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Benefits of Playing Volleyball

Physical and mental health

The most obvious advantage is that its a great form of cardiovascular exercise. These types of
exercises strengthen the heart and lungs and help oxygen flow more freely through your body.
When your body and your heart are working better, it helps prevent diseases such as
cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. Exercise also helps you get in shape and tone your
body leading to better overall health and more energy as well as better mental health and
increased happiness and well-being.

Hand-eye coordination/agility and flexibility

A second advantage to playing volleyball is an increase in hand-eye coordination. With the quick
movements of the ball and having to constantly be aware of where it is, you have to not only see
it, but also be able to make a decision on how to handle the ball, should it come in your direction.
What kind of pass will you make? How hard can you hit it without it going out? Which of the
opposing team will you target with your spike or serve? Similarly, it builds sprint speed and
agility because of its quick changes of pace and direction as well as improves flexibility of hands
and feet.

Social interaction/Sportsmanship

Volleyball helps you learn how to work with friends and teammates with a common goal. This
makes you feel a sense of belonging and value. You learn how to work as part of the team and
learn how to work well with others in attaining that goal. This comes by knowing what your
teammates are doing at all times, where they are on the floor, what their jobs are, what your job
is working together to make points for your team and to prevent the other team from getting
points. It teaches how to accept defeat and how to win graciously.

Volleyball Equipment & Facilities

Volleyball Court Dimensions
The Volleyball court is 60 feet by 30 feet in total. The net in placed in the center of the court,
making each side of the net 30 feet by 30 feet.

Center Line
A center line is marked at the center of the court dividing it equally into 30 feet squares, above
which the net is placed.

Attack Line
An attack line is marked 10 feet of each side of the center line.

Service Line
A service line, the area from which the server may serve the volleyball, is marked 10 feet inside
the right sideline on each back line.

The Net
The net is placed directly above the center line, 7 feet 4 inches above the ground for women and
8 feet above the ground for men.

Volleyball poles should be set at 36 feet apart, 3 feet further out from the sidelines.

Ceiling Height
The minimum ceiling height should be 23 feet, though they should preferably be higher.