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1 Objective

i. To perform practical analysis in Cloud computing (CTPS).

ii. To manage hands-on activity (LL).

2 Instructions

i. Each student needs to install Cloud application according to the following

Cloud type :

a. Service provider cloud

b. Web Hosting cloud
c. VPS cloud
d. VMware cloud
e. Storage cloud.

ii. Student only needs to choose ONE of the Cloud types for this task, however,
the lecturer will monitor the redundancy of the selected type (FCFS booking

iii. There are TWO parts of task in the assignment :

a. Analysing Cloud Type

Write a brief introduction of the selected Cloud type.
Prepare summary by providing THREE (3) benefits of the Cloud
Share/describe your experiences during the installation process.
b. Installation Process
Prepare a thorough user manual on the installation process.
The user manual must be documented in an appropriate and
effective format.

3 Grading

The assignment will be graded based on as follows:

i. Documentation ( 10Marks )

Mark Rubric
Chosen the right application BUT content is incomplete/not
4 Content is complete BUT not persuasive.
6 Content is persuasive BUT lack of originality in writing style.
Content is comprehensive and persuasive with more than
60% originality in writing style.
Content is comprehensive, persuasive and accurate. The
10 structure of report is very well organized, effective and easy to

ii. User Manual Presentation ( 5Marks )

1 Late submission
2 On-time submission BUT poor User Manual organization.
3 Satisfactory organization BUT not easy to follow.
4 Good organization, with formal User Manual format.
5 Superb organization; structure of User Manual is clear and
easy to follow. Well presented with adequate and efficient

Submit the assignment through PutraBlast before or on 14 April 2016 (Week