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Ritual of the Shining Beacon: Dissolving the Dread
By andrieh Created 07/21/2010 - 11:27pm

This ritual involves multiple steps. The first step depends on the practitioner's known paradigm(s). This ritual serves to cause a spiritual transformation that allows the ritual participants to alter their 'spiritual DNA' to become resistant to the overall environmental and societal dread and spiritual malaise that seems to be seeping into many of our realities and practices. This ritual will accomplish that through extensively tested and channeled sources of information along with various tested mechanisms. For those of you who require this sort of a ritual (and I encourage you to give it a try, as it is a powerful cleansing and empowering ritual) changing the components of your 'spiritual DNA' allows you to start to transform the world around you in a positive and healing way. For many of the rest of us, this simply will help remove the effects of this malaise/dread on our own psyche.

Before the Ritual:
Create a tea with the following ingredients: (Standard Disclaimer: the tea is optional, but very beneficial. However, the benefits do not outweigh the risks of allergic reaction. If you are allergic one of the ingredients listed, please DO NOT drink a tea with that ingredient. Please omit any ingredient that you find necessary due to medical necessity. If in doubt, check with your doctor. While rare, those with ragweed allergies may have difficulties with chamomile teas.) Lavender 1 pt Sage 0.5 pt Spearmint 1.5 pt Rose Hips 1 pt Licorice 1 pt Honey (sweeten to taste, organic or wild preferred) Chamomile 1 pt or Orange Peel 1pt

Step 1:Banish

Banish by your preferred method.

Step 2:State your intention out loud.
Verbalize the following, or adjust to your needs. "It is my Will to clear out the negative vibrations that most resonate with the current malaise from myself." (As stated before, this is a malaise/dread not so much at the individual level, per se, but more at a global level. There isn't a great way to describe this- but many of you may recognize a ring of truth from the back of your mind- that you've been feeling that 'something isn't quite right with the world'- that would be largely what we are addressing here.

Step 3: Call upon the Divine Force you are working with.
In each of the first steps you are evoking one of the following powers. We encourage you to invoke the spiritual force that you feel closest to. Build an appropriate altar. Place the tea on the altar. Some that I can recommend include: Erzulie Freya (Vodou), Quan Yin (Buddhism), Haniel (Western Ceremonial Magic), Babalon (Western Ceremonial Magic, Thelemic directions), Venus (Greek Goddesses), Freya (Norse Goddesses), St. Mary (Catholic Saint). The key for this part of the ritual is calling on a goddess that supports love and healing in different fashions. Other goddesses that promote healing and removing of negativity can be used as a substitute for the first part of this ritual. Perform this part of the ritual until you feel their presence. Included in the appendix to this longer ritual are methods to evoke the above example powers into the space. You need only to evoke and should only call on one of the Divine forces above and then should continue to the next part of the ritual. Some other suggestions include Isis, Aphrodite, Certain aspects of the Christos Spirit, Oshun, more powerful shamanic or magician ancesters may also work if they have tremendous healing powers. Ultimately, we leave the choice of entity to you in your own work to maximize the usefulness of the ritual. This part of the ritual should take at least 30 minutes, and you should allow yourself to be swept into that state of love, mercy or similar linked concept while having an active altar created for connecting to the above powers. The Appendix will give some sample rituals to give you ideas.

Step 4: Drink the Tea (now charged from having been on the altar) Step 5: Activate the Seal
Once the presence of the goddess is fully and completely felt. The participants should chant in a slow methodical fashion:

"Ya Me O Ta U"
while staring at the following seal.

This seal should be drawn out by hand in the nicest way possible before the ritual starts. Participants should use the chanting to deepen and go as far into trance state as possible. Methods for obtaining and maintaining trance states are fully covered in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'.


Allow the feelings of the divine agent that you are calling to even further descend down upon you and around you. Invoking and Evoking powers is covered in 'Hands On Chaos Magic [1]' extensively. It is also available via Hands On Chaos Magic on Amazon [2]

Step 6:Integrate the Seal into your energy body/essence.
After chanting while the presence of the divine is present, and you have stared at the seal long enough to memorize it, imagine the seal at first over your chest and head areas. As you do this, see tiny versions of the seal replicating and spreading throughout your own body. As they spread- feel, see, and hear your body progressively becoming more and more filled with light, in the way most comfortable to you. Allow yourself to feel even more attuned with the divine power you are invoking, as you allow yourself become brighter and brighter. Keep chanting the mantra, while imagining yourself becoming brighter and more light as the tiny seal spreads to every single cell of your body. Imagine this seal as having etched or tattooed itself onto each cell, each molecule of your being and that those etchings or tattoos then melt into the cells, becoming one with your being- changing the fundamental structure of your spiritual or energetic makeup. This should take at least 30 minutes to fully integrate the Seal.

Step 7: Pray

Thank the Divine agent that you previously called forward and pray to them for happiness and joy. Again, allow yourself to brightly and thoroughly beam with that happiness and joy as you express true gratitude for their assistance in this ritual. Spend a good 5-10 minutes praying and expressing your gratitude.

