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This project is aimed at developing an "A-One Tailor Shop Transactions Management

System that is of importance to either for the customer and the shopkeeper (tailor). The
system (A-One Tailor Shop Transactions Management System) is an Intranet based
module that can be registered a customer own data for transaction purpose. This module can
be used as an online order submission system for the tailor. Customer registered his/her own
data for the appointment and facilities or staff that can access the customer data base for to
give him/her facilities.

Currently shopkeeper (tailor) fill the manually requirement of the customer, office staff
heck all data from the specific requirement book. Tailor find all the paper requirements
from that particular slip from the detail book and tailor gives the completion date of the
ordered work to the customer.

This project solves all the problems of managing information of Tailors Customers
and workers. The main objective of developing this project is to save time and paper work.
The proposed system will provide the following features on different tasks.

Proposed online A-One Tailor Shop Transaction Management System will eliminate all
the manual intervention and increase the speed of whole process. System will allow to
customer to check the designs of suits and also user can send our ideas or requirements with
the order, system has inbuilt validation system to validate the entered data. After successful
submission, system will give unique transaction number for each customer. Customer can
login into system by using registration number system will show the status when order finish.