
Education: Bachelor of Science keep people in the city. Street Lights city ordinances for construction within
in Biological Sciences – University Invest and support the Columbus Safety the city.
of Southern Mississippi Municipal School District. Community Development /
Political party: Democrat Focus on making the empty facilities Neighborhood Watch programs
Political experience: First time within the city limits available to Need more police visibility and
candidate potential developers. relationships with community
Residence: 205 Curtis Road Determine where Tax Incentive Community policing
Family: Husband, David Verdell; Financing would be beneficial to the city Quality of life issues for children
one daughter; one son to attract more businesses that fit the More organized parks or recreational
Email: city of Columbus. opportunities
Phone: 662-352-2829 Explore new opportunities with the Address the poverty/homeless/
city to partner with MUW, CAFB and educational needs
industries/businesses. Accessible community/neighborhood
outreach programs

We currently have an industrial Ward 3 is no different than other We know what to do and we have
Charles E. Box (I) developer in the city, Mr. Joe Higgins city wards. Our infrastructure is old and the expertise and knowledge within the
Age: 76 and the LINK. They have done an crumbling. We must develop a plan for city to fix this. The solution lies in the
Occupation: Retired YMCA outstanding job in the county, but we replacement and then come up with a ability of the city to get the necessary
director are really struggling in the city. We must long range payment plan. The last study money to do this work.
Education: Lee High School; develop plans to find tenants for our we did on infrastructure was 17 years The first step is to upgrade the
EMJC; Texas Christian University; vacant industrial buildings in the city. ago and at the time our engineering firm streets, drainage and overlay study
Mississippi State University; We have started and funded a estimated it would cost the city from of 2000. This will allow us to come up
Mississippi University for Women revitalization authority to look at and $60 million to $80 million to correct all with a good estimate of funds that will
– B.S. political science evaluate some of our defunct properties, the problems. I would imagine that over be needed. Secondly, the mayor and
Political party: Republican the old Lee High building being the most 17 years that estimate has doubled. So council need to form a commission
Political experience: Eight years significant. They are on the verge of a you can see it is a serious situation and that will study and research grant
as Ward 3 councilman major breakthrough on this property. one that is going to take some serious opportunities and other funding sources
Residence: 200 Lakewood Road This is just the beginning of the work study and planning to correct. It must be available to the city for such projects.
Family: Wife, Kay; two sons; five they will do. addressed. We must then work with bonding
grandchildren We are also hurting with retail It is a given that continuing to authorities to source these funds. It’s an
Email: development and we must find a way to make Columbus and Ward 3 a safe awesome task, but it must be done.
org recruit more retail. I suggest the city hire environment for all families is a top
Phone: 662-889-2165 a retail recruitment specialist to work priority.
just for the city.

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
4 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of Columbus
Councilman - Ward 4

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Columbus’
development in Columbus? infrastructure?

Our development is linked to our Crime, crime and crime again. Our drainage issues and roads are
Pierre D. Beard, Sr. image. Now, according to “www. People in this city are afraid to sleep always going to be a hot topic. Many
Age: 28” Columbus’ at night and it’s time to really address people have voiced concerns about
Occupation: Director of music, violent rate is one of the highest in the this problem. I will help reduce crime, traffic congestion and truck routes. I
Canaan M.B. Church nation. In fact, it’s stated that we’re only with a simple approach. I will do my personally have concerns with the lack
Education: Business safer than 2 percent of other U.S. cities. job. I will ensure our departments have of sidewalks, bike lanes, and our parks
Administration Marketing Now, if this isn’t a deterrent to business the necessary resources, and most and recreational land. Now, I know we
Management – in progress owners and investors, then I don’t know importantly, I will ensure we have the can’t fix all our infrastructure issues
Political party: Democrat what is. We have to reduce crime in our best and qualified personnel in our overnight, but we can take a look at the
Political experience: Campaign city. Moreover, we also have to market leadership posts and I will ensure they Columbus Comprehensive Plan to make
volunteer our options in regards to land that we do their job. If and when they don’t sure we are meeting the goals and
Residence: 924 Waterworks haven’t yet annexed to the county to perform, they have to go. And the same objectives our current administration set
Road bring in maybe a factory, water-park, will go for myself. If I don’t perform, I forth. I’m going to ensure there is fair
Family: Wife, Lasaundra Beard; etc. While we have an abundance need to go. Again, I will do my job! treatment and meaningful involvement
one son; one daughter; one dog annual festivals, we need constant of all people. There won’t be double
Email: attractions and it’s time to get something standards for the haves and have-nots. I
Phone:662-549-7448 done. Enough of all the talk and time for will demand fair treatment.
some action.

Work closely with the LINK and Joe Drainage and the clean-up process Work closely with Columbus Light
Lavonne Latham-Harris Higgins and have semi-annual meetings of the Kerr-McGee. and Water so I can know if there are
Age: 55 with the commercial business owners. lines that need to be repaired, and work
Occupation: Cosmetologist with public work to see if they have a
Education: Graduate of E.M.C.C. regular maintenance list of jobs that
Scooba need to be done and keep a running list
Political party: Democrat when they are finished.
Political experience: No
Residence: 511 N. McCrary Road
Family: Married; three children;
six grandchildren; two great-
Phone: 662-549-2390

Work with schools to bring in Crime. I will support continued efforts to
Frederick Jackson more jobs related to what the kids are improve streets and drainage systems.
Age: 32 studying in the area. Plan for long-term growth.
Occupation: Full-time office Invest in local businesses.
manager/insurance agent with
Community Development.
Allstate Insurance
Education: Currently pursuing Economic Development.
Master’s of Art in Executive
Leadership (May 2018);
Bachelor’s of Science - Business
Administration; Associate’s of
Applied Science - Banking and
Finance Technology
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: First time
seeking political office
Residence: 210 Rebecca Lane
Family: Married; three children
Email: Fredrick.jackson3@
Phone: 662-251-5077

If a company would take the Joblessness — if we start working I have already begun working on
Marty Turner (I) available industrial property I would on infrastructure jobs will start coming improving the infrastructure completing
Age: 39 do everything in my power to promote to Columbus. I want to make sure the one of my promises by making sure
Occupation: City councilman incoming industry. But I know companies that we bring here, even if people can flush their towels even if it
Education: Columbus High companies who are interested in coming temporary jobs, hire locally. rains. The task is not finished. Let me
School; Jones Community would like to have at least 100 acres of help make sure it happens for everyone.
College; University of Southern land or more, which is not available in Remember I am for the people.
Mississippi city limits.
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Four years
on council
Residence: 1504 23rd St. N.
Family: Single
Email: martyturner3989@gmail.
Phone: 662-242-8682

Councilman - Ward 5 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
Working with retail development and Crime. Work with the mayor and fellow
Gary Jefferson continuing with the (Golden Triangle councilman to address the critical areas
Age: 50 Development LINK). first.
Occupation: Superintendent at
JTB Furniture
Education: Graduate of Caldwell
High School
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: None
Residence: 1708 Fourth Ave. N.
Family: Married; three children
Email: N/A
Phone: 662-386-3738

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 5

City of Columbus
Councilman - Ward 5

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Columbus’
development in Columbus? infrastructure?

I believe the keys to increasing Blighted properties. The worse I think we can improve our
Stephen “Red” Jones (I) the city’s industrial and commercial our homes look, the lower taxes are, infrastructure over time by focusing
Age: 48 development capabilities lie in two key the lower our budget is to serve the on three things. Don’t just patch up or
Occupation: Realtor at ReMax areas: community. As a realtor, I can tell you cover up a problem, fix it correctly when
Education: Graduate of S.D. n Aggressively improve and expand that nothing helps a community improve we have the chance, just as I am doing
Lee High School; Business the vocational training in our schools. quicker than pride of ownership. on Second Avenue North and other
Management; Mississippi and A skilled workforce is critical for both I’m already working on several areas in Ward 5. Maximize the use of
Alabama real estate educational incoming industry, and the viability of programs that can help turn renters both paid city work crews and prisoner
courses our inner city. into homeowners, which will help with work programs. Improve the tax base by
Political party: Democrat n Intentionally focus on a better almost all of the challenges we face as increasing training for our workforce.
Political experience: Current cooperation with both County and GTR a city.
Ward 5 councilman, prior LINK officials to do our part on making
Columbus Municipal School Board Columbus a better place to work and
member live
Residence: 1804 Eighth Ave N.
Family: Wife, Stephanie Johnson
Jones; three children
Phone: 662-386-5022

