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Archangel of Unity

The Archangel of Unity

We all know and revere the Master Jesus, but only few know, that He is a member of the Angelic
Kingdom from where He serves as an Archangel now.

[ Excerpts from Journals 1994-1996]

You may remember that I anchored Spiritual Currents of energy in the Earth during several
embodiments preceding My final earthly initiation as Jesus, the Christ. This was done to create a
reservoir of energy from which the guardian spirits of that age could later draw to help bring forth
and sustain the Christian Dispensation. To this day, many people return to these foci to meditate
and worship, thus adding their energies to these reservoirs and sustaining the energy of these
qualities of resurrection, faith and healing. Many of those who were serving as guardian spirits
during the intervening centuries have attained their Ascensions, and now serve from the Octaves of

As Jesus-I was shown the ages past, and those to come, as One mighty and ongoing pageant. This
gave Me the strength and love to complete the initiation that was placed before Me. Through My
success then, you know that I AM is in you, and through the I AM-we are ONE. By the same law,
the Age of the Christian Dispensation is in the New Age of Spiritual Freedom.

The Flame of Freedom is anchored in the hearts of every man, woman and child evolving upon this
precious Earth, and it is from within their hearts that Spiritual freedom shall be drawn forth into
manifestation. This is the great and eternal truth you carry forward into the mass consciousness. It
is the 'greater thing' that you shall do. How can you do this? You do it through knowing the truth,
becoming unified with the truth, and exemplifying it, even as I have done before you! This is the
inbreathing, absorbing, and expanding of all you will need to know, to project Spiritual Freedom
into all life on the Earth. To exemplify Spiritual Freedom, you must be spiritually free. Only then
can you awaken it in the hearts of others. You have returned to the Earth to activate the currents of
Spiritual Freedom that you, yourselves, anchored into the planet at various times and places, just

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as I did before you. While you may or may not remember right now, it is important that you know
this, so you can call forth these spiritual energies to sustain the work you are doing, both
individually and as a group.

You must lead the way to Spiritual Freedom through manifesting forgiveness and mercy. This is the
most profound aspect of the love of Holy Spirit, and it will precede full Spiritual Freedom. Through
the Love nature within the Violet Fire, the Power aspect of the Seventh Ray will be fully and
perfectly balanced.

You must remember that the beauty of spiritual consciousness is as natural as the beauty of the
lilies, for they do not struggle to be beautiful; they merely grow wherever they are planted, fully
expressing their natural heritage. Every summer when they bloom, you will notice that where there
was one lily, there are soon more, until they occupy a whole field that was once filled with weeds.
Some flowers bend their heads to look down at the Earth, but the lilies of the field look up, forming
a cup with their petals to receive the sunlight and the rain to nourish them In the same way, you
must also hold your cups high, for how else can you receive the nourishment released, as through
the glory of the ages the magnificent light of God appears?

Up to now, your preparation has been of the heart, and you are learning to listen with your hearts,
giving full dominion to the Christ within. This was the reason for my incarnation as Jesus, to show
you the way to let go of all of the human, finally leading to the cross, which symbolically represents
the complete release of human consciousness. You have been told not to let your attention dwell
upon the cross, or to keep the Christ upon it and, of course, it is not intended that you should.
However, you cannot move past the cross without letting go of the human consciousness that made
this sacrifice necessary! Simply stated, the meaning of the cross is the complete sacrifice of all that
is human to all that is divine and this understanding is central to your spiritual evolution!

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It is also taught that I made this sacrifice for you. This is true, because until it was dynamically
shown that human consciousness must be completely sacrificed, humankind would continue to
dwell among the illusions he had created, out of which he built a prison to hold the divine
consciousness captive. You now have to face the final letting go of the human, even as I did before
you. Take heart, beloved! Accept my gift, for it was given willingly with all my love, and if you
accept it, you can let go of all your fears right now!

