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Program of Study

BSC 2010c Biology I Fall 2013 Face to face Learned the basic cell
processes and function.
Learned life cycles of
plants, animals and cells.
COM 1000 Introduction Fall 2013 Mixed Mode Learned different types of
to communication and how
Communicat to utilize them in our
ion personal and professional
MAT 1033c Intermediat Fall 2013 Mixed Mode Used algebraic techniques
e Algebra in order to solve
problems. Utilized both
algebraic and critical
thinking techniques.
PSY 2012 General Fall 2013 Face to Face Learned the fundamentals
Psychology of psychology and
different psychological
schools of thoughts.
Studied how the brain and
mind works, how people
think differently.
CHM 1032 General Spring 2014 Face to Face Learned the fundamentals
Chemistry of chemistry. Used math
techniques to solve
problems. Learned
theories about atoms,
elements, chemicals and
molecules. Used this
information to learn how
chemicals work in the
DEP 2004c Developmen Spring 2014 Web Learned how humans
tal develop from sperm and
Psychology egg to adult. Learned
about diseases and
activities during
pregnancy that can harm
development in the
HUM 2210 Humanistic Spring 2014 Face to Face Studied different cultures
Tradition I around the world from
different time periods.
Related different cultures
and traditions to each
other looking at
differences and
similarities. Studied how
humans have worked
together in societies and
cultures over time.
STA 2014c Principles of Spring 2014 Face to Face Studied basic principles of
Statistics statistics. Studied
probability and methods
to read data.
MCB 2010c Microbiology Face to Face Summer Learned about
2014 microscopic life forms
including bacteria,
archaea, and viruses.
Studied how they relate to
the human body.
BSC 2093c Human Face to Face Fall 2014 Studied different bones,
Anatomy muscles, tissues, and
and organ systems working
Physiology I within the human body.
Learned how they work
together and impact
HUN 3011 Human Face to Face Fall 2014 Learned different dietary
Nutrition recommendations.
Studied different diseases
and how to address them
with diet and or exercise.
SOP 3742 Psychology Web Fall 2014 Studied schools of
of Women thought regarding women.
Learned impacts on the
psychological well being
of women as well as the
life of a woman.
THE 2000 Theatre Web Fall 2014 Reviewed different theatre
Survey productions, studied
theatre over time.
CLP 3143 Abnormal Face to Face Spring 2015 Studied abnormal
Psychology psychological disorders
and how to identify,
diagnose, and treat them.
HSA 3111 U.S. Health Mixed Mode Spring 2015 Learned about the U.S.
Care health care system
Systems regarding policies, ethics,
and regulations for
patients and healthcare
STA 2023 Statistical Face to Face Spring 2015 Learned different
Methods I statistical methods used
to collect and display
PCB 3703c Human Face to Face Summer Studied body function and
Physiology 2015 how all parts of the body
work together.
HSC 3211 Preventive Face to Face Fall 2015 Studied ways to prevent
Healthcare sickness and disease.
Learned about different
diseases and how to
prevent them and treat
them if they are already
HSC 3537 Medical Web Fall 2015 Learned the definitions of
Terminology different medical terms.
HSC 4500 Epidemiolog Web Fall 2015 Studied different
y epidemics around the
world and how people
were affected by them.
Learned ways to prevent
epidemics and how to
eradicate them when they
ZOO 3733c Human Face to Face Fall 2015 Learned the human body
Anatomy system including cells,
tissues, muscles, organs,
and organ systems.
BSC 2011c Biology 2 Face to Face Spring 2016 Studied environmental
ecosystems and the life
forms inhabiting them.
Studied plants, animals,
and humans, and how
their body systems work.
HSC 3147 Introduction Web Spring 2016 Learned different
to medications and what
Pharmacolo they are used for. Learned
gy different diseases and
what medications and
how much to give to
CHM 2045c Chemistry Face to Face Spring 2016 Studied more in depth of
Fundamenta elements, chemicals, and
ls I molecules, and how they
relate to the body and the
world around us.
IDS 3933 Cornerstone Web Summer Prepared me for an
Experience 2016 education following the
Interdisciplinary Studies
track. I learned how to be
an interdisciplinarian in
academia and what that
WST 3020 Girls Web Fall 2016 Learned about girls
Studies mental development, how
they are affected by
outside influences such as
peer pressure, the media,
etc Learned different
struggles that are faced
by girls around the world.
WST 3015 Introduction Web Fall 2016 Prepared me for courses
to Womens on womens studies.
Studies Taught me the basics of
feminist theories and
struggles faced by women
around the world.
WST 3603 Introduction Web Fall 2016 Prepared me for courses
to Gender on gender studies and
Studies provided me with a
foundation on theories
regarding gender,
struggles that all genders
may face, and LGBTQ+
WST 4415 Global and Web Fall 2016 Learned different
Transnationa struggles that all women
l Feminism and girls face worldwide.
Learned specifically
different regions and
different struggles and
cultures pertaining to
regions around the world.

WST 3371 Women and Web Spring 2017 Learned different theories
Leadership of leadership and
attributes that pertain to
each of them. Learned
barriers to women
entering the workforce
and being promoted,
while also learning how to
overcome stereotypical
barriers women face in
obtaining leadership
IDS 4934 Capstone Mixed Mode Spring 2017 Prepared me for life
Experience outside of college and
taught me how to mold
my interdisciplinary
studies degree into
something that employers
would like. Taught me the
value of studying as an
interdisciplinarian and
how this tool is extremely
important in the world
INR 2002 International Face to Face Spring 2017 Gave me a foundation on
Relations the world of international
relations. Learned the
major theories of
international relations and
major issues that have
occurred in the world and
are occurring today.

The motivation behind the courses I have chosen is to work for an

international organization that promotes womens health, education, and
empowerment. I have a passion for health and international studies as well as
women and children and I wanted to study something where I could put my two
passions together. With all my science and health courses, I will be able to succeed
as an administrator in the health field on a global scale. With my womens studies
courses, I will learn more about women, womens struggles, and how to overcome
them worldwide which will help me to become an advocate of womens rights.