I would like to promote future Quality of life issues. There are Drainage is a concern in many areas
Mark Ward development in Columbus by first citizens of Ward 5 that are living in sub- of the city. In some locations, a heavy
Age: 51 focusing on the benefits and services standard conditions. I will work to correct downpour of rain causes flooding. The
Occupation: Retired from of locating inside the City of Columbus. these conditions by focusing on one antiquated drainage system in some
Columbus Fire and Rescue. Work The obvious would be water, sewer, home, one street and one neighborhood areas of the city needs to be improved. I
part-time at Military Hardware electricity and natural gas. Others at a time. I will solicit organizations to will work with the city engineer to provide
Education: Some college, include transportation and fire protection. volunteer to help bring these homes up solutions for these areas of concern.
Graduate Mississippi State Columbus has a major highway, to acceptable living conditions. I pledge to work with private, state
Personnel Board’s Certified Public numerous railroads, and the Tennessee Crime is a problem in Columbus. I or federal agencies to try and secure
Manager Program. Graduate Tombigbee Waterway. Companies want city officials to be proactive. I will funding for these projects.
Management Science Program will enjoy lower fire insurance rates by advocate bringing drug abuse and anti- We must work to improve our
at the National Fire Academy in located inside the City of Columbus. violence programs back into our schools. education system as well. I am willing
Emmitsburg, Maryland We need to treat tourism as an I feel we need to educate our children to work with the school board and the
Political party: Republican industry and promote the City of that selling drugs and committing administration to improve the education
Political experience: None Columbus and the great things it has to violent crimes is not acceptable in our system for the children of Columbus.
Residence: 218 Seventh Ave. S. offer. society. This will also improve police and We must provide our law
Family: Wife, Lisa Hardin Ward The City of Columbus should promote community relations. enforcement officers and emergency
Email: and support, Mississippi University for services personnel with the resources
Phone: 662-251-3686 Women, East Mississippi Community that they need to protect the citizens of
College, and the Columbus Air Force Columbus and themselves from harm.
Base. These are valuable assets to the
community and potential developers.

Councilman - Ward 6 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
Partner with the Chamber of The biggest challenge facing Ward I will improve Columbus’
Whirllie M. Byrd Commerce/LINK for insight on 6 is traffic congestion on the main infrastructure by (a) review financial
Age: 65 business criteria and investment, thoroughfare, Highway 45. need of the city,(b) request funds from
Occupation: Retired Mississippi seek businesses to occupy vacant MDA under Development Infrastructure
Department Human Services buildings, partner with LINK to develop (DIP) Grant Program, (c) work with
Education: Davenport College of a retail outlet mall, use social media state representatives to obtain our
Business, ABA to promote our city, give tax credit to share of Federal monies, (d) push for
University of Maryland, MUW industries willing to join our communities state legislators to “enact a lottery as
Political party: Democrat (utilizing vacant industrial complexes a way to generate tens of millions of
Political experience: 10 years on would be a plus). I will promote growth dollars a year to boost the state budget,”
Columbus-Lowndes Convention and establishment of industrial and according to Gov. Bryant.
and Visitors Bureau board commercial development to improve the
Residence: 3620 Azalea Circle economic position of our city.
Family: Husband, Willie Byrd; four
children; four grandchildren
Phone: 662-327-5751; cell: 662-

Every vote
Cast your ballot
on May 2

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
6 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of Columbus
Councilman - Ward 6

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $17,500
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Columbus’
development in Columbus? infrastructure?

It starts at the top of the chain. We Unity. We must work together. We Roads, street signs, housing,
Andre Deforrest Roberts must display and adopt greater respect work together so easily after a tragic drainage and abandoned buildings are
Age: 43 and communication among one another event or natural disaster. This is not a just a start but we must invest more time
Occupation: Security officer, and each entity. I would personally black and white issue but a maturity and resources into our community. We
Leigh Mall travel or call specific companies one. Challenges are great at times (and) have some of the hardest workers and
Education: Graduated; some to get them here. I have awesome challenges build new relationships and brilliant minded individuals right here in
college communication skills, social media is repair old ones. It’s all possible. our city. I know and have worked side
Political party: Democrat also a valuable tool. Also work more by side with many. There is no problem
Political experience: Ran for with the LINK, they do good work. or issue that together we can not solve.
Lowndes County chancery clerk I worked for the road department in
twice the past and I know from hands-on
Residence: 307 Hospital Dr., (experience) what it takes. I learned so
Apt.30 much from there about infrastructure.
Family: N/A
Email: andre.roberts81@gmail.
Phone: 662-889-2152, 662-425-

The future industrial development A major issue with Ward 6 is the Since I have been on the city
Bill Gavin (I) and growth for the city will be a difficult ever increasing amount of traffic on council, we have made great strides
Age: 67 challenge to promote. There are several Hwy 45 North and Bluecutt Road. While in improving our infrastructure. Most
Occupation: Retired factors that will need to change in order major improvements have been made to of the city streets and roads in Ward 6
Education: Master’s Degree for the city to show success in industrial Bluecutt, there is still a need to four-lane have been paved. The city has invested
Political party: Republican growth. First the city is landlocked the road, since it has become a major $2.25 million dollars in street paving in
Political experience: Eight years and at this time would not be able to traffic route for the city. I have been to Ward 6 alone. While there is still more
Columbus City Council offer massive tracts of land for large Washington, D.C. to talk with Senator work to be done, we have made great
Residence: 203 Jones Circle companies to come inside the city Thad Cochran about increasing funding progress in this area. All this has been
Family: Wife, Tammy; one limits and locate. In order for the city to for the Highway 45 bypass. He is now done without an increase in tax millage.
daughter; one pet expand for industrial growth, we would fully aware of our needs. Hopefully Like all the other five wards in the
Email: need to do a large scale annexation, these federal tax dollars will be included city, Ward 6 does have issues with
Phone: Home: 662-327-3323; which could mean complications in in the upcoming Federal Transportation drainage. We are especially hit hard
Cell: 662-574-0295 water and sewage and city services. bill. when we receive excessive downpours,
The second obstacle is our taxation. Another issue for Ward 6 is to such as five or six inches of rain. Almost
With the current taxation millage, most develop quality of life activities. Ward 70 percent of our city is built upon
large companies would most likely 6 is the only ward throughout the city swamp land, we have two rivers that run
not be interested in locating within the that does not have an activity center for through our city, and as long as I can
city limits when they can locate to the the youth or senior citizens. Our ward remember we have had flooding issues.
county and pay lower taxes. needs a common meeting location for We must develop a long range plan for
Third, the city must do a better job in civic groups, senior citizens projects and drainage improvement for all the city.
educating and training our students. youth of our community.

Primary Sample ballot Precinct Polling Place
Ward 4
City of Columbus Ward 1 Columbus Fire Station #1
National Guard Armory Columbus Fire Station #1, 205 7th St. S., Columbus
(Composite ballot for the May 2 primary election –
actual listings will vary by districts and precincts.) National Guard Armory, 111 Fabritek Dr., Columbus
Hunt School
MAYOR Townsend Park Hunt School, 920 20th St. N., Columbus
(Vote for one) Townsend Park Recreation Building, 826 15th St. So., Columbus
O Carl Lee Propst Park Community Hut
O Selvain McQueen William Washington Terrace Propst Park Community Hut, 2535 Main St., Columbus
O Robert E. Smith, Sr. William Washington Terrace, 2201 8th Ave. S, Columbus
O ______________________________
Ward 5
City Council Ward 2 Ward 2 MUW Carrier Lodge
(Vote for one) East Columbus Gym MUW Carrier Lodge, 802 1st St. S., Columbus
O Joseph W. Mickens, Sr. East Columbus Gym, 207 Lawrence Dr., Columbus

O Troy Miller Fairview Elementary School Union School
O Eric Thomas Fairview Elementary School, 225 Airline Road, Columbus Union School, 1425 10th Ave. N., Columbus
O ______________________________
Ward 6
City Council Ward 4 Ward 3 Brandon
(Vote for one) Columbus High School Brandon Central Office, 2630 McArthur Dr., Columbus
O Pierre D. Beard, Sr. Columbus High School, 215 Hemlock St., Columbus
O Frederick Jackson
O Lavonne Latham-Harris First Assembly Caledonia
First Assemble/Activities Building, 2201 Military Rd., Columbus
O Marty Turner
O ______________________________ Caledonia
Write-in Community Center, 205 South Street, Caledonia
City Council Ward 5

