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A responsive tender will be evaluated on the following tender criteria:

ITEMS Points per Threshold

Area (%) (%)


Technical 40
Safety health & Environment 30
Quality 30
Total Point 100 75

Step 2 LOCAL PRODUCTION & CONTENT As per SD&L evaluated



Price 90

Requirements are included under each functional areas. Refer to Points 2.1-2.3
Overall threshold for functionality is 75%. The legend below will be used for evaluations as stated:

Classification: Mandatory items that are listed as objective on award may be submitted if not in place by final
evaluations. Zero points will be awarded if not received and the tender will be non-responsive


LEGEND OVERAL SCORING (this legend will also be used for the Technical & Safety ratings)

Score Definition Percentage Description

Meets Employers requirements: no errors, risks, weaknesses or
5 Exceptional 90 - 100
Meets Employers requirements with qualifications. Some qualifications
4 Superior 75 - 89 required from tenderer to eliminate the errors, risks, weakness or
Marginally does not meet the Employers requirements: some minor
3 Good 60 - 74 errors, risks, weaknesses or omissions, which can be corrected/overcome
with negotiation and minor cost impact.
Substantially does not meet the Employers requirements: many errors,
2 Adequate 40 - 59 risks, weaknesses or omissions, which may be difficult to correct or
overcome and make acceptable
No achievement of the Employers requirements: existence of
1 Poor to deficient 20 - 39 numerous errors, risks, weaknesses or omissions, which cannot be

0 Unacceptable 0 - 20 Totally deficient/non-responsive.



Tender Tender
Receipt Evaluation
Cover Sheet (Invitation to Tender) X
Contract Data Part 2: Data provided by the Supplier X
The Supplier's Offer and the Employer's Acceptance incl. X
Deviation sheet
Price List X
Certificate of Compliance with the Employment Equity Act (if X
employing more than50 employees)
Original and valid SARS Tax Clearance Certificate X X
Original BBBEE Certificate/Letter from Auditor stating X X
turnover is <R5M
Proof of CIDB Contractor Registration X X
Confidentiality Disclosure Form X X
Supplier declaration of Interest Form X X
Duly signed Declaration Regarding Fair Bidding Practices X X
Declaration of Shareholders or Beneficiaries Form X X
Duly signed Preference Point Claim Form X X
2 sets of tender documents must be (1 x original and 1 x X X
Copy and one CD containing BoQ in excel format) to avoid
disqualification at Tender Centre
Technical, Quality & Safety documents to be included with X X
tender (refer to Point 2.2.1 to 2.2.3 below.




(Includes Technical, Safety and Quality Requirements TO BE INCLUDED WITH TENDER


DOCUMENTS WEIGHT REQUIREMENTS 100% / Mandatory Requirements
Tender receipt Tender
& evaluation Award
Method- 15% Project Clarification / Scope of Works 30
Contractors understanding on Works 40
Understanding on Design Drawings 10
Understanding of way of operating the dam wall 10
gates at each sites
Understanding of the Eskom Small Hydro 10
process to follow for any disruption for the local
community (usage of walkways, draining of
dams etc.)

Certification 10% Department of Water Affairs Accredited / 100

Recognized Contractors

Experience 10% Previous experience in similar types of works 50

(hydrology works)

Adequate technical expertise, skills and 50

understanding on SANS standards (SABS

Documentation 5% Submission of drawing for Eskoms approval for 20

any necessary modifications

Submission of concrete test (if necessary) 20

Welding test certificate (if necessary); 20

Competent welders?
Submission of valve refurbishment doc from 20
valve supplier and leakage test certificates
(where do they source this specialized work?)
Commissioning of dam wall gates and 20
confirmation of acceptable water leakage rates
(resources and expertise?)

TOTAL 40% Final ratings to be converted to points as per legend


The quality requirements are in compliance with Eskom QM58 Procedure as referenced hereunder:

Requirements Weighting Mandatory Requirements
Tender Receipt Tender
& Evaluation Award
Quality Management Systems compliant with ISO 9001:2008 7,5% X X

Quality Operations Related Operational processes 7,5% X X

Proposed Quality Plan conform to National standards related
6% X X
to the upcoming project
Draft Quality Control Plan including test record templates
6% X X
(records of previous similar project)
Customized Requirements includes competent staff and any
3% X X
required professional registration

Quality Evaluation threshold:

Description Reference

Quality Management System. (ISO 9001 or other QMS implemented)
Section B: Quality operations. Evidence of quality in NCR's, CAPA, organogram & CV
Section C: Proposed quality plan (ISO 9001 guidelines) or detailed method statement
4 3.2.2

Section D: Draft Quality Control plan (QCP) as per QM58 Annexure I as guideline

Section E: Customized requirements. QM58 Annexures A & B and required by Scope / 2/13

Quality Legend for quality deliverables

Risk classification above is based only on quality documentation submitted with tender.
NOTE: Shortlisted suppliers/contractors may be subjected to a factory/site visit to determine
capability on complex work.


