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Fasting Naturally: a guide for novices

Fasting causes the body, brain, and spirit to rejuvenate and restore its
natural state. The philosophy of nature consists on a give and take
balance. Fasting is used to produce that balance: A person fasts to give
holistic energy and the fast gives holistic energy to the person. The
purpose of fasting is to come into equilibrium.

Part 1
Drinking natural spring water is important for the equilibrium of the body.
The first meal of the day should be at least 16 ounces of natural spring
water. The ordinary person should divide their weight in half and drink that
number in ounces of natural spring water. For instance, a person who
weights 100 lbs should divide his or her weight by 2 (1002=50 ounces of

Part 2
You should gradually prepare for a fast by using a liquid diet before you
fast. For instance, each day of a fast requires 2 days of liquid diet. A liquid
diet will highly cleanse your body, and can be used as a health treatment.

1st day....Breakfast:
16 ounces of water or 1 to 2 cups of water
A diversity of fresh fruit juices and vegetable drinks

Vegetables (see natural food guide)

Fruit juices
Add sesame butter, almond, or the raw nuts form
Also anything made from these grains tef, spelt wild rice, camut (see
grocery list or food guide)

2nd day:
Repeat 1st day (add 1/4 part water to 3/4 part juices)

3rd day:
Repeat 1st day (add 1/4 part water to 3/4 part juices) dilute all juices

5th day... Breakfast:

1 quart of water add to 1/3 part water to juices

Lunch and dinner

Restrict to 3 types fruits only

6th day... Breakfast:

1 quart of water
Add 1/2 part water to juices

Lunch and dinner

Restrict to 2 types of fruits

7th day... Breakfast:

1 quart of water add to 1/2 part juices

Lunch and dinner

Restrict to one type of fruit entirely

Part three
Fasting is based on nature, it is used to give balance to nature and to
receive balance from nature. Human lives in an atmosphere which holds
water vapor. Atmospheric water is transformed into rain, snow, and creates
fresh water streams and rivers. This is the water we drink, once the water
gets into the body, it is change into sea water. Sea water is supposed to be
80% of the bodily water. During this fast the sea water will be formed by
using sea plants (blue-green algae and chlorophyll).

Water fast schedule

1st day:
Spring water all day

2nd day:
Spring water

3rd day:
Spring water

4th day:
Spring water-add 2-3 drops teaspoon of liquid kelp or trace mineral liquid,
spirulina or blue green algae.

5th day:
Repeat 4th day

6th day:
Repeat 4th day

The conversion from a fast to solid foods should be made with a liquid diet.

1st day:
Repeat 7th day of liquid diet

2nd day:
Repeat 6th day of liquid diet

3rd day:
Repeat 5th day of liquid diet

Follow the diet in reverse order. The conversion from a liquid diet to a solid
diet should be gradual.

Solid food schedule

1st day:
Eat one type of whole fruit

2nd day:
Eat two types of whole fruits
3rd day:
Eat three types of whole fruits

4th day:
Drink 1 quart of water

5th day... Breadast:


Lunch: vegetables
Dinner: fruits

You should start to eat according to your hunger.

Sources: Dr. ALVENIA FULTON: Fasting

Dr. Afrika: Nutricide