When I walked upon the Earth as Master Jesus, I said "Leave all and follow me." Each one hears
this command at the exact moment when you are ready to follow the Christ within your own heart,
so your first sacrifice is made by faith, as you release your human feelings to the Christ. Next,
steadfastly following the Christ within your heart, you are led into the blue ray of God's holy will.
There, you make your second sacrifice, which is the letting go of your human will to that of the
divine. Having done this, you receive the absolute knowledge that the will of God is sacred, and
your next step is assured.

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According to divine order, the next step upon your path is the letting go of the human mind.
Although this step should not be feared, most incarnated souls, still lacking understanding, believe
that to 'lose the mind' is to lose all control and give up all reasoning power. The very idea of giving
up your so-called 'power' stirs up deep fear, for human consciousness believes that the mind
contains its 'reason for being', the very meaning of its existence. As long as embodied lifestreams
believe that their reason for being exists somewhere within their human minds, they search there,
and, not finding it, they accept other erroneous beliefs as well, including the belief in death and the
concept of aging and the loss of vitality. Therein lies the fear! These human ideas and
understandings are the substance of your illusions out of which a prison has been built. Beloved, let
your inner Christ burst this prison asunder, once and for all! Sacrifice your human mind to the
divine mind of your I AM Presence!

Believe me when I say, your reason for existence is given by God alone. Your 'reason for being'
dwells only and eternally in the divine mind of God, and not in human thinking, be it your own or
that of another. It is in divine mind alone that you must seek, and in seeking you shall find! The
Buddhic path is attained by your Inner Christ, who, having been given the authority will raise your
consciousness to the complete spiritual freedom of understanding, which dwells in divine mind.
The Christ opens this path by blazing the sacred violet fire of mercy, forgiveness and compassion
before you, and these God-qualities become a permanent gift to you from that time forth. Only
through these qualities may enlightenment be reached. You will then have the power to serve as
pillars of fire, blazing the way before many others in your worlds, just as I have done before you.

A perfect Triangle of Light is built when the Christ is fully and consciously revealed upon the
physical plane through the enlightened consciousness of a Son of the God Parents. Once a perfect
triangle is built, each of the three points applies an equal pressure, creating a focal point at the
center of the triangle. This focal point may be seen as a circle, symbolizing the Universe-with
neither beginning, nor end. In the physical appearance world there appears to be a beginning and
an end, because of the absence of the balanced pressure of Love, Wisdom and Power.

The God quality of Unity contains within Itself the perfectly balanced aspects of Love, Wisdom and
Power of the Godhead. As you envision the Triangle of Light, at the absolute center see a circle with
a point in its center. That point is the focus of everything inside the circle and we shall call it Unity.
From this point the unified qualities of Love, Wisdom and Power are radiated forth in all
directions. Once your focal point is established, that point may radiate outward until it creates a

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sphere, the full dimension of Divinity, within which only perfection will express. From that sphere,
only perfection can go forth.

The beginning appeared when humanity used the power aspect of the Father before balancing with
the Love aspect of the Mother. Once this occurred, the end also appeared, because the circle was
broken in the physical world. In this New Age, the Balance of the God Parents must be restored
within the consciousness of the human Race, so that every Son and Daughter of the God Parents
may again have the opportunity to claim their Divine Heritage, which is to manifest the Eternal
Light of God on the physical plane of existence.

Each one of you is a focal point-a point of Light. I ask you to now combine your divine gifts,
becoming a stronger center of Love, Wisdom and Power. Before We, in the Octaves of Light made
Our Ascension, We came to the realization that We were not working only toward Our personal
Ascension, but for the planet as a whole.

Blessed ones, each one of you is working toward unifying your own four lower vehicles. As you do
this, through the Holy Christ Self within your heart, you are also attaining unity with your higher
bodies. As many of you are doing this simultaneously, you are learning to expand it throughout
your group work. It is through this interaction that planetary Unity shall be successfully achieved
within yourselves and within your groups, creating an integral part of the total Oneness desired.

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