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1.At present Hyundai car you own?

a) Sandro b) Eon c) Verna d) Sonata

2.How was the sales exicutivies attitude towards you?

a) very good b) good c) not bad d ) bad

3.Are you satisfied with the service provided by Hyundai?

a) yes b) no

4.Where you get your can serviced farm?

a) Authorized dealer b) Authorized service dealer c) local mechanics

5.Do you prefer to buy next car from Hyundai?

a) yes b) no

6.Would you suggest your family and friends to buy a car Hyundai?

a) yes b) no c) maybe

7.What are the unique service offered by Hyundai which satisfied you the most?

What is your car milage? a) 30/1 liter b) 40/1 liter c) 50/ 1 liter 11.What kind of advice attracted you to in Hyundai? a) performance b) engine c) budget 12.Why do you prefer Hyundai car? a) reasonable price b) better performance c) milage 10.Do you think that the name of Hyundai is going to invoke internationalist feelings in the public and lead to rise in sales a) yes b) no 14.Rate your car? a) excellent b) nice c) not bad d) bad 13.What are the facilities available in your Hyundai car ? a) airbags b) interior work c) air conditioning 9.a) water service b) maintaience c) sales d) all of the above 8.What kind of model would you prefer in Hyundai car? .

Are you satisfied with the maintaince cost of your Hyundai car ? a) yes b) no 17.Why do you think the Hyundai is the best choice for you after using it ? a) price b) quality c) mileage d) comfort 18.a) diesel engine b) petrol engine 15.Are you satisfied with the car service of Hyundai ? a) yes b) no c) not bad 15.What type of problem that you faced while driving in the Hyundai car ? a) technical b) engine c) seating space d) none .Are you Okey with the fuel efficiency of your car ? a) yes b) no 16.Please write a negative point that you artibute to each of the following model? a) mileage b) sales c) price 16.

What are the factors influencing on purchasing the Hyundai car? a)luxurious b) quality c) cost 26.Is the Hyundai car is comfortable for you and your company? a) yes b) no 23.19.How do you evaluate Hyundai car overall? a)excellent b) good c) not bad 25.Do you wishing promoting the Hyundai car to others? a) yes b) no c) maybe 22.Whatb are the actual marketing source that indicated you buy a Hyundai car ? a)advertisement b) marketing staff 24.Do you like all the features offered in Hyundai car? a) yes b) no c) not bad 20.Is Hyundai motor company successful in fulfilling the needs of its low economic customers by Eon? a) yes b) no 21.What do you think of the performance of Hyundai car ? .

Why you are giving first preference to Hyundai while buying small car a)good facilities b) good quality c) better milage 29.What do you think the brand position of the Hyundai car? a) too high b) too low c) good 28. Do you feel that there will be demand for a model which is in the EON platform ? a) Yes b) No 32. i10. Which promotional media is influencing you to buy small cars? a) broadcasting b) product demonstration c) word of mouth d) publication 30. Do you feel that the introduction of more models with in the small car segment will improve sale of Hyundai ? a) yes b) no .a)excellent b) good c) not bad 27. What is your opinion if they are giving diesel option for EON . i20 and SONATA ? a) Will be successful b) Will be failure 33.What kind of changes are you expecting in the small car segment of Hyundai ? a) increase mileage b) add new facilities c) reduce price d) changes in design 31.

How is the after-sales service of Logan? a) good b) average c) bad 40. DIS. Logan has got the largest boot space n its segment. Finally if you want to have a car of mid level sedan . Reverse parking sensor aregiven in the new Logan. The extraordinary placement of the indicator switch.At last do you think it worth the value of money you spent on it? a) yes b) no c) average THANK YOU FOR VALIUBLE TIME . is going to make the driver feel? a) more comfortable b) comfortable c) non-comfortable 37.What do you think about the design & style of Hyundai (Edge Connect)? a) very good b) good c) average d) bad 35. New technologies such as Bluetooth. power windowswitches. what do you think about it? a)very good b) good c)average 38. will you go for Logan? a) yes b) no c) can’t say it good & going to make you feel comfortable while driving? a) yes b) no c) neutral 36.