O Gary Jefferson
(Vote for one)
Executive Committee Cathy Coleman
O Stephen “Red” Jones
O ______________________________ Democratic 175 Holloman Dr., Columbus, MS 39705
Write-in Melodie Cunningham
110 Crepe Myrtle Dr., Columbus, MS 39705
City Council Ward 6 662-251-0055
(Vote for one) Glenn Lautzenhiser
O Whirllie Byrd 336 Williamsburg, Columbus, MS 39705
O Andre D. Roberts Joe Garrison
O ______________________________ 103 19th St. S., Columbus, MS 39701
Write-in 662-549-3965
Emily Chamberlin Moody
704 21st Ave. N., Columbus, MS 39701
Deborah L. Holt 662-547-3903
323 13th Ave. N., Columbus, MS 39701
Sidney Runnels
81 East Timberlake Cove, Columbus, MS 39705
Carolyn Turner Karriem 662-809-5751
1326 15th St. N., Columbus, MS 39701
Nancy Wheeley
724 Sixth Ave. N., Columbus, MS 39701
Nell Bateman
2109 Shannon Ave., Columbus, MS 39702 Robert T. Wilbur
662-574-2159 503 Forrest Lane, Columbus, MS 39702 662-435-7691

Don’t forget
to vote May 2
I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 7

Town of Caledonia

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $12,000
1. What’s the biggest challenge 2. How can the city continue to 3. What does Caledonia need
facing Caledonia? enhance its relationship with to do to attract future economic
the county? development?

The biggest challenge facing Caledonia supports the Lowndes As stated above, Caledonia has
William B. Lawrence (I) Caledonia is our ability to keep up County School system which just experienced tremendous growth in the
Age: 76 with the tremendous growth over the invested $25 million in a new state-of- last few years. Caledonia is a farming
Occupation: Mayor of Caledonia last few years. Not only has the town the-art elementary school in Caledonia. and bedroom community for CAFB
Education: 1958 graduate of increased in population but numerous Caledonia has excellent K-12 schools. and industry of Lowndes and Monroe
Caledonia High School; also new businesses have been added or re- These schools not only attract children County.
studied accounting at MSU. opened during my tenure as mayor. of Caledonia but also the children
Political party: Independent In addition, the Caledonia Natural of CAFB pilot trainees and CAFB
Political experience: Mayor of Gas District office has recently moved personnel. My family supports the
Caledonia 2005 to 2009; 2013 to into a beautiful newly built facility on Caledonia School System 100 percent.
present. Main Street. In addition, Caledonia supports the
Residence: 201 Lawrence Road Furthermore, Caledonia has been District 1 Volunteer Fire Department
Family: Wife, Rissa Lawrence; without a bank since October 2005. We which is under the Lowndes County
two children are extremely proud to announce that umbrella. Due to the new Caledonia
Email: victorianplace@cableone. we are anxiously awaiting the grand District 1 VFD facility on Main Street,
net opening of The Bank of Vernon in training of volunteer firemen and
Phone: 662-574-0153 (cell) Caledonia. additional fire trucks/equipment, the
Mississippi State Rating Bureau has
recently improved the fire insurance
classification in Caledonia to Seventh

The biggest challenge facing Caledonia One of the main attractions to We must take full advantage of
Mitchell “Mitch” Wiggins is adequately keeping up with the rapid our town is the superior performing the relationships that we have at both
Age: 42 growth that our town and surrounding area Caledonia school system. We as a town the county and state level with our
Occupation: Paramedic at is currently experiencing. There are three should do a better job of partnering economic leaders, the Mississippi
Baptist Memorial Hospital – areas that we must address to manage with our county school board on solving Development Authority and our local
Golden Triangle that growth. We must start taking proactive issues like the current traffic gridlock legislative delegation. As your mayor, I
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in steps to improve our infrastructure, such around our school during high traffic plan on actively recruiting manufacturing
Business Management – MUW; as adequately maintaining and expanding times and infrastructure issues like jobs in our town. Our town has several
Graduate of Caledonia High our water and sewer system. We must water and sewer. If elected I plan to suitable sites, adequate resources and a
School also explore innovative ways to provide forge a better working relationship with ready and capable workforce to sustain
Political party: Independent accessible, affordable high-speed internet the school system and partner with a small to mid-sized manufacturer. The
Political experience: District 1 service, which is a necessity in today’s them on addressing these issues. As costs to provide services to our citizens
Volunteer Fire Dept. Board of world of educating our children and your mayor, I pledge to be gracious and are not decreasing and the only way to
Directors, 12 years; Four years as recruiting new business into our town. supportive to all of our county and state generate more revenue without raising
a current Caledonia Alderman We must also take a serious look at leaders. taxes is to actively recruit new business
Residence: 3573 Caledonia Ola J. Pickett Park. Our park is in need and manufacturing.
Vernon Road of upgrades and additional facilities
Family: Wife, Stephanie Wiggins; to adequately handle the volume of
two children participants in our youth sports programs.
Email: I plan to work with the Aldermen on
Phone: 662-549-2132 developing a series of plans to totally
renovate our recreational facilities.


Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $4,800
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial / commercial facing Caledonia? to improve Caledonia’s
development in Caledonia? infrastructure?

For a long time, Caledonia has I believe “vision” is the biggest Caledonia’s infrastructure needs
Matt Atkins been a quite small town. Over the challenge facing Caledonia. Many of improving, and as a small town we
Age: 39 years industry has moved into Lowndes the issues that the current board faces do not have the tax base to complete
Occupation: Steel Dynamics - County which has produced a growth in today could have been prevented this all at once or even in the next few
quality control the area and also the town. Caledonia with vision and bold moves from years. Town leaders will have to work
Education: Degree in Secondary desperately needs some type of leadership over the past 20-30 years. closely with county leaders. Our district
Education (BA) zoning laws to accommodate business Bold decisions are tough to make, supervisor has been a huge help to the
Political party: Independent investors and maintain property values and come with opposition, but without town, and with his help Caledonia has
Political experience: None in the area. To promote business in change you will not grow. I believe past been able to maintain what we have
Residence: Caledonia the town, you first need to tackle the administrations have dodged some of now. Looking forward city leaders will
Family: N/A issue of zoning. I believe with growth these decisions and kicked the can have to focus on the worse sections
Email: you need to expand the town limits and down the road. first and then plan and budget for future
Phone: 662-549-4240 annex. The current board campaigned improvements. Leaders will have to try
for this in the past election but for and get grants for the town of Caledonia
whatever reason this has not happened. to assist in the upgrade of the lagoon.
We need to protect the small town feel Also we can push for more grants to
while growing at the same time. upgrade our park facilities.

I believe the best way to promote One of the biggest problems the My suggestion for improvement will
Olen “Tyler” Brock future industrial and commercial town is facing right now is our sewage start by more discussion among board
Age: 42 development in our town starts by treatment lagoon. Our lagoon needs to members before making decisions for
Occupation: Caledonia Natural supporting our existing businesses. be refurbished and is a costly process the people. The town agenda should
Gas District, last seven years. A thriving community will attract other but a necessity. We cannot put this off be readily available the Friday before
(Mark) Williams Maintenance and investors to come in. much longer. the town meeting. In my opinion this
Const. Foreman, 10 years will give more time to think about issues
Education: Caledonia High without making hasty decisions.
School Graduate, Home
Inspection degree/Kaplan
University of Atlanta
Political party: Republican
Political experience: None
Residence: 40 year resident
Family: Son of Olen and Marilyn
Brock; wife, Nikki, one son; one
Phone: 662-364-8654

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Timothy William Butler for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Independent
Political experience: N/A Photo
Residence: 161 Susie Circle not
Family: N/A available
Phone: 662-549-1731

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
8 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

Town of Caledonia

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $4,800
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial / commercial facing Caledonia? to improve Caledonia’s
development in Caledonia? infrastructure?

