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Professional Growth Plan

My First year of Teaching

Observe other teachers inside and outside my content area
Develop technology integrated activities
Build professional relationships with students, teachers, and administration
Develop an organization system within the classroom
Maximize Spanish speaking within the classroom

My Five Year Plan

Become a mentor for students within my classroom and the school through after-school
tutoring and creating an environment for open communication
Coach at least one sport during the school year
Attend sporting events regularly throughout the year
Regularly attend school concerts
Sponsor a student club or organization
Create a reflection journal documenting lesson plan effectiveness
Review and revise lesson plans and curricular materials yearly to promote student success
Continually research new teaching tools and strategies to promote student participation
and engagement
Collect data on tests and other assessments to evaluate student progress
Build a portfolio of authentic resources to use in a variety of lessons
Work with my professional learning community to develop a curriculum that will help
students develop language proficiency
Pursue a Masters Degree in teaching

Professional Organizations
AZLA- Arizona Language Association
AATSP- American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
SWCOLT- Southwest Conference on Language Teaching
IALLT- International Association for language learning technology
ISTE- International Society for Technology in Education