Step 8:Go do something else, but do not banish.
Go have a snack. Hug your kid, play video games. Go do something else for a while. (Even though this should be self-explanatory, we mean go do something else that is positive. Now is probably not the best time to go kick the neighbor's cat or make that phone call to the IRS.) Dismantle altars if desired. PLEASE DO share this ritual as you feel inclined to do so. Please do forward this to as many parties as you like, including on your Facebook, over emails or where-ever and whenever you are inspired to do so. A .pdf version of this ritual will be available on this page for download and easy email transference. While I release this fully under the creative commons license, I must be given credit for the work and that includes a link back to my web site for any derivative variants that come as a result of working with the current.

NOTE: For those of you who follow the older ways, for those of good character who are trained in Vodou, Ocho, Ifa, Palo, etc. -For those of you who are more honorable- if you use these methods to clean a client whose issues are giving you problems you should either email Andrieh Vitimus andriehvitimus@gmail.comwith some additional training information (or potentially offers for additional training, as I am very much interested in expanding my knowledge base along these lines), or email andriehvitimus@gmail.comwith a percentage of the profits. What is given in exchange is really up to you, but in the interest of fair exchange, and holding to the concept of good character, the effort should be made. Of course, if you are using this on yourself and feel like you need to give something back, and have the above skills or feel it appropriate to paypal me to relieve that burdon of fair exchange, email me at [3] . If you take issue with trading money and spirituality, but do desire to give back, [4] my Amazon wish list. This can be shipped to Andrieh Vitimus ( C/O Andrieh Vitimus), 1203 W Bryn Mawr, Chicago, Il 60660. The seal and mantra signify a type of intelligence (aka a 'spirit') and can be integrated into further work including talismanic work. The seal and mantra are linked to about 2 years of on and off work on the astral planes (which is where most of the work to build in the vibrational patterns of the seal was done). There may be some loose similar agents that have been released as this project has had more than a few people involved. This is, however, the most stable configuration to date. The spirit and intelligence is adaptive, partially a synthesis between Andrieh Vitimus's servitor techniques (not published in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'), divine inspiration and support, and multiple conference calls. This is an intelligence that will mutate and adapt to serve the purpose it has (which is cleansing out that sense of malaise and dread which seems difficult to cleanse in other ways). If you have trouble following along with this ritual, most of the fundamentals can be learned and mastered through the practice exercises in 'Hands On Chaos Magic'. If you have not already gotten my book, 'Hands On Chaos Magic [1]', and Hands On Chaos Magic on Amazon [5] by reading (and performing) this ritual- you can see in how many ways you already know this book will help your practice. Get it here! If you do have a copy, your friends and family might need one. Christmas is right around the corner! I also offer personalized pathworkings of this ritual, and many other rituals and purposes. Email me for more details! If you are more comfortable, I can perform this ritual fully for you. If you would like me to come to your location, (or if you are in or will be travelling to the Cleveland area), I am available to perform this for you or your group on various points (with various entities). Be advised that there is no single flat fee for this service, as material costs will vary by entity

utilized as well as various other factors. Please email me at andriehvitimus@gmail.comand we can discuss customizing a package for this massive and life changing experience!

Appendix: Methods of Invoking Deities into Space.

For all of the divine agents we list, we fully realize you might know more about the paradigm then we do. Consider these good starting points. Ideally, if you have a personal relationship with one of these entities, you will be able to derive your own ritual. The point of this phase is to fully bring the presence of the divine agent into the room and then move to the next step of the ritual while the divine agent is still in the room. Ideally, using techniques from the Internet, 'Hands On Chaos Magic [2]', and other resources, you could come up with your own ritual for this first part of the process.

Erzulie Freya

Warning- if you are going to do service for the Lwa, it would serve you well to read up on how to do that properly. This link provides a good basis for doing so. From the Roots without End Page: Begin as usual with the Lords' Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Apostles' Creed, or if these prayers are not appropriate for you because you are Jewish or of some other faith, address in prayer the One Most High God. At this time light your white candle. Then invoke Legba. Say this: Papa Legba open the gate for me! Atibon Legba open the gate for me! Open the gate for me, Papa, so that I can pass, When I return, I will thank the lwa. Now speak to Erzulie Freda. Pour out a little cool wter three times on the ground. Sprinkle the altar with Florida Water, and sprinkle some on the food offerings anything else you have provided for her. Light your pink candle.