First, secure a site. Next, we must Current tax base needs to be Rework the sewer lagoon, repair
Bill Darnell (I) be able to provide substantial electricity, revisited. Tax collections cannot keep existing streets and build new
Age: 64 water and sewer. Once all of that is up with infrastructure necessities. sidewalks.
Occupation: Currently self accomplished, then explore possibilities.
employed, retired logistics
Education: Graduate of
Caledonia High School; Graduate
of MSU; Graduate of Harvard
Manager Mentor Program
Political party: Independent
Political experience: Current
Vice-Mayor of Caledonia,
Caledonia Board of Aldermen 32
Residence: 143 Coulter St.
Family: Wife, Betty; two
daughters; six grandchildren
Phone: 662-402-7900

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Jack Nicolas Jackson for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Independent
Political experience: N/A Photo
Residence: 36 Jackson Dr. not
Family: N/A available
Email: njackson3232@yahoo.
Phone: 662-542-2135

Partnerships with entities like The biggest challenge facing First and foremost, continuing a
Matt Furnari Columbus Air Force Base, GTR LINK, Caledonia is the growth of our good working relationships with the
Age: 41 and local businesses are a great way to town. While growth is a positive, Lowndes County Board of Supervisors
Occupation: Caledonia business promote development. Another avenue reckless unsubstantiated growth is and Lowndes County road department
owner, and owner/president of to explore is state and federal funding not. Caledonia is headed in the right is important. Secondly, when you think
Integrated Waste Service Photo opportunities that benefit towns like direction, with a strong focus on Ola J. infrastructure, you also have to include
Education: Bachelor’s Degree not Caledonia. While this will focus more Pickett Park and attracting businesses utilities such as water/sewer, gas,
in Business Administration from on public sector growth, it will help with that fit our town and community. We phone/internet, cable, electric. Working
Mississippi State University available improvements/growth to entities like must continue this focus and make hand-in-hand with utility providers will
Political party: Republican Ola J. Pickett Park and other public sure Caledonia’s growth is done with help ensure quality of service for our
Political experience: None use facilities. Identifying and promoting foresight and the best interest of growing community.
Residence: 9856 Wolfe Road areas of Caledonia that would be Caledonia’s resident’s in mind.
Family: Wife, Jacqueline Furnari; suitable for development is also a
two sons way to jumpstart projects. Two other
Email: elements give Caledonia an advantage
Phone: 662-574-2591 for future development. First the safety
of our community, which we owe to law
enforcement and first responders.
Secondly, Caledonia has the
privilege of being home to one of the top
schools in the state of Mississippi.

Caledonia is one of the fastest- I feel we have several challenges. I want to continue to work alongside
Tammy Leigh McCool growing communities in Lowndes One being keeping up with the growth the Lowndes County Board of
Age: 48 County and that would be a positive in for our future generations. Another Supervisors and Lowndes County road
Occupation: Manager of local attracting future businesses to our town. would be, our town has a blue ribbon manager to improve our streets and
family owned business We are known as a family community, I school, I want to make sure our town sidewalks. I also have several ideas to
Education: Graduate of would love to see more businesses here supports the school, the staff and the help improve Ola J. Pickett Park for our
Caledonia High School, Graduate in Caledonia that offer family services to students in every way. The town of youth and the residents of Caledonia.
of Bevill Community College, LPN our citizens. In this day and time people Caledonia has always been known
degree are always busy and on the go. If we for being a safe community, I believe
Political party: Independent had more businesses, it would make it another challenge is that, the mayor and
Political experience: Caledonia convenient for our citizens to shop at board of alderman has to support our
Days chairperson, 4 years; home instead of traveling elsewhere. local law enforcement in every way to
Caledonia Christmas Parade and protect our citizens and keep our town
Annual Egg Hunt at Ola J. Pickett safe.
Park event coordinator, 3 years
Residence: 1100 Main St.
Family: Husband, Michael
McCool; one son
Phone: 662-574-3744

Super low taxes. Easy work Caledonia’s aging sewer system. Try to maintain the utility rates for
John Quinn Parham (I) environment. Qualified workers. They’re The city is currently in talks with a water and sewer where they are. Keep
Age: 54 fine where they are, but as we can we company to rectify the problem, in the the taxes low enough that it doesn’t
Occupation: Lineman, Monroe should lower them and give back to the early stage. It will take time. The new interfere with someone wanting to
County Electric Power Association people. board will have to take it up and finish open a business. Continue to work with
Education: New Hope High it. The city only has approximately the county on maintaining the roads,
School 350 sewer customers. With all the bridges and culverts in town.
Political party: Independent regulations required, it’s awful hard to
Political experience: At end of put the burden on so few.
second consecutive term, had one
term from 96-97 and 2000-01
Residence: 202 Martin Road
Family: Single; no children
Email: N/A
Phone: 662-386-3113

I don’t think Caledonia needs to have One challenge is up keeping the The infrastructure for Caledonia
Charles “Buzzy” Vizgard a huge influx of industry. I think that community park and continuing to needs to start with the buildings in
Age: 41 maybe at most, if we could get a small improve it so that we have a place for Caledonia. The first thing that needs
Occupation: General manager of internet call center or something that our family and friends to enjoy. The to happen is there needs to be a
A-Mc Construction Inc. would provide 30-40 well paying jobs in walking track is in bad repair and needs building department established and
Education: Graduated from the community that would be great. As to be replaced. Our baseball fields need the adoption of the Mississippi building
Columbus High School in 1994 far as commercial businesses, I think some work. Most of the permanent codes. This way the new structures will
Political party: Republican that we just have to show the potential structures could use a facelift. The town be safe and will stand the test of time to
Political experience: No political companies the benefit of our wonderful is working on building some new soccer be here for many years to come. Then
experience town. We have a very low crime rate, fields, but this has been a very slow we need to work on our roadways and
Residence: Caledonia 14 years our town has a great school system process. I think the skate park needs sidewalks. Many of the roads here are
Family: Wife, Heather Vizgard; that produces a wonderful younger to be transformed into an asset rather in OK repair at best. For many years the
two children workforce. than a liability. I have talked with other town has tried to patch and repair the
Email: candidates about the possibility of a roads rather than fix them the right way.
Phone: 662-574-6645 splash pad at the park for the children to We have many sidewalks that are an
be able to enjoy in the summer as well. embarrassment. They are generally in
I think we need to regulate livestock poor repair. I feel that in some areas we
and nuisance animals in neighborhoods need to see about installing sidewalks.
and areas of the town that is primarily There are a lot of children in our
used for residential housing. I would community that walk to the park and to
like to see our Marshal’s department school. They need to be provided a safe
upgraded to allow us to have at least way to do this.
one marshal on duty at all times.
I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 9

City of Starkville

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $75,000
1. What’s the biggest challenge 2. How can the city continue to 3. What does Starkville need to
facing Starkville? enhance its relationship with do to attract future economic
the county and Mississippi development?
State University?

The biggest challenge facing To enhance the city of To attract future economic
Johnny Moore Starkville is economic development that Starkville and Mississippi State development, we must first have a
Age: 56 provides jobs for our citizens without University’s relationship, we must mayor that is approachable. Over the
Occupation: Attorney excess unreasonable regulations have communication. My personal past 30 years, I have been involved as
Education: Mississippi State on business, but consistent with our relationship with the city and Mississippi a general counsel in more than $500
University, bachelor of professional goal to provide a community that is State University is already very strong. million in real estate transactions. I
accountancy; University of aesthetically pleasing. I would continue to build upon my have worked with the smallest business
Mississippi School of Law relationships that already exist. owners in Starkville, as well as the
Political party: Democrat largest corporations in America. To
Political experience: 20 years further our growth, we must have
administrative hearings experience someone with this experience.
in municipal government
Residence: 1195 Meadow Lark Dr.
Family: Married, Karen Johnson
Moore; four sons; one grandson
Email: johnny@mooreforstarkville.
Phone: 662-323-7740

The biggest challenge will be We can all work together to We must ensure that we remain
Damion Poe continuing with the current growth enhance the relationship by sharing business-friendly and work to enhance
Age: 26 and bringing large employers into our our resources, lending a helping hand the quality of life for all citizens. This
Occupation: Human Resources coming industrial park; but Starkville is where needed, and all working for the will make Starkville more appealing to
specialist well equipped and capable of doing this. greater good of Starkville. developers and residents alike.
Education: Starkville High
School, Adjutant General School,
Mississippi State University
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Military
and civilian human resources
manager, recruiter and sales
Residence: 109 Locksley Way,
Apt. 6
Family: Son of Celena Poe-
Hinton and Shawn Dean; two
Phone: 662-418-9722

