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Identity: Think Sheet

Key Concepts: Electronic Art Essential Questions

Electronic Art and New In what ways does the

Media have no limits digital revolution
Transformation is the altering strengthen the role of
of a form or image that innovator in our society?
creates curiosity towards the How can appropriation
subject matter. of images contribute to
Multimedia equipment has the students exploration
been used increasingly among of self-portrait?
visual artists and performance In what ways does
art multimedia equipment
Limitless Electronic Media contribute to variation of
can create confusion among new media artwork?
artists What responsibilities
Electronic new media is the come with freedom of
new means of mass Electronic media art?
communication In what ways can new
media contribute to the
exploration of self?
Artist: Martin Grohs
Objectives: (TSW) Be Able To Do:
Prior to creating the project, explore the information you have learned from Martin Grohs
and his work in order to integrate the ideas into your work

Curate a small-scale self-portrait from mixed media materials and photographs you brought
as homework assignment while incorporating electronic applications available to you

Identify your culture and other unique information about you related to this self-portrait

Visualize the artwork using personal photographs and other mixed media materials in order
to celebrate your culture, personality and race
Take a photo of your final artwork

Create a digital filter through electronic applications available to

you through computer and phone

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't
matter and those who matter don't mind.

-Dr. Seuss

Julia Kropinova, Liana Foxx

Art 135: Secondary School Art Education