Say "Maitresse Mambo Erzulie Freda Dahomey! Beautiful woman! Woman of luck! Woman of my house! Come here I beg you and accept these offerings!" You can put a small pink candle in each food offering, and present it individually. Breathe on the food, touch it to your head, heart and pubic area and put it on the altar. Light the candle in the food offering. Dance with elegant, flirtatious movements, swing your hips but be refined, don't go Las Vegas! If you know Vodou songs about Freda sing them, otherwise sing love songs. Naturally it would be better if you knew a few Vodou songs for Erzulie Freda but most people in the USA don't know any so don't worry if you don't either. Dance with elegance, dance with charm! Once you feel her presence, say, "Maitresse Erzulie Freda, you see this food? You see this champagne? You see ME? Empower and lend your strength to the work I am doing tonight. Clear out the bad and fill my heart with love." If you want to know more about working with Erzulie Freya, contact Houngan Mo Kle (aka Andrieh Vitimus ) at [7]

Quan Yin

This first part of this ritual is a modified form from Great Compassion Ritaul of Quan Yin. Insert picture of Quan Yin 1. Light incense and place beside shrine; 2. Prostrate 3 times to Kwan Yin; 3. Offer the tea, which Kwan Yin will bless; 4. Invite Kwan Yin to come to you and appear; 5. Bring the palms of your hands together in the prayer-mudra; 6. Invite all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to come and be present. 7. Recite the following chant: Lu Shian dza zo,Fa Je Mung Shin,Dzu Fo Haj Whey Shi Yao Wen,Swey Tsu Dje Shang Yun,Tsong Yi Fong Yin,Dzu Fo Shien Chuan Song.Na Mo Shian Yun Gai Pu Sa Mo Ko Sa. (3 times) 8. Recite the following lines to purify your speech and apologize for the

pronunciation errors made by you during this practice: An Sho Li Sho Lie, Mo Ho Sho Li, Sho Sho Li, Sa Po Ho (So Ha). 9. Chant in an extremely slow manner “Om Mani Padme Hum” which is roughly Hail to thejewel of the lotus. 10. Continue with the chanting until you feel the divine compassion and the overwhelming pressence of Kuan Yin filling the space. 11. Drink the tea after chanting for at least 30 minutes. More about Kuan Yin at [8]

Haniel (also known as Anael, Arch-angel of Venus)

Ideally, I tend to call this angel after having done the LBRP, after the four directional Arch Angels are called. It should be sufficient to vibrate ( which means go slowly and consistently while letting the name Ha Nee el be spoken from your diaphragm. Place the planetary seal of Venus down on the altar with a picture of Haniel's Seal. I usually use a combination of white and emerald for the altar, but you may set up the altar differently.

Imagine the sound coming from all parts of your body. In the space imagine a beautiful angel with emerald eyes and green sash. Imagine the feeling of harmonious love becoming more and more present as you vibrate the name repeatedly. Continue to do this until you strongly feel Haniel's presence. Once Haniel is present, ask for the angel's strength to help your work and for the blessings of God for this work. Haniel is usually very helpful.

'High Magic' by Donald Michael Craig has a copy of the LBRP ritual. 'Hands On Chaos Magic [2]' will have more fundamentals to do this sort of work.


Altar covered in red cloth. Red candle on the altar. Visualize (or have) the seal of Babalon on the cloth- (include image) imagine the Scarlet Woman materializing in the room in a swirl of rose petals, seated on the seal in a semi-reclining position, naked, draped in red silk. The air is scented with jasmine and rose. Feel the crackling energy of passion and sensuality condensing into the room- surrounding the altar space. Slowly vibrate her name and continue chanting for 30 minutes. Then when the presence of the Great Mother is present, ask her to fully empower the work you are doing.


Altar covered in blue and white. Blue or white candle on the altar. Visualize the oceansmell the sea air. As you look over the horizon, you see a beautiful woman walking on the waves- she is clothed in sea foam and carries a shell filled with crystal clear wateras you stand back on the shore, watching the waves, hearing the sounds of seagulls and waves lapping at the shore, you become mesmerized by her beauty, her perfection. You marvel at the way the sunlight dances across her hair, how the water splashes around her feet. You feel the warmth and the love emanating from her. She comes closer and closer until she steps from the waves onto the warm sands in front of you. While doing this, vibrate the name Venus (or Aphrodite if you are working with the corresponding version there), thanking her and asking her to add her strength to the work you are doing. Keep going, vibrating the name in a beautiful manner until you full feel the presence of the divine.

Mother Mary

Set up a small altar. Place the tea on the altar, with some pictures of Mary. If you can get some holy water, sprinkle the holy water around the altar. Compose a small prayer inviting Mary to commune with you. Repeat the prayer until trance is achieved. Many people will find it useful to do the Rosary while envisioning in all of your senses, that the divine mother descends down upon the space. Keep praying continuously till you feel her presence. When you feel her pressence, ask her assistance in the work you will be doing after this point. Drink the tea.

Feel free to add Goddesses and Rituals to call these types of Goddesses into the space in the comments for this ritual, right below.

Banishing and Cleansing © 2010 Andrieh Vitimus, author of Hands On Chaos Magic.
Source URL: Links: [1] [2] SubscriptionId=0PZ7TM66EXQCXFVTMTR2&tag=andriehvitimus20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=0738715085 [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] of the Shining Beacon: Dissolving the Dread

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