There isn’t a city in Mississippi that The opportunities for collaboration Our economic development must
Donna Lynn Spruill doesn’t face a funding challenge for the with MSU and the county are boundless. include sustaining the support for funding
Age: 64 basics of city services. Setting aside It spans the realm from the special (with the county) of the industrial park
Occupation: Self-employed the easy and trite answer, my answer is events that we host with the MSU that is planned and located to the north
property management company/
maintaining momentum. Student Association to the continued of town. It should also include running
retired airline pilot (Delta Airlines)
retired chief administrative officer Starkville has enormous potential contract for fire protection services. programs in parallel with the industrial
(City of Starkville) that is from all appearances picking up The city has been instrumental over park and the LINK with a focus on quality
Education: Starkville High speed. That momentum has built over past years in working with MSU and the of life and education.
School; MSU B.S. in Business; the past few years owing to a national county for such community assets as We have to have a community
Joint Masters of Public uptick in the economy and, specific to The Mill conference center and parking where people from cradle to grave find it
Administration and Juris Doctor Starkville, the success of MSU athletics garage and the new Partnership school. desirable to live. Starkville is a designated
from Georgia State University and changes in zoning that have offered The city has a long standing agreement “Playful City” and a retirement community.
Political party: Democrat opportunities to developers to increase with the university for provision of sewer We can have it all as we include traits
Political experience: Former density in areas closely located to MSU, services. We have worked with the that those in the middle of the continuum
councilman and mayor of the Cotton District and downtown. university and the county for many years desire for their families and their future.
Addison, Texas Starkville has been able to capitalize on the development of the research As we continue our growth of both
Residence: 806 Greenbriar St. on a heightened profile and we must park. business and residential development
Family: Four dogs, one cat and make sure that we do not let that slip I believe those opportunities will we must insist on those features that
an assorted adopted people family away. We need to continue to pursue continue to exist and that we should will attract millennials and keep them
of longstanding opportunities for special events and always be on the lookout for future from moving away from Starkville for
Email: promotion of our city as a destination for options such as education enhancement, city features that we have ignored or
Phone: 662-323-5234 the Southeast. annexation and economic development. purposefully chosen not to embrace.

Alderman- Ward 1

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Starkville’s
development in Starkville? infrastructure?

Starkville is a community that invites Ward 1 continues to see many Despite budgetary restraints,
Christine Williams a wonderful mix of young or growing needs around infrastructure as we lag we must find a way to proactively
Age: 44 families together with our large college behind other areas in much needed approach the infrastructure needs of
Occupation: Graduate teaching and retirement communities. We must repairs. For example, there are still our community. New construction must
assistant at MSU; teach American continue to make investments in our too many streets and properties that include measures to ensure that we do
government - undergraduate level.
community and economic development, flood during heavy rains in the Green not overload our existing city systems.
Education: Ph.D. in progress in
public policy and administration, such as invest in our parks and other Oaks subdivision. As an alderman, I will In addition, we must remain roads,
master’s in public policy and recreational facilities. If Starkville wants work to improve the problems with our pipes, drainage, (etc.) under scheduled
administration from MSU; B.A. in to continue to attract young families to infrastructure that lead to flooding in our maintenance so that we can “stay
criminal justice and sociology from the area, we must make sure we have neighborhoods. ahead of” potential problem areas rather
the University of Georgia the best parks and recreational facilities I will work to ensure we set up a than lag behind – as we currently do.
Political party: Democrat for these families to use. We have to schedule where we are upgrading our We waste a lot of money continually
Political experience: First create more green spaces throughout streets in Ward 1 every three years patching the same areas rather than
campaign; public service in military the city; improve our athletics facilities so we can avoid the large potholes looking for solutions to the problems
and state employment in Georgia for both our youth and our adults. we continue to see. I will also work to that cause them to become the problem
and Mississippi We must also continue to work with improve the curb appeal for Highway 12 areas in the first place. We must think
Residence: 23 Lakes Blvd. the Oktibbeha County Partnership and and redevelop Highway 182. long-term and we must visualize the
Family: Husband, Kevin Williams; the LINK to attract businesses to our bigger picture of our community and
one daughter; one son community. the potential that Starkville has to
Email: christine@williamsforward1. grow, flourish and prosper for the entire
com community and not just a select area or
Phone: 662-617-4476 subsection of the community.

As a city, we then should look to Ward 1 is a great place to live and I would help citizens understand
Jason Camp see what we can do to maintain the raise a family. Our biggest challenge is the critical need for investments in
Age: 29 character of the city while making it a ensuring we maintain the family-friendly our roads, drainage, water and sewer.
Occupation: Mississippi State place that business owners, industries environment. That means we should Infrastructure projects are big tickets
University Extension Service and families can be successful. focus on three areas: 1. Public Safety items and we have to decide as a city
Education: Masters of Public We also have to remember that and Emergency Preparedness. 2. We if we are willing to invest the money
Policy and Administration a key part of industrial/commercial should evaluate our aging infrastructure to make meaningful repairs, not just
Political party: Republican development is ensuring we have a and find long-term solutions for wasting hard-earned tax dollars kicking
Political experience: Starkville workforce that can attract employers. maintenance. 3. We should enforce the can down the road like we see
Planning and Zoning Commission We are fortunate to have East existing codes to ensure the city is in other cities. Citizens and our city
Residence: 2410 Douglas Mississippi Community College who appealing and well cared for in the eyes officials need to honestly evaluate
McArthur Dr. is providing countless opportunities to of our citizens and those of potential where we stand each year with our
Family: Wife, Kristy; one daughter prepare our workforce. We should work citizens. streets, drainage, water and sewer
Email: as a city to help support EMCC, our systems. Infrastructure spending has
Phone: 662-983-5930 local schools, and MSU so that we have decreased over the last few years.
a strong workforce of families that live in Roads, drainage, water and sewer need
a city with the highest and best quality to be an elevated priority in the city
of life in Mississippi. budget.

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
10 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of Starkville
Alderman - Ward 1

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Starkville’s
development in Starkville? infrastructure?

By seeing the fruition of the Drainage and infrastructure needs. By creating more jobs, thus
Ben Carver (I) Industrial Park on the Hwy 389. To increasing our tax base, and creating
Age: 36 further look at our landscaping and more revenue, in turn, fixing more
Occupation: Insurance agent, sidewalk ordinance, and find ways to infrastructure needs. During the last
Insurance Associates of Starkville make these ordinances compatible eight years in office, the city of Starkville
Education: MSU - Master’s of for small business creation. To work has seen more than $350 million in
Public Policy and Administration, with the LINK officials and the new permitted growth. The stage has been
Delta State University - Bachelor’s Communiversity officials, and work on set to see that number double in the
of Business Administration creating workforce development skills next eight years.
Political party: Republican for our future leaders.
Political experience: Eight years
as Alderman, Ward 1
Residence: 503 Cottonwood Dr.
Family: Wife, Jamie; one son;
one daughter
Email: bcarver@
Phone: 662-769-7017

Alderman - Ward 2 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
Starkville is fortunate to have good From talking with people in my ward My first step will be to work with other
Sandra Sistrunk partners like the LINK, GSDP and and across Starkville, infrastructure board members, our new mayor, and city
Age: 66 MSU who also are working to promote — everything from streets to drainage staff to replace the current discretionary
Occupation: Office manager industrial and commercial development to sidewalks — is at the top of the project system with a comprehensive,
(part-time) for Spruill Property in our community. I will work to list. Other challenges that come up multi-year plan that addresses both
Management maintain and strengthen those personal repeatedly are to continue to have current and future needs across the city.
Education: B.S., M.Ed., B.S. relationships. I will work to provide a safe community, to have schools My second step is obviously to develop
Political party: Democrat appropriate city resources as we work that help all our children reach their a plan to fund those improvements. That
Political experience: Starkville with our partners to promote and market potential, and to manage our finances begins with understanding our current
Board of Aldermen, 2009-13, Starkville to new businesses and for wisely. revenues, projecting our expected growth,
Mayor Pro Tempore, Chairman of our existing businesses that are ready I plan to continue these and determining what funds will be freed
the Budget and Audit Committee to grow. conversations with residents, up as older borrowings are retired.
Residence: 522 Chestnut Dr. I will also work to ensure we have businesses, and community leaders Knowing how much we can spend,
Family: Husband, Wayne policies and processes in place that over the next four years. I want their we will first allocate funds for an
Wilkerson give businesses the flexibility they help to identify and prioritize services adequate annual budget for repairs and
Email: sandra.c.sistrunk@gmail. need to make projects work and that and amenities that help us to be a maintenance. Over this term, the repair
com also protect the interests of the larger community where people want to live and maintenance budget has decreased,
Phone: 662-418-4574 community. I will make it a priority to and businesses want to be. and it must be restored.
provide the training and mentoring to We will consider limited borrowing
city staff so that they can provide good for bigger projects, especially new
help as businesses work through those construction, as funds permit and need
policies and processes. dictates.
Failed to respond to multiple requests
Jessie M. Carver for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: Insurance agent,
New York Life Insurance
Political party: Republican
Political experience:
Residence: 1258 Sandpiper Dr.
Family: N/A
Phone: 662-769-0328

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Lisa Wynn (I) for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Independent
Political experience: Four years
as alderman
Residence: 209 Lynn Lane, Apt.
Family: N/A
Phone: 662-324-6494

Make your voice heard.

