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It IS essential tna Reiererce and Dale 01 tnls letter be quoted Irl any repl)

Reference /\lc.." 0'







Witn reference to your application io: registration of a Business hiame, I iorwarc

herewitr. certificate of Registration I~o" 2.,(,$,~, g,.t 0

~,recelpi lor fo.'lrl'~:-,ol~c~l,7.?'9,~atec/~~,o.l~II"'ls also enciosec

For your mtorrnanon and unure guioance I have TO oilng 1O you. notice fne iO!IOWlrJ0
sections of the Act-

(1) Section 660(1) whenever a change is made or occurs in lne particulars required by Section 657
of this Act to be furnished in respect of any firm, company or individual registered u de, tna;
section, other than particulars as to the age of an individua:, the firm or individua' shall within 2
days aner such change notify the change to the Registrar at the Registered Office at which tne
firm, company or individual is registered,

(2) Tne nonce requreo unoer subsection ('I) 01 tfliS secton snat Of; III writ;np SigneD as provioec Ii

Section 657 of this Act

Seclion 661 - if any firm company or IIldividuai registered under nus A;;; ceases 10 cary or
business it shall be th~duiy of thE; partner in the firm a1 the time wnen i: ceased to ca:-ry or
business or of thf; individua; 0, if hE'; is dead his persona! represernauve, within tnree mo tns ane
tne business has ceased to be carried on, to send by pas; or oshver [0 ths regisIIa; d notce
staOmgthat the nrrn 0: individua: I3S ceased to carryon business. If any person wnose dui)' I~I~
under subsection (1) 0; Secuon 661 of this act to give notice tna; a firrn O~ai' lnoivlOuai h3S C82.32C
10 carryon ousmess jails 10 comply witn tne orovisons of tna. suosecuon. fiE; snail Dc guiil)' of ar
offence and liable on conviction to a fine of ~520.00 Secuon 667 (2)

Section 665 (1) every Ind!vidual or firm required 0)' thiS act 10 be reqisteren snat If; all uao-
catalogues, trade circulars, show cards and business leners issueo Of sent by tne individual or fnrr
to any person have mentioned in . egibie characters

(a) In me case of an individual, his present forenames or ins milia! tnereoi ano present somam-
and any former forenames or surname and his natonahv: anr

(b) in the case of a firm, tne present forenames or tne mitla! tnereo: ana present surname, ana an)
former fore ames or surnames and the nationality of all tne panners in the firm 01 in the case of c:
corporation being a partner, the Corporate name; and

(c) tne registration number of tne business name

(2) VI/hen the individual reierreo to In suosecuon (1 j of this secncn IS a mmor, woros 'a Minor' snal
be added, in brackets, after his name

S.667(3) ii any firrr, company or individual In issumg any tfaLe cataiopue, IraOE eucue., snail.
Career business letter iahs 10 comply with the provision of tne A':;i every partner In tne firm or tn~
individual shall be guilty 0; an offence and liable on convcno 10 a fine of f.;250.0C

S.659(3) tne certiflCalE: of reoisreton snail De exhibiIed In 2 conspicuous POSiTIOr:a: tne pnncipa
place of business

S.659(4) wnere tnE reglslerec DUSJrJess nas more tna. one place o: ousmess. me onpma
certificate shall be mainiaineo and exhibited in the prmcipa place of nusiness v!hilf 2 copy of tn~
cerfincaie ciuly certiiiec by tne Reg!stra shall be exhibited ill a conspicuous posmon in eacn of in':
other places of ousness

S.670 every registered ousmess name carrYing on nusmess is expecteo 10 file iIS annual felUr'l no:
later than 301r, day of June In each year except tne calendar year in which the business name IE

~ PlEase note tnat tne registration of an)' BUSiness I~ame unoer me Compames and p.lilec
Motters p,et only come S 0 the proprietor or partners thereof of the right to carry on SU0r,
business under a Business r ame, thaI is a name otner tnan their own surnarne 0-
sumanes without any addition other 11 an their forenames or names Of the initials of suer
forename or names

It ooes not confer any special ngm or pflvileges or any licence 10 carryon tne DUSlrieSS nser