Requirements Weightings Returnables

Tender Receipt
& Evaluation
Letter of Good Standing 6% X

Risk Assessment 3% X

Appointments 6% X

Competencies (training) 3% X
Medical Certificates or
procedure for such 6% X
Legal Requirements (SHE Plan) 6% X


Responsibility and commitment to ensure a safe working environment are in line with its Safety, Health,
and Environmental Policy (SHE), along with legislative obligations. Peaking Operating Unit (OU) is fully
committed to ensure compliance in this regard. The objective of this note is to outline the basic evaluation
criteria appropriate to the Construction Regulations and to ensure that a common approach is adopted
when engaging in contract/construction work within the OU.

a) Engineering and Construction Contracts(Services)

The contractor/supplier must be in possession of a current Letter of Good Standing, which is

evidence of registration with the Compensation Commissioner as required by the
Compensation for Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 - (compulsory).

An assessment must be performed on the basis of assessing the contractor/supplier

capability to compile, implements, and maintain a Safety Health and Environmental Plan as
per legislative and Eskom contractual requirements as follows:

- Risk assessments
- Appointments
- Competencies (training)
- Medical Certificates
- Method statements/procedures
- Legal Requirements (Work that is governed by specific legislation
- Environmental compliance, e.g., Waste Management, , Hazardous Chemicals, etc.
(where applicable)

NOTE: non-objective items are mandatory

In order to assess the capability of the potential service provider to compile, implement,
monitor and maintain a SHE Plan for a contract, the potential provider should submit
either a draft SHE plan specific to the contract, or alternatively a copy of a previous SHE
plan where similar work was done.

All potential contracts where work is going to be conducted on site, irrespective of its
value, must be assessed by the Senior Advisor: SHE.

b) The basic requirements of a SHE Plan

The SHE plan must detail specific plans and programmes for implementing the health, safety, and
environmental requirements of the contract. The SHE plan may be a collection of documents and
manuals. The evaluation will inter alia consider the following minimum requirements which may
differ from project to project:

SHE policies
Applicable standards, legislation, and guidelines to be adopted
Commitments to government approvals and project licences
SHE objectives
Allocation of responsibilities and authorities
Details of the interface between the client and the contractor
Specific procedures, methods, and work instructions to be applied
Risk assessments
Safety awareness promotions
Personal protective equipment provision and rules
Rehabilitation procedures to encourage an early return to work
Transport safety
Occupational health and hygiene arrangements, including, but not limited to respiratory and
hearing protection, alcohol and drug policies, health assessments, smoking, and first aid
Monitoring of employee exposure to occupational stressors as identified in the risk
Safety meeting schedules
Management of subcontractors client/agent requires the same from subcontractors as it
does from contractors
Training and competence regarding SHE
Incident reporting, investigation, and recording
Audit, review, and management feedback
Letter of good standing Workmens Commissioner (Compulsory)
Legal appointments
Medical examinations for all employees (will be required at award stage and prior to
commencement of work)
Working at Heights Certificates (will be required at award stage and prior to commencement
of work.
SHE personnel presence on site (IS NOT APPLICABLE)
Crisis and emergency response arrangements
Maintenance, inspection, and testing of construction vehicles, machinery, equipment and
Working hours compliance with Labour Relations/Basic Conditions of
Employment Act
The SHE plan shall be submitted to the client for review and approval and, once accepted,
shall not be amended without prior consultation and acceptance by the client.

c) General Programme Details of a SHE Plan

A SHE plan must be approved at least one month prior to commencement of work. The SHE
plan is to be assessed by the OU Senior Advisor: SHE prior to work commencing and preferably
prior to site establishment.

A health and safety agreement with reference to section 37(2) of the OHS Act must be signed
between Eskom and the contractor.

Please support those who must provide input pertaining to SHE by encouraging those who
submit Purchase Requests to provide specific details, so that SHE requirements can be
addressed from the outset: Project description/detailed scope of work: the works information
should contain a scope of work, which in summary provides the extent of the works and
deliverables on the project. Attached or referred to in this, further detail is required to define the
works, for example, the bill of quantities, specifications, standards, drawings, procedures,
processes, information requirements, etc. Any risks associated with the design, technology used,
or its constructability that an experienced contractor could not reasonably anticipate, known to
the project engineer or other representatives of the employer/client, are to be conveyed in the
works information or as defined in the minutes of the clarification or negotiation meeting. The
nature of construction activities involved: reference to the contracts/other contractual
documentation (works information) where the exact detail is contained.

In conclusion Eskom has called into existence a Contractor Safety Management Section that is aimed
specifically at assisting contractors in improving their Safety performance. In this regard a Contractor
Occupational Health and Safety Workgroup have been established and a Peaking employee has been
appointed as a permanent member of this workgroup. Contractor OHS Management Section, in
collaboration with the Contractor Safety Workgroup, will prepare a guideline health and safety
specification document that stipulates the minimum health and safety requirements to be met by
contractors and to ensure universal standardisation across Eskom in order to prevent conflicting and
contradictory stipulations across the organisation. Contractor OHS Management Section will support and
introduce integrated management systems for smaller and emerging contractors and encourage
compliance with, and certification to, OHSAS 18001. In the interim, adherence to the aforementioned
requirements is required by all involved in contracts and projects.