Cast your ballot on May 2

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 11

City of Starkville
Alderman - Ward 3

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Starkville’s
development in Starkville? infrastructure?

I am a proponent of The LINK Street conditions and drainage I believe we have been reactive vs.
David Little (I) industrial park project partnership issues would be my primary focus. One proactive for several years in this area
Age: 51 with the county. I think that is a game- major drainage issue is the need to particularly due to budgetary restraints.
Occupation: District claims changer for the city and hope to see replace the piping between homes in I believe that we should be allocating
manager, Southern Farm Bureau it come to fruition. I believe we need Colonial Hills and Timber Cove as those at least $750K-$1M per year for capital
Casualty Insurance Co. to continue to be selective in the area pipes are deteriorating and this has improvements which would include
Education: B.S., University of of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) been known prior to me coming onto the streets and drainage improvements.
Southern Mississippi projects brought to the board and board. We cannot continue to wait and I don’t like to idea of borrowing and
Political party: Republican work to develop TIF guidelines. Is it hope it will cure itself. That project alone paying interest for street repairs as
Political experience: Completing time to consider a tournament caliber will run approximately $200K, which I these will need repaving again within ten
first term on Starkville Board of park as outlined in the recent Parks have not been able to secure funding for years. It’s like taking care of a house,
Alderman and Rec. Master Plan? This could be at this time. That would be something I it’s always cheaper to address issues
Residence: 100 Cypress Point an economic generator, particularly would need to partner on with the Ward as they arise vs. waiting until the roof
Road in those summer months. We could 4 alderman as it lies between our two is caving in. We need to get back to a
Family: Wife, Pattie Lowery Little; have hotels and restaurants at capacity wards. With the continued growth on capital improvement road/drainage plan
two sons; one daughter while increasing traffic at our retail South Montgomery, proper planning for and allow the city engineer to prioritize
Email: establishments. We would need additional traffic is needed. I anticipate those and address in manner. The ward
Phone: 662-418-9918 community buy in for a project like this, some relief with the new MSU parkway discretionary allocations allows smaller
but I think this could have an immediate through the south farm. ward specific improvements, but it does
impact on our great city. not allow major capital improvements
which are needed.

Alderman - Ward 4 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
I believe the best way to promote Replacing and renovating aging city If re-elected, I will prioritize the
Jason B. Walker (I) continued commercial development infrastructure is the biggest challenge in city’s budget to fund much needed
Age: 42 is to adopt the new development and Ward 4. infrastructure projects. During this
Occupation: Associate professor zoning code that compliments the newly term, I supported partnerships with
and undergraduate coordinator adopted Comprehensive Plan at the the Oktibbeha County supervisors and
in the Department of Landscape beginning of the next term. For Starkville MSU to secure funding. Furthermore,
Architecture, MSU to be business and development friendly I believe it’s crucial to continue these
Education: Master of Landscape and remain competitive, it’s essential strategic partnerships while seeking
Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic that we adopt 21st century zoning and additional revenue sources for
Institute and State University; development codes, and processes. infrastructure projects.
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture,
Mississippi State University
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Ward 4
Alderman 2013-17, Planning and
Zoning Commissioner 2009-13
Residence: 204 N. Nash St.
Family: Wife, Naomi; two sons
Email: walker4ward4alderman@
Phone: 662-617-0130

I would review all regulatory We need to grow our tax base Put in place a comprehensive plan
W.B. (Pete) Ledlow, Jr. ordinances to make sure the without placing additional burden to improve infrastructure that completely
Age: 62 city of Starkville is protecting our on our local citizens. We do that by repairs our infrastructure instead of just
Occupation: Owner, Pete’s neighborhoods, but also making sure ensuring Starkville is a business-friendly spot repairing problems as they arise.
Transmission we are doing everything we can to work environment.
Education: High School in with our developers that want to do
Michigan, served in Navy for four business in Starkville.
years, degree in welding from
Naval Training Center
Political party: Republican
Political experience: Starkville
registered voter for 38 years
Residence: 501 Suzanne
Family: Wife, Kim; two children;
three grandchildren
Phone: 662-617-3188

Alderman - Ward 5 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
Starkville is emerging as a regional The north side of Starkville is Infrastructure costs big bucks. So
Kayla Gilmore commercial center. Downtown Starkville has becoming the new entrance into the city. first, we have to explore the availability
Age: 33 a thriving evening trade and attracts many U.S. Highway 82 brings most people to of federal and state grants to help
Occupation: Local business people on game-day weekends. Academy town, exiting onto Mississippi Highways build infrastructure. Second, there are
owner/Artistic Director KMG Sports will hopefully become a shopping 12 and 25 to go to Mississippi State or projects the aldermen can approve
Creations Dance, Fitness and designation for people looking for clothing. downtown Starkville or to Wal-Mart. The by allocating one-time expenditures
Productions, LLC; community However, a clothing store like Old Navy Hilton and La Quinta already have built from the city’s tax revenues, but city
activist and mentor would do a lot for the reputation of Starkville. in north Starkville. But, we can expect, revenues can only pay for a limited
Education: Bachelor of Business The high density apartments that have and should encourage, many more number of projects. This is where the
Administration degree: Risk just opened in Starkville provide small businesses to locate in the vicinity of aldermen need to bring together up-
Management, Insurance, and business opportunities. Ordinances and Ward 5. However, Garrard Road is the front business leaders and the impacted
Financial; Bachelor of Business zoning need to encourage small businesses only east-west road between U.S. 182 citizens. Long term, infrastructure can
Administration degree to open in those areas so they can and U.S. 82. The city needs to study pay for itself because new businesses
Political party: Democrat contribute to the neighborhood setting. those traffic patterns and anticipate and commercial development will
Political experience: 2-term city The city can coordinate with Mississippi issues before they become the problem increase city tax revenues. More
election commissioner, community State and private business to encourage of people in Ward 5. people will be employed. Accordingly,
activist more industrial growth. The biggest thing the city needs to work with a variety
Residence: 101 White Dr., Apt. B that the board of aldermen can do to of constituent groups to figure out
Family: No children promote industry is to create a community where are the logical places for new
Email: that will be conducive to families moving infrastructure projects.
Phone: 662-648-9333 into this area to work at those industries.

In order to promote future industrial One of the biggest challenges Maintaining a proper budget is key
Patrick Miller development, we need to provide of my ward is the prevention of to improving Starkville’s infrastructure.
Age: 26 services within the city that promote a rental and real estate development We as a city should be initiating capital
Occupation: Instructor, MSU high quality of life. Improving Starkville’s encroaching on property owners within projects that prepare the city for long
Extension Center for Government roads, sidewalks, landscaping and our neighborhoods. Certainly, my term challenges rather than short term
and Community Development sanitation will further uniqueness and friends and neighbors are aware of the fixes.
Education: Master of Public sense of place for those considering environment surrounding a university
Policy and Administration, MSU industry in Starkville. One of the largest town. However, new policies over the
Political party: Democrat drives of a local economy is a sense next term should reflect the needs of
Political experience: Ward of place. Our city should be appealing our home owners within Ward 5 and
5 Commissioner for Starkville to creative, working and service all of Starkville. Our citizens come first,
Planning and Zoning Commission occupations because of our great not the wants and desires of some who
Residence: 499 Broad St. school system, healthy and tolerant city. put individual profits for out-of-state
Family: Wife, Caroline Miller developers ahead of the best interests
Email: of our hardworking, home-owning,
Phone: 228-282-4509 Starkville families.

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
12 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of Starkville
Alderman - Ward 6

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing your ward? to improve Starkville’s
development in Starkville? infrastructure?

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Roy A. Perkins (I) for participation.
Age: 60
Occupation: Attorney
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Six terms
as alderman
Residence: 628 Hospital Road
Family: Wife, Shirley Ruth Porter;
two children
Phone: 662-242-7300

Alderman - Ward 7 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $20,000
Failed to respond to multiple requests
Margaret Moore for participation.
Age: 59
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: N/A Photo
Residence: 206 Westside Dr. not
Family: N/A available
Phone: 662-684-9291

With truth, honesty, righteousness Racial barrier and good paying jobs Try to find more grants instead of
Henry Vaughn (I) and keeping myself available for for black people. raising taxes, and make the developer
Age: 64 whatever is needed. more accountable.
Occupation: Supervisor
Education: Two years of college
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Two terms
as alderman
Residence: 105 Henderson St.
Family: Wife Jacqueline Vaughn;
11 children (one deceased);
21 grandchildren; two great-
Phone: 662-769-5049 or 662-

I would promote the future industrial We have several pressing needs, In order to improve infrastructure
Roben W. Dawkins and commercial development in but I believe the streets in Ward 7 are we must expand our tax base with not
Age: 49 Starkville by expanding our partnership in dire need of attention. We have only sales tax collections that have been
Occupation: Senior pilot at with the LINK as well as working closely some roads in Ward 7 that are still increasing at a record pace but bringing
Mississippi State University with Starkville’s commercial realtors. gravel. These roads were part of the new manufacturing to Starkville. No
Education: Bachelor of Science By growing our relationship with the annexation of 1998. one wants to raise taxes and in order
in Business Administration from LINK and realtors, we will be able to to do more with have to generate more.
Mississippi State University identify and cultivate new prospective The taxpayers deserve good roads to
Political party: Republican companies to our wonderful city. We drive on and amenities that improve
Political experience: Political also must foster our relationship with our their quality of life. Kids deserve nice
newcomer elected officials in federal government. parks and playgrounds to play on. As
Residence: 1398 Cedar Creek taxpayers we all want to make sure
Lane we are getting the most out of our tax
Family: Divorced; one daughter; dollars. And as alderman, we have to be
one son judicious with the taxpayers hard earned
Email: money! We have a great city but we can
Phone: 662-418-1111 do better.

Help make your
a better place.

Don’t forget to
vote May 2.

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 13

Primary Sample ballot Precinct Polling Place
City of Starkville Ward 1
(Composite ballot for the May 2 primary election – National Guard Armory
Hwy. 12 West at Industrial Park Road
actual listings will vary by districts and precincts.)
MAYOR Alderman Ward 5
(Vote for one) (Vote for one) Ward 2
O John (Johnny) S. Moore (Democrat) O Kayla M. Gilmore (Democrat) Sportsplex
O Damion D. Poe (Democrat) O Patrick Miller (Democrat) 405 Lynn Lane
O D. Lynn Spruill (Democrat) O ______________________________
O ______________________________ Write-in
Write-in Ward 3
Alderman Ward 6
Alderman Ward 1 (Vote for one) Sportsplex
(Vote for one) 405 Lynn Lane
O Roy A. Perkins (Democrat)
O Christine Williams (Democrat)
O Jason Camp (Republican)
O ______________________________
Ward 4
Needmore Center
O Ben Carver (Republican) Alderman Ward 7 610 E. Gillespie St.
O ______________________________ (Vote for one)
Write-in O Margareta “Ann” Moore (Democrat) Ward 5
Alderman Ward 2 O Henry N. Vaughn, Sr. (Democrat) Fire Station No. 3
(Vote for one) O ______________________________ Intersection of N. Jackson St. and Garrard Road
O Sandra Sistrunk (Democrat) Write-in
O ______________________________ Municipal Democratic Executive Committee Ward 6
Write-in (Vote for five) Mt. Pelier Church Fellowship Hall
Alderman Ward 4 O Walter Conley (Democrat) Hwy. 389
(Vote for one) O Patti K. Drapala (Democrat)
O Jason B. Walker (Democrat) O Arella Rene Ellis (Democrat)
Ward 7
O ______________________________ County Courthouse Annex
O Karin H. Lee (Democrat)
Write-in West Main Street
O Yolanda Walker (Democrat)
O ______________________________

Democratic Executive Committee
Supervisor District 1 Matthew Nappe
Ethel Shine 1039 Riviera Road, Starkville, MS 39759
500 Hancock St., Starkville, MS 39759
662-323-9482 Raymond Poe, Jr.
1427 Harrell Road, Pheba, MS 39755
Peggy Rogers, Treasurer 662-648-8673
150 Rogers Road, Starkville, MS 39759
662-323-3977 Garry Jones 1557 Harrell Road, Pheba, MS 39755
Bessie Collier
230 Harsely Lane, Starkville, MS 39759
662-303-8996 Supervisor District 4
Diane Wall
W.C. Johnson 107 Windover Lane, Starkville, MS 39759
1179 Bobwhite Dr., Starkville, MS 39759 662-323-8379
Patti Drapala, Secretary
Joshua Boyd 905 S. Montgomery St., Starkville, MS 39759
149 Rogers Road, Starkville, MS 39759 662-617-9237

A.J. Collier Ryan Colvin
230 Harsely Lane, Starkville, MS 39759 1799 Louisville St., Apt. 101, Starkville, MS
662-303-8996 39759
Supervisor District 2

Gloria Conley
60 Aztec Dr., Starkville, MS 39759 Marty Wiseman
662-323-6715 177 Hickory Ridge Dr., Starkville, MS 39759 662-312-6166

Alfreda Outlaw
111 1/2 Garrard Road, Starkville, MS 39759 Jim Morse 505 Colonial Circle, Starkville, MS 39759
Jamilia Taylor
383 Steele Road, Starkville, MS 39759 Supervisor District 5
Hattie M. Ridgel
Walter Conley 1944 Mt. Oliver Road, Starkville, MS 39759
60 Aztec Drive, Starkville, MS 39759 706-718-5532
Yolanda Walker
Albert Gore, Jr., Chairman 500 Spring St., Starkville, MS 39759
492 Cambridge Dr., Starkville, MS 39759 662-497-1833
Anita Anderson
Junior Burke 506 Crigler Road, Crawford, MS 39764
591 Boyd Road, Starkville, MS 39759 662-425-7812
662-312-1870 John Young, Vice-chairman
291 Railroad Spur, Starkville, MS 39759
Supervisor District 3

NaToya Tate
309 Reed Road, Apt. 923, Starkville, MS 39759 Chris Taylor
662-694-2006 220 N. Long St., Starkville, MS 39759
Annie Harris
3914 Wade Road, Starkville, MS 39759
662-323-0295 Levon Judon 1105 Turkey Creek Road, Starkville, 39759
Rose Coffey Graham
437 Polly Bell Road, Starkville, MS 39759

Republican Executive Committee
Marnita Henderson, Chairwoman Elaine Vechorik
Kim Moreland, Vice-chairman Kim Moreland
Rodney Lincoln, Secretary Jim Scrivener
Les Miles, Treasurer Danny Carlisle
Rob Roberson, Immediate Past Chairman Pete Cotton
Craig Vechorik Denny Daniels
Debbie Carlisle Russell Dodds
Bob Daniels Terry Fulghamn
Dennis Daniels, Sr. Charles Henderson
Jack Forbus Susan McReynolds
Carey Hardin Marco Nicovich
Rudy Johnson Joe Underwood

Every vote counts.
Cast your
ballot on May 2.
14 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of West Point

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $50,000
1. What’s the biggest challenge 2. How can the city continue to 3. What does West Point need
facing West Point? enhance its relationship with to do to attract future economic
the county? development?

Infrastructure rehabilitation — i.e., Open dialogue. As chancery clerk Continue to work with the LINK
Robbie Robinson (I) sewer, water, streets and bridges. for 28 years, I learned the value of and support our local schools, both
Age: 68 cooperating with the city, and as mayor high school and community college,
Occupation: Mayor I see the same cooperation flowing to create and educated workforce. We
Education: West Point High from the city. We get so much more need to make sure our city is clean and
School, EMCC and Mississippi done by teaming up with the county on attractive to have that curb appeal. We
State University certain projects (such as) emergency must take pride in our city.
Political party: Democrat management.
Political experience: 28 years as
Clay County chancery clerk, four
years as mayor
Residence: Rich Street
Family: Married, Susan Rodgers
Robinson; three daughters
Phone: 662-494-2573

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Homer Ryland Jr. for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: N/A
Residence: 24 Hickory Ridge Dr.
Family: N/A
Phone: 662-295-3336

Selectman - Ward 1

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000

1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing West Point? to improve West Point’s
development in West Point? infrastructure?

I will work with the Clay County Fixing our roads and streets I will do Infrastructure is a must if we are to
Jimmy Davidson Economic Development and the all I can to support this effort. get businesses to locate here, so this
Age: 65 State Economic Board to seek great be goal to work with the other board
Occupation: Small business companies that may be looking to locate members improve infrastructure.
owner by way of grants issuance of municipal
Education: Attended West Point bonds and/or altering municipal tax
Public Schools, Prince George’s Photo
Community College and University not
of Mississippi available
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: None
Residence: 125 Carver St.
Family: Widowed
Phone: 662-275-3834

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Linda Hannah (I) for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Selectman
Residence: 63 Hannah Dr.
Family: N/A
Phone: 662-295-7521

I would support West Point’s Lagging economic growth is one There are numerous complaints
Leta L. Turner continued relationship with The of the biggest challenges facing West of flooding and standing water in
Age: 41 LINK in an effort to attract economic Point. various parts of Ward 1. My first priority
Occupation: Paralegal at Turner development. In addition, I would would be to address the unanswered
& Associates, P.L.L.C. support partnering with the local schools complaints encountered while visiting
Education: 1994 graduate of as well as community organizations Ward 1 residents. Secondly, I would
West Point High School; 1998 to ensure the citizens are adequately support repairs to streets, buildings
graduate of Mississippi State educated and/or trained for potential and other public property as soon as
University with a Bachelor’s industrial expansion. possible after the need arises. As the
Degree in Psychology saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is
Political party: Democrat worth a pound of cure.”
Political experience: This is my
first time seeking political office
Residence: 21 Park St.
Family: One son
Phone: 228-236-8995 or 662-

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
The Dispatch • Sunday, April 30, 2017 15

City of West Point
Selectman - Ward 2

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing West Point? to improve West Point’s
development in West Point? infrastructure?

Failed to respond to multiple requests
William Binder (I) for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Selectman
Residence: 263 Lewellen Dr.
Family: N/A
Phone: 662-295-9103

Selectman - Ward 3 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000
Continue our current approach. (Didn’t answer this question.) Make improvements before they
Jimmy Clark (I) become an issue.
Age: 67
Occupation: Ford car dealer
Education: West Point High
School and Mississippi State
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Four years
as selectman
Family: Wife, Judy Clark; two
daughters; four granddaughters
Phone: 662-275-0496

Failed to respond to multiple requests
Ken Poole for participation.
Age: N/A
Occupation: N/A
Education: N/A
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: N/A Photo
Residence: 302 Fawn Dr. not
Family: N/A available
Phone: 662-295-5737

Selectman - Ward 4 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000
Continue to support and be a part of The biggest challenge facing West Being proactive and finding
Keith McBrayer (I) the Golden Triangle LINK. Working the Point is staying competitive in the issues before they become problems.
Age: 44 mayor and the city board to make West industrial recruitment world. We have to Developing a long range plan to meet
Occupation: Small business Point a business-friendly environment. make our community stand out and be the future needs of the community.
owner Continue to work with the Clay County inviting to future companies looking for
Education: B.S. Industrial Board of Supervisors to promote the city locations to build.
Engineering, MSU and the county.
Political party: Democrat
Political experience: Three
terms as Selectman Ward 4 West
Point Mississippi
Residence: 111 Sycamore Dr.
Family: Wife, Nicole Stockton
McBrayer; one daughter; one son
Phone: Home: 662-494-0661

Selectman - Ward 5 Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000

Continue to work closely with the Our sewer system needs upgrading. In the next 30-90 days we will
Gary Dedeaux (I) LINK, continue to build relations with city Repair our roads (resurfacing), keep be finished with our long-term
Age: 61 and county elected officials. Continue our current bridges in good repair. All of comprehensive plan. Continue to attract
Occupation: Gary’s Pawn and to keep a stable political environment those are expensive. industry and commercial development.
Gun, West Point and Columbus and to give our city a clean curb-appeal. This is what brings in a tax base to
Education: High school Work with EMCC and local schools to continue to improve our infrastructure.
Political party: Democrat improve academics.
Political experience: Four years
as Ward 5 selectman
Residence: 395 Airport Road
Family: Wife, Natalie; one son;
two children deceased; two
Phone: 662-386-7437

I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.
16 Sunday, April 30, 2017 The Dispatch •

City of West Point
Selectman - Ward 5

Term: 4 years, Annual salary: $18,000
1. How would you promote 2. What’s the biggest challenge 3. How would you work
future industrial/commercial facing West Point? to improve West Point’s
development in West Point? infrastructure?

External fundamentals, networking Economic development and It is imperative to generate more
LaTrenda Dm. Fenton and government policies are crucial community enhancement revenue to improve and maintain our
Age: 44 factors in promoting industrial/ infrastructure. By expanding more
Occupation: Educator/business commercial development. Therefore, it on public and private partnerships,
owner is imperative that our roads, building, strengthening the tax collection
Education: Graduate West and power supply be up to par. Also, of businesses, increase in non-
Point High School; B.S. Degree businesses that qualify can take appropriated revenue, advertising,
in Education, minor in Political advantage of government programs supporting our local agencies, internal
Science from Stillman College; that offer grants or special financing cut backs, industrial revenue and
Master’s Degree in Educational such as Tax Increment Financing attracting more businesses are just a
Leadership from MUW; Graduate (TIF). Furthermore, assessments, few ways to increase revenue.
- College of Ordain Elders questionnaires, research and
Ministerial Institute development, supply and demand will
Political party: Democrat be a driving force.
Political experience: First time
Residence: 447 Lone Oak Park
Family: Husband, LaBaron L.
Fenton Sr.; three sons
Phone: 662-617-9882

Work close with the Clay County The biggest challenge facing West The way you improve infrastructure
Jasper “Peicy” Pittman Board of Supervisors in luring potential Point is making sure all the people of is get a list of all the streets,
Age: 44 businesses. Have warehouse space or West Point benefit from our economic bridges,etc., and work on them one at
Occupation: Barber land needed for potential businesses. growth not just a select few. a time. Find state and federal money to
Education: West Point High Enhance the look of West Point. Hold help us in the endeavor.
School graduate; Gibson Barber our school board accountable on
and Beauty College graduate Photo
making sure our children are getting
Political party: Democrat not all the needed tools for success in the
Political experience: Seven available school district. Have the necessary
years as city selectman money put aside for incentives for
Residence: East Churchill Street potential businesses.
Family: Fiancée, Chimere
Brandy; three children
Phone: N/A

Primary Sample ballot
City of West Point
(Composite ballot for the May 2 primary election –
actual listings will vary by districts and precincts.)
(Vote for one)
O Robbie Robinson
O Homer Lee Ryland, Jr.
O ______________________________
Selectman Ward 1
(Vote for one)
O Jimmy Davidson
O Linda Hannah
O Leta L. Turner
O ______________________________
Selectman Ward 2
(Vote for one)
O William Binder
O ______________________________
Selectman Ward 3
(Vote for one)
O Jimmy Clark
O Ken Poole
O ______________________________
Selectman Ward 4
(Vote for one)
O Keith McBrayer
O ______________________________

Selectman Ward 5
(Vote for one)
O Gary Dedeaux
O LaTrenda D.M. Fenton

Do your research and go vote
O Jasper “Peicy” Pittman
O ______________________________

On Tuesday, voters will go to the polls for find.
Precinct Polling Place municipal elections including mayors, council-
men and aldermen.
This Voters Guide is intended to be a snap-
shot of each candidate.
Civic Center
It is often said that in our nation, we get the As we know, access to information has never
130 6th St. kind of government we demand. (Another ver- been more readily available than it is today.
sion of that axiom says we get the government Do your research. Read. Listen. Talk to
we deserve.) The voting booth is where that co-workers, neighbors. What do they know of
Executive Committee happens.
On Tuesday, we urge residents not simply
the candidates? What do they know about their
track records, their qualifications?
Democratic to vote, but to enter the voting booth well-in- We encourage you to give careful thought to
Jeannetta G. Edwards, Chairman
formed. this question: Are you pleased with the perfor-
662-275-2304 Too often, we fear, many decisions voters mance of the incumbent? Would the challenger
make are based on extremely limited infor- do better? What do I believe? What things are
Vivian Williams, Secretary mation. Who hasn’t entered a voting booth important to me?
662-275-4550 and drawn a blank on a race, knowing nothing Voting is a right, we often hear. But it is also
about a candidate aside from party affiliation? an obligation. That obligation is not confined
Gary Turner, Treasurer It is something that happens to all voters, we simply to the act of going to cast a ballot, but to
662-295-3263 suspect. have informed ourselves on the races so that
What we fear is that for many voters, those we can make the best choices.
Jack Vaughn
“who are these people?” encounters on the Finally, you have to physically go to the polls
ballot are more rule than exception. to vote. Make sure your spouse is going. And
Israel Lee We urge voters to familiarize themselves your neighbor. And your friends.
662-265-9137 with the races, relying not on campaign mate- We get the government we demand.
rial — which often tends to be dominated by This is a modified version of an editorial that
Earnest Parker, Sr. vague, misleading or, even irrelevant informa- ran in The Commercial Dispatch on Oct. 27,
tion — but from as many sources as you can 2015.
I = incumbent Some responses